Unlimited Stamina Horse in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
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Unlimited Stamina Horse in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

November 19, 2019

Hey, how you doing the name my name is raelia in thanks for stopping by today, I’m gonna show you how to get unlimited Stamina horse in Legend of Zelda breath. Oh wow granted. It’s a spirit Horse you notice off out in the distance you’re gonna see on Satori mountain There’s a blue aura and you’ll want to go ahead and fast travel over to the MOG latin shrine This is a closest shrine to the lord of the mountain what you can Do is go ahead and save your game before you even fast travel over there This blue aura happens really randomly it’s not something that happens every night It doesn’t happen just before a Blood Moon or a full moon You just really have to keep your eye on that Satori mountain every now and again And once you fast travel you can come through these rocks over here And don’t cut too deep I just want to show you kind of what’s going on eels here the music starts to change You’ll see that the colors start to change and there’s some sort of ceremony going on you may have seen these little Rabbits over here ahead of me, and they’re the same little spirit animals that you see kind of near the Kakariko village shrine But we don’t want to get too close and spook these animals so instead what we’re gonna Do is head backwards and we’re gonna climb up the side of this mountain real quick The first thing I wanted to do is show you a mistake that I had made early on and I was thinking that you could Just jump on the Lord of the mountains back And that’s actually not something that you can do because if you do try to get on to the Lord of the mountains back He just kicks you off right away The first time this happened to me. I was just left wondering okay, what do I do next? how do I how do I trigger this event again and what you can do is load your game from earlier and Look over at Satori mountain, and you’ll notice that more than likely he is gone He’s not gonna be there again to be honest. I don’t know exactly why that is so what you can do is Just sleep into the night tonight Once you wake up you can go ahead and look over at Satori Mountain and boom just like that the blue Aura is back you can fast travel again and try to get on to that Lord of the mountain a Second time if you need to there’s a couple of things that you need to do to get this done Just right one you want to have your stealth up as much as possible you can either do a three up stealth Recipe or you can wear your sheikah armor so then that way you have the stealth bonus Go ahead and walk on to the backside of this area And that’s how you’re gonna slowly get behind the Lord of the mountain and before I forget you want to make sure to have Two full stamina bars before attempting this or at least have some sort of recipe that will replenish your stamina Slowly walk up behind him. Watch out for those little bunny spirits because they can see you in. Oh, just like that They’ll start running away. I freaked out and started running towards the Lord of the mountain and that’s the last thing you want to do just Because you freaked out some of the little bunnies does not mean that you freaked out the Lord of the mountain you can still Walk over to them nice and slowly in creep up behind him I didn’t realize that I messed up but just like last time I can go ahead and make a fire sleep until nighttime head over there a third time and You can actually Paraglide down right next to them and you’ll be able to get on to the Lord of the mountain You’ll notice that some of the bunnies will start to freak out even before I try to mount the Lord of the mountain Then all you have to do is smash that el button over and over and over again until you get him soothed That’s just like that you earned yourself The Lord of the mountain just know that the lord of the mountain cannot be registered like a regular horse It’s a spirit animal He just freaks everybody out Enjoy riding the Lord of the mountain as much as you can While you can because if you get off of him even for a moment he is gonna run away And that’s gonna be it until the next time he spawns back If you wanted to know what I meant when I said he’s got unlimited stamina it means that you can tap the A button Over and over and over again, and you will never be able to run out of stamina on this horse He’s the fastest animal in the game And he has max stats. The Lord of the mountain is so much fun to ride If you’re new to the channel, Please be sure to subscribe I do my best to make the best content that I possibly can I want to help make sure that You get the most out of your game time And if you learn something new that makes a game just that much better for you, then I did my job So please go ahead and subscribe And if you’re not new to the channel go ahead and leave me a comment down below and let me know what you thought Thank you very much, and I hope to see you again soon

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  1. I thought there was absolutely no way to respawn him, but the one time I tried to get him I ended up bombing all the blupees and got like 500 rupees

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