updated horse script with carriage/stagecoach preview
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updated horse script with carriage/stagecoach preview

August 13, 2019

Because there were some bugs with the previous script we’ve decided to revise the entire horse script and remake it from scratch. There was a lag bug which was caused due to the downpull by velocity. We intentionally made it this way to avoid people floating and to make the horse seem a bit more realistic. We’ve fixed this now, still by applying the same pull-down method but a bit more elaborate than before. This entire script adds for a nice bouncy effect, and since we’ve decided to stream the attached objects it easily replaces the moving object (which isn’t possible anymore due to this). We have also added a .mp3 file to play when a player is moving. For now, it’s only one static file but in the future there will be a different file for when a player walks, runs or sprints. There is also a sprint modifier, meaning that some horses can sprint longer and faster than others. This is not visible in the script yet, but it will be soon. If you enter water with your horse, you will float but you may not get very far depending on your horse. Some horses can’t swim very long and will drown, but others can swim without consequence. We also moved from OnPlayerUpdate to a timer which is only called for the player in question when they are riding their horse This makes it generally more resourceful and smooth. It’s also way easier on the server.

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