USG Ear Bonnet Review
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USG Ear Bonnet Review

August 15, 2019

KERRI: Hi, I’m Kerri, I work in Marketing,
and today, I’m reviewing the USG Ear Bonnet. I love this ear bonnet, because it works really
well to keep the bugs out of my horse’s ears. It fits her really well, and it also looks
stylish. One of my favorite things about this particular
ear bonnet is the ears. They’re made out of a great lycra material that’s really stretchy,
so it’s really comfortable for the horse. It tends to fit to their ears a little bit
better and allows them to move their ears comfortably. I love that this ear bonnet comes in several
different color combinations, so this black and grey one I have I use in the show ring
when I show dressage with my horse, but I also have some brighter color combinations
for when I’m schooling. And this particular ear bonnet is so affordable that you can buy
a couple different colors to go with all your schooling outfits. Another thing that I like about this ear bonnet
for the show ring is that it doesn’t have a cord underneath the throat latch, so it
has a nice sleek appearance, but it also stays put great. Care and maintenance of this bonnet is really
easy. I just throw it in the wash on cold and then hang it out to dry and it looks good
as new. I’m Kerri, and the USG Ear Bonnet is my top pick
for peaceful summer rides.

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