VenTECH™ Elite Sports Medicine Boots Value Pack Review
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VenTECH™ Elite Sports Medicine Boots Value Pack Review

August 15, 2019

KRISTINA: Hi, I’m Kristina.
I work in Customer Care, and today I’m reviewing
the VENTech Elite Sports Medicine Boots Value Pack.
When I was looking for a boot for my horse, I was looking
for something that I could really trust
and rely on, and the Professional’s Choice
has always been my go to for the sports
medicine boots. They are contoured so
that they fit the horse’s leg really really well.
You don’t have unnecessary bulk on your horse’s legs
and the extra fit just really make sure that the horse’s
suspensory and tendons and ligaments are nice
and supported especially as you’re working. What I love
about these boots, as well, is that they’re really soft on
the outside. They have a neoprene interior,
which is a little perforated so it allows the leg to breathe
really nicely. Another thing that drew me to
this boot is that studies show that it absorbs 26 percent of
the energy resulting from hoof impact,
which was really important for me and my horse since
she is coming back from an injury. I found
that these boots are extremely easy to care for.
You can either hose them off when you’re done riding.
Sometimes they do get a little bit dusty,
but you can absolutely throw them in the wash.
I usually like to use a garment bag so that way the velcro
doesn’t get attached to everything else
you’re washing. They hold up really really well.
Mine have been through the wash multiple times and they still
hold up really nicely. And another thing that I really
love is that the Velcro does stay really really well in place
so that I don’t have to worry about it coming undone
while I’m riding. I love to support all four of my
horse’s legs which was why I really love the value pack,
because it comes with both fronts and hind boots so
that way you can cover all four legs and it gives you a nice
little discount as well when you buy all four together.
I’m Kristina, and the VENTech Elite Sports
Medicine Boots Value Pack is my pick of the month.

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  1. Hi Jen! I found a link to the research on profchoice-dot-com – go to the "Research" tab & click on "Boots" to see background info on the research, & a link to a PDF of the research and findings. And according to PC, correct application is key to getting the best results, so make sure to put the boots on your horse correctly. There is a link to a PDF on SmartPak's website that shows you how to do so, which you can get to in the video description. Hope this helps! – SmartPaker Nels

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