Victoria is 7 years old and loves horse riding – Londoner #243
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Victoria is 7 years old and loves horse riding – Londoner #243

August 13, 2019

When I ride I feel that I don’t have to worry about anything and that Bobby will take care of me when I’m riding him and that it’s absolutely fine. I feel really relaxed and happy. The name of my horse is Bobby Dassler. He’s really, really cheeky, but also really funny when he’s being cheeky and that he’s sensible when he has to be. And it’s not that I’m teaching him what to do, he’s teaching me what to do. If I had to describe my pony in 1 word it would be indescribable. I go horse riding 3 times in the week when it’s school, but in the summer holidays I try to go every single day. I groom him, I fill up his water, I muck out his stable, I do everything that you have to do to take care of a horse. The age that I started horse riding was about 2 years old, but I didn’t do like proper horse riding, mummy just sat me on a Shetland pony and it just took me for a walk around. I’ve fallen off Bobby three times, I felt a bit nervous at the time, but after, uhm, after a couple of days I knew that it was fine, so I just got back on and I, I was a bit nervous but not that much. My favourite memory is when I had a water bottle and I put it at the top, at the top of his mouth and, and and then he, and then I squirted it and he made funny faces. I’d really like to do some shows in the future, because I quite like competing and with Bobby’s previous owner he was in Show Pony of the Year and I really want to compete ’cause I like competing. I absolutely love horses. I love about horses that if you’ve had a really hard day, when you go with’em you don’t remember all the things that you’ve had a hard day about. You just be with them and you forget all about it and that’s really nice.

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