Video #4 (b): Breed Focus: The Kombai by Mr. Uma Shankar Pandiyan: Pups and Innate Instinct
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Video #4 (b): Breed Focus: The Kombai by Mr. Uma Shankar Pandiyan: Pups and Innate Instinct

October 1, 2019

This is the second pup-sized video in the Kombai Breed Focus series. This pup here is under 6 months old. This video, offers a glimpse at the younger dogs, pups and their interaction with children. It also demonstrates the hallmark temperament of the breed; the natural guarding instinct of the Kombai. The pup(s) and dogs you are about to see in this video, are not bred for commercial purpose. They are to play a crucial role in the revival of the breed, in the years to come. The pup is under 3 months old. The dog is 18 months old. Mr. Uma Shankar: Can you focus on the claws (dew claws) of this dog ? Me: I am afraid to go near him. This is a rare presentation (not all Kombai dogs show this), where there are two dew claws on one hind leg, and a single one on the other. The puppy you see here is 3 months old. He has been conditioned in a way, that he does enter the house. He is fully aware of his boundaries, and stops right at the doorway and does not enter. These dogs are not specially trained this way; they observe us and automatically adapt accordingly. Now, even as I call him in, he would halt at the entrance and ponder whether or not to come. As you can see, he does not come in. These dogs adapt easily at this very age. This is a demonstration, to showcase the innate guarding instinct of the proper Kombai dog. It begins to bark only when I raise a stick. It does not get intimidated by me, rather it steps forward with each wave of the stick. The fact is, I was more intimidated by the raw energy and resoluteness of the dog. No dogs were harmed during this demonstration. It was strictly supervised by the owners. And one in this pose. Thank you for watching.

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