Video Game Drug Dealer ?
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Video Game Drug Dealer ?

August 14, 2019

Anytime your parents get called into school. SPOILER ALERT: It’s usually not going to end well. When I was in 4th grade, I had this kid in my class named Maurice. If you wanted a game, for some reason HE had it. And obviously, we weren’t suppose to bring video games to school. So he would always do his little video game drug transactions, Outside where there were no teachers. Whatchu need? I got that PURPLE! That WHITE! That GREEN! That RED! Whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah! What’s..what’s green? Zelda… Wait wait, and whats purple again? Barney… Barney has a game?! Yeah. It’s only out in Japan. My boy hooked it up tho. Yo! Let me get that PURPLE up off ya son. You got the game I wanted right? Yeah, its right here. Aight, I’ll see you back here next week. God Bless. So I see this, I wanna be included, everybody else is doing it. I walk up to Maurice I’m like, A: “Yo I wanna…lemme…lemme trade you one of my games” M: “Yo, yo, chill, chill, shh shh shh” M: “Don’t be running up on me like that, you working with them people?” A: “No.” M: “You an undercover cop?” A: “I’m not a cop, I’m in your class, man!” M: “Whatchu.. What games you got?” A: “Uuuhh… Mario?” M: “…I already got mario.” A: “Huh.” M: “Yo when you get some more games, come holla at me.” I don’t know about some of y’all rich people out there, but I only got video game 2 times a year. I go home, and I bug the CRAP outta my mom. She goes to my dad and she’s like, “I gotta go run errands, buy your son a game while I’m gone.” My dad turns to me and he’s like, “Go watch QVC, if a game comes on, tell me and I’ll buy it for you.” Hol’ up, is QVC…even still around? So I’m watching for about 30 minutes and then a video game randomly pops up. I didn’t even care, I was like, “DAD, GET THAT GAME RIGHT NOW, CALL ‘EM!!!” Dad calls.. I was glued to that window for the next 5 to 7 business days. I even told my sister like, “Daica, uh…we’re gonna have to start taking shifts.” “I know your birthday is on Friday but I’mma need you on post, there’s nobody else to cover that shift.” “This is bigger than both of us.” Game finally comes. I’m so excited, I ripped that box open with my TEETH MUHAHAHAHAAH!!! I’m a little embarrassed to say the name of the game that I actually got… So, let’s change the name and say that I got… “Barbie’s Horse Adventure”. I’m playing this game for HOURS and then like a week later, I go to school and I’m like, A: “Hey Maurice, I got that ‘Barbie’s Horse Adventure’.” M: “Word??” A: “Yee.” A: “I’ll let you borrow it if you let me borrow ‘Zelda’.” M: “I’mma bring ‘Zelda’, you bring ‘Barbie.'” Come back the next day, I see Maurice, I walk up to him, M: “Yo, you got the stuff?” A: “Yeah.” M: “You sure your’re not wearing a wire?” M: “Let me pat you down one time.” [Patting] M: “Ok, you good.” So I gave him the game, he hands me a game and I’m like, A: “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! HOL’ UP!” A: “This ain’t ‘Zelda’?!” M: “I just got it. IT’S FIRE!!!” I go home, I play this game, this game is HOT gar-ba-aye (garbage). Two days later, I’m home. My neighbor Marcus comes up to me, Marcus is in 6th grade, he goes to “Robinswood”. M: “Adande, did you let a kid named Maurice borrow ‘Barbie’s Horse Adventure’?” A: “Yeah, I did.” M: “My friend at school bought ‘Barbie’s Horse Adventure’ off a kid named Maurice.” M: “So, you better go check and make sure he didn’t just sell your game.” So the next day of school, I run up on Maurice, A: “Please tell me you did NOT sell my game.” M: “YO, YO, YO, CHILL, CHILL, don’t be running up on me like that pimp!” M: “You sure you’re not wearing a wire?” M: “I didn’t sell your game, I got it still.” M: “I’m over here tryna level up my horsie to level 80!” M: “So I can, so I can do the gallop-by on the rival gang.” A: “Bring my game. TOMORROW.” Come to school the next day, run up to Maurice. A: “Alright I got your stupid game.” A: “Donde esta es Barbie?!” M: “Aw man,” M: “I forgot it.” Fast-forward to the end of the day, Miss Nelson sends like me and ten other kids to the library for some random- I don’t even remember what. But I remember when I got back to class, Jamie runs up to me, J: [Whispering] “Adande,” J: “I was over there playing Oregon Trail, by the computer,” J: “My whole family’s dead we got bit by raccoons.” J: “That’s not important.” J: “I saw Maurice, go in your bag,” J: “And take something out of it!” I run over to my bag so fast, My game is GONE! This all happens five minutes before school gets out. The bell’s about to ring. So then Miss Nelson’s like, Miss N: “Okay! Everybody line up by the door!” I start panicking, A: “Umm, Miss Nelson! Miss N: “What.” A: “Um…” A: “Maurice, went in my book bag and stole my game!” And see Miss Nelson, was non-
confrontational. She liked staying out of crap. Guess what she did? She looked away. Turned and looked to the door like she didn’t just hear me say what I just said. I look at the clock, and I know Maurice is like, fifteen seconds away from freedom. So I just scream; A: “MISS NELSON!!” Miss N: “Dang it Adande! Ok,” Miss N: “Everybody, drop your book bag.” Miss N: “Maurice, unzip your bag.” He opens the bag, BOOM! Miss N: “Alright Adande, so, I can send Maurice to the principle’s office, Miss N: “OR” Miss N: “We can just handle this off the books?” Miss N: “And we can just y’know just go home and tell your dad what happened.” Miss N: “And just ask him if he wants to come in and settle this.” I went home, Told my dad… So go to school the next day, and I’m thinking to myself, like alright, I don’t know what time my Dad’s coming, let me prepare Uhh, we’re probably gonna run good cop-bad cop. Then all of a sudden, the classroom got real silent… I look up… My dad is just standing in the doorway, like a statue. Then Miss Nelson is like, “OK. Maurice, Adande, out in the hall.” We get in the hall and I start thinking Okay…I’m gonna open with good cop, I’m his friend, My dad pops OFF!! “Where’s the MOTHERF—ING GAME?!” “TELL ME WHERE THE F—ING GAME IS!” “I BOUGHT THAT GAME MYSELF!” “I NEVER BUY HIM GAMES!” “I’VE KILLED BEFORE, I’LL KILL AGAIN!” Okay Dad…uh…I didn’t expect you to come in that hot “Yes or no? did you sell the game?” M: “I…I….(stuttering)…I…I” “You traded it! Say you traded it.” M: “I – I I… I tra…” M: “I..I ‘trahbled’ it.” “What.” M: “I ‘trahbled’ it.” “Get out of my face!” Maurice goes back in the classroom, my dad turns to me… “Your GAME is GONE!” “It’s probably in Bangkok by now.” “I’m out, I’m going to work.” “Don’t ever ask me to buy you another game EVER AGAIN!” As you guys have probably guessed… I never did get my game back from Maurice R.I.P BARBIE Moment of Silence. Pour some out for my dead homies. [“Black Beatles 8-Bit” by 8 Bit Universe]

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  1. yo i had a similar instance with " Friday the 13th" for the NES, i lent it to my neighbor Jeff who was my age, Jeff turned around and sold it to his neighbor on the other side named Lee who was 16 and we were all like 10. So i go to lee's house and tell him whats up and lee gave me my game back and said "don't worry about it little dude", he would deal with Jeff in getting his money back, lol

  2. Whenever my parents got called in it was because of a fight and they always had my back because they and the teachers knew I was in the right so in the end it was bloody hilarious every time it happened I loved it man

  3. My years:

    1. When I was in 3rd grade, marbles were the drugs
    2. 4th grade, Pokemon cards were the drugs
    3. 5th grade, Kendamas were the drugs
    4. 6th grade, fidget spinners were the drugs
    5. 7th grade, slime was the drugs
    6. 8th grade, I don't remember what was the main thing…..

    That was my years drugs…..

  4. Okay so you embarrassed to say the name of the game but you not embarrassed as a grown man to say barbie's horse adventure lol

  5. Wtf wrong with this man I want too know what game it ways what’s worst then playing barbe must of been some porn

  6. Once my freind came up tto me and he was like you whant some School drugs o was like what and then he gave me gum ?

  7. We dealt burned dvds and would trade games. It was actually cool. I got assassins creed, madden 16, and advanced warfare. Also got a controller. This was in 6th-7th grade. (I was the only one who knew how to burn movies.)

  8. Well kids are dumb… But remember. Don't help drug dealers and don't feel sorry for them getting arrested. They're scum as it is. I don't even know why people respect drug dealers when we all know they deserve to be put behind bars

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