Vidéotest Donkey Kong Country 2 ( Snes )
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Vidéotest Donkey Kong Country 2 ( Snes )

March 1, 2020

Hello again
everybody ! For those who’ve seen
the 1st Donkey Kong Country’s test, which should normally be online now
on the website, just before this one. So I hope
you’ve seen it ! Because I’m not going
to explain again in this one that is to say regarding
graphics and stuff, rareware story,
etc. You can watch the 1st
Donkey Kong’s video I invite you to watch it,
to understand. This is simply
the rest of the story, that is to say
Donkey Kong Country 2. The story is just as uninteresting
as in the 1st DKC, because this time,
it’s our friend Donkey Kong who’s been kidnapped
by the famous King K.Rool. The boss I miserably tried
to beat in the first Donkey Kong and so here,
the goal is to find him. So we still have
Diddy Kong but he took his
girlfriend with him, you are going to see : Dixie Kong First I have to get the barrel
in order to play with her. There we are ! This game is exactly
in the tradition of the first Donkey Kong exept that, as I told you,
it is twice as better. Regarding the graphics, it is really
the best level of the Super Nes. We feel it. In the 1st DKC, we were
close to the technical limits of the SNES, and now
we’ve reached them. This level isn’t the best one
to see the high quality of graphics, because it is
the 1st level of DKC2. But I can guarantee
you that afterwards… I can still swap
the two characters. Thanks to her ponytail,
I can glide with Dixie. It allows to get through
some more difficult levels, or to discover
some secret passage. And also with Diddy and with Dixie I think,
I can do that and jump. For example,
if there was a hole here, I could go pretty far
to the other side. It’s a technique. Another thing : now we can use
the two characters at the same time, by doing like that. No, not like that… Like that ! Here I use the two characters
at the same time, it allows me to catch
the coin up there. I don’t know
how to do it anymore ! Like that. As you can see,
I can throw the other character somewhere, and the 2nd character follows the 1st
and goes to the same place. It improves a little the gameplay,
which is quite poor. Otherwise it’s the same thing,
we still have the barrels and stuff… But the atmosphere
changes a bit. I think in this one,
there’s really a wonderful atmosphere. Already in the 1st,
there’s a good atmosphere. But here,
the atmosphere is transcended. We still have the animals,
like the famous rhinoceros which I didn’t show you
in the 1st DKC. It can charge
enemies. I think there’s a secret passage
over there, we’re going there. First I think we have to
destroy the door. There are still the 101% to discover,
besides here it’s 102%. In this game,
there’s a little more levels to go. I think there’s
about forty levels. There was about
thirty levels in DKC 1. So there’s a few more things
in this game. You may need just few hours
to finish this game, perhaps in
5 hours. The 1st time you’ll play it,
you’ll finish it in 5 hours. But you won’t have the time to find
all the secret passages ! Here you just have to kill all enemies,
to get the coin I already have. I already got it because it’s a save
in which I finished the game. Well, now I’m not going to bore you,
speaking all the time. Above all, I’ll show you some levels
with outstanding musics and graphics, in order to make you
understand that … This is the end,
I fell on a balloon so I won a life. Diddy is giving us a demonstration
of his talents ! I didn’t show you
Cranky kong. He was already in the 1st DKC,
he gives us some advices during the game. I let you read,
I don’t know if you see what is written. Because I’m still playing
on my projector, it’s the reason why the
quality of the video is pretty bad. Here I have the
zoom-mode on. The definition is not as well as
if I had a capture device and a computer. But I
haven’t it ! So he gives
us advices. Normally we have to pay for it,
but I’ve already paid so now it’s free. I’ve never paid for those so
I’d have to pay with coins we’ve to get in levels. In bonus rooms
or levels. This, is a different thing but
I’m not gonna show you because it’s boring. The bosses really improved
compared to the 1st DKC. And now,
they’re really interesting ! They’re harder to beat,
stronger and varied. The bosses are really better,
nothing to do with the 1st. What can I
show you … I’m going to
show you some levels. Where graphics and above all
musics are very good. I love some
levels musics. This is a level
with lava. Now I shut up during a minute,
to let you appreciate the music ! I love this one !
There are several but I let you listen to it. Damn,
I messed up ! But it’s ok, this way I can
show you another level. This music is
absolutely incredible ! I let you listen to it,
I stop speaking. It just can
be true ! Rather good thing,
the parrot ! It’s a short part which
isn’t in DKC1. We can control it this way,
it’s carrying us. And it can throw
sort of peanuts. It’s quite
good ! This one is invincible :
the red bee. We gonna
change level. I gonna show you a boss,
because they’re more interesting than in DKC1. They’re worth
the effort. They still don’t reach the Nirvana,
but it’s better. I don’t remember
how to kill it ! I’ve to throw
cannonballs to its face ! I think it’s
not dead yet. It will
come back ! AAAH
I can’t believe it ! I gonna change level again,
where’s Funky Kong ? There he is ! He’s still there, he still goes
from level to level. I gonna show you something I forgot in
my previous video of DKC1, trolley levels ! It’s quite
similar to DKC1. I didn’t show you
but you’ll see now. In DKC1, we’re in a mine with trolleys,
here it’s with skulls. Because in this world,
we’re in a fun fair. The goal is to be at the 1st place
at the end of the race. Here I’m
the 8th. Before the end of the race,
I’ve to eliminate all of them and be the 1st. To succeed in getting the DK coin,
I didn’t talk about it yet. In each level, there’s a DK coin,
a big coin you have to get to finish the game at 102%. It’s also a goal
in the game. We can accelerate or not
and decelerate as you can see. I wanted to show you how to slow down,
but I shouldn’t ! Anyway, it was only to show you
how to accelerate and decelerate. It’s a
good level. There we are,
my favourite music of DKC2 ! Listen
to it ! I gonna change level.
I turned up the volume, I’m not sure you hear me ! I have
to shout ! It doesn’t
matter ! What could I
show you … There are also
good levels here. Levels are very varied,
more than in DKC1. They’re much
more varied. This music is amazing too !
It reminds me a music of the movie Antartica. Not the remake which just has been released
but the 15 year old one. What could
I tell you… He got
me first! Well, I turn down the volume
because you may not hear me ! What can
I tell you … It’s one of my favorite
games on the Snes. Thanks to its unbelievable atmosphere,
graphics and musics, it makes me
feel something. And it makes it
a great game. There’s really nothing
to complain about this game ! Of course here you’ve to hurry,
and now I can show you another animal. There’s
30 seconds left. This is another animal we can take
during the game, a snake. We can also have a very nice spider,
with crazy animations ! There’s no time left
so I say goodbye to you ! I hope you enjoyed this video and

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  1. C'est vrai que je préfère ce 2nd volet au 3ème, un simple copié-collé, alors que celui-ci propose une évolution au 1er. C'est du Grand Rare, et bonne vidéo Hooper, tu expliques très bien. ^^

  2. Jeu de plateforme exceptionnel, les décors dans la forêt et les passages avec l'araignée sont énormissimes et l'ambiance est géniale mais je préfère largement le premier Donkey Kong.

  3. Unique ! le meilleur du genre !profondeur décuplée par rapport au précedent,musiques mythiques !aucun jeu de plateforme 2d ne le surpasse, une ame émane de ce jeu c'est dépaysant ,génial!

  4. Ralala hooper
    je viens de découvrir ton channel grace a ta critique de tintin au tibet.
    et là tu me gates avec une critique de DK2 en tout point conforme à ce que je pense !
    Brambles ! Quel musique.

  5. Le hooper en mode commercial… Tssss
    Désolé du harcèlement de message mais tes vidéo me fond aparament réagir dans le côté émotionnel?
    On se souvient tous de ces petites figurine en l'honneur du jeux je suppose qu'il nous offrez dans nos céréals non? :p
    J'avais jouer à un country, mais je reste persuadé que c'était sur game boy X_x à vérifier xD

  6. RAAAAAH!! JE VEUX LE FINIR CE JEU!!!!!!!>< Je suis coincée sur l'épave du bateau avec cet espèce de poisson rouge qui attaque! Il m'a rappelé le poisson gros gèle de mario qui essaye de nous bouffer!xD
    Ya des trucs que je savais pas, thks Hooper! =)

  7. Simplement le meilleur jeu de plateforme, les contrôles sont excellent, le gameplay génial et la musique magnifique (Mention spéciale à Forest Interlude et StickerBrush Symphony)

  8. Le deuxième est le platformer qui m'a le plus marqué, surtout aux passages juste après les boss ( la maudite foret hantee, sans sauvegarde avant la fin… ) j'y ai rejoué tellement souvent, à croire que ce jeu me vieillira jamais!

  9. Le prenom de ce jeu me fait rappeler de Castlevania 2 simon's quest c'est similair la preuve Donkey kong country 2 Diddy's kong quest

  10. Je cherchais une vidéo pour me faire une idée de ce jeu mais t'as vraiment abusé sur la qualité du jeu…j'irais le dll en rom!

  11. Le meilleur jeu sur Super nintendo ? Je dis oui. La musique du passage avec le perroquet dans le monde épineux est juste un chef d'oeuvre. Presque toute la BO en fait..

  12. Quand je jouait a l'époque ce stage avec le perroquet( y'en a d'autres dans le méme style mais plus hard) la musique m’assommais tellement avec cette ambiance que j'arrivais pas a jouer correctement, une des plus grandes BO de l'histoire

  13. Le dk land 2 m'a bien plus marque, une telle ambiance, de telles musiques, un tel jeu sur ma toute petite gameboy, presque le meme effet qu'un pokemon ou un link's awakening.
    J'ai adore ce jeu

  14. Le genre de test que tu devrais nous refaire avec Secret of Mana Chrono Trigger Link's Awakening pourquoi pas pour ta vidéo te tes 6 ans .

  15. Donkey kong country 2 le meilleur de la saga , rien à redire, même 15ans après il tue toujours autant….

  16. è ce que vous saviez que Cranki Kong ,vue que c'è le grand père 2 Donkey Kong é bah en faite c'était lui qui kidnapais Pauline la petite amie 2 Jumpman (alias Mario ) dans le 1er jeu Donkey Kong sur la NES ?

  17. Je suis en train de me refaire ce jeu et j'hallucine à quel point il est fun même en 2019, très beau, extrêmement maniable, dépaysant !

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