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Vidéotest Donkey kong country 3

November 4, 2019

Hi everybody, It’s Hooper. Today, as you can see, I’m reviewing the last episode
of an extraordinary trilogy – in my opinion – : Donkey Kong Country ! It’s still on the Super Nintendo.
This last episode has been released fall 1996. It’s one of the last great Super NES games,
with other fighting games like Street Fighter Alpha II, or RPGs like Terranigma
– an excellent game, I recommend you to play it -. Personally, this third episode of Donkey Kong Country
disappointed me. But it’s really personal,
I know a lot of people who liked this game. But in my opinion, it doesn’t measure up
in comparison with its predecessors. I didn’t really like the settings, the music.
And the atmosphere is less absorbing, less magical. But I’ll explain this in detail in the video.
You’ll see what I really think about this game. As you can see, on the save screen,
I’ve finished the game at 103 per cent. That means I really appreciated this game. It’s better than
95 per cent of the 2D platform games of that time. It’s a really great game. But… I completed the game at 103 per cent in 10 hours. It gives you a little indication
about the lasting power. Straight through, you’ll finish it in 3 or 4 hours.
But if you want to finish it totally, it will take 10 hours. Here we are on the map, where you can choose
the different worlds. But I’ll explain it later. The map is something which evolved a lot
in comparison with the other Donkey Kong games. First, let’s meet our friend Funky Kong,
who is here since the first episode. But now, he’s not here to make us teleport anymore,
it’s not like before. He will create vehicles which are used
to move on the map. At the beginning, we’ll have just the Outboard.
Later, all along the game, we’ll find items… Yes : Donkey Kong Country 3 looks a little bit more
like an adventure, an exploration game. With these items, he will create an Hovercraft,
then the Turbo Ski, and at the end… When we’ll have collected all the DK Coins,
he will give us the Gyrocopter which flies above the map. With this, we’ll be able to reach the last caves
which were still unattainable. Let’s begin with the first level of the first world,
to show you the different moves. Then I’ll show you other more difficult levels,
in several environments. There are rats everywhere, as usual.
There were always rats in… Er, no, I think there were raccoons in the first DK. Bananas are still here. Once we collect 100 bananas,
we’ll have an extra life. I’m controlling two characters : Kiddy Kong, the nitwit,
and Dixie Kong, the only present character from DKC 2. We can still choose the character
we want to control by pressing select. Dixie Kong can still glide with her ponytail.
The two characters are complementary. They have combined attacks. If I take Kiddy Kong
on my back, I can launch him on this cracked plank. I destroyed the plank, and now I’ve reached
the first bonus area of the game. In every level, there are two bonus barrels like this.
We have to find all of them to complete the game at 103 per cent. This one is easy, we just have to collect all the stars.
And there we are : the bonus coin is ours. Another thing. I can see him at the bottom…
There’s a new character : The Kremlin Coin. It’s a monster who has a DK Coin with him.
Not here, because it’s a save where I finished the game. But usually, he’ll have a coin on his shield. Of course,
we’ll have to kill him… Except that he is quite immortal. He anticipates all my moves.
Left, right… I can’t kill him like this. In fact, we’ll have to look for a barrel
we can launch in his back to kill him. And then I’ll get the DK Coin. Here, it’s easy because it’s the first level,
but then, it’s really harder. Let me show you another move with Kiddy Kong :
we can rebound on the water. Damn, I failed. We’ll have to master this technique
if we want to finish the game and discover all the secrets. Other new features : the frames.
It’s not really new, but we never saw this elephant before. It can sucks the barrel, and launch them to the enemies.
It can also sucks water. Here’s a coin. I have 88.
The coins are used to… Let me show you. No I don’t want to quit. No !
I didn’t want to quit… I told you at the beginning that this game
looks more like an adventure game. That’s true. In the game, there are 8 worlds.
We’ll have 5 stages in every world. That makes 40 levels. In every world, there will also be a hut.
And in every hut, we’ll find a bear. There’s a kind of bear family in the game.
We’ll be able to sell, buy or trade items with them. This will make me unlock some sections of the game,
and to get some items. Once again, it’s necessary if we want
to finish the game completely. It’s an important thing to know. You can see that
there’s an adventure aspect which was not in other DKC games. Here’s a snowy level. I’ll try to show you
a lot of different kinds of levels. You’ll see the different settings,
which I don’t find outstanding. I think that DKC 2 was really better on this point.
It looks like the developers were quite uninspired. Let’s go to the bonus stage. I don’t really find this game exceptional.
I really loved the two first games, but here… Here, we have to kill all the enemies before
the end of the timer. Then we’ll discover a new DK Coin. 2 bonus levels in each stage,
1 DK Coin to find every time. And when we’ll have collected everything,
we’ll have finished the game at 103% Er, no : there are the birds too !
There are 15 birds to discover on the map. Look : it’s him again ! Let’s take a barrel,
I launch it in his back, and now he’s dead. It’s still easy here, but maybe I’ll show you later
harder and crazier levels. Fuck ! It hit me… Never mind. Oh, the second bonus stage !
Here, I’ll have to discover the coin. The objectives change every time : destroy all enemies,
collect all stars or bananas, find the hidden coin… Here I have to find the coin. It’s really easy.
Once again, it’s easy because it’s the first levels. I push Start and Select to quit the level.
Now I’ll show you others things. We are limited on time, so
I want to show you a lot of different levels. The bosses are excellent. They are better than
in the first DKC – which is not that complicated -, and even superior to those of the second game.
I’ll try to show you a boss at the end of the video. Here’s a secret cave. I can’t show you
what happens here because I already did it. As you could see, there were 4 colors,
corresponding to the 4 buttons of the Super NES pad : blue, green, yellow and red. If I haven’t done this level,
the four colors would have been flashing in a certain order. And I would have to push the buttons
in the good order. If I succeed, I get a bird. And there are
15 birds like this to get all along the game. Once we’ll have the 15 birds,
we’ll be able to see the true ending of the game. There are several endings to the game, and to see
the real ending, we’ll have to find all the birds. I’m talking a lot, I’m exhausted… There is still the letters K-O-N-G to collect,
in order to win extra lifes. With 100 bananas, we also win an extra life. This level is great. The famous aquatic levels,
which are omnipresent in the franchise. This music is beautiful.
I’ll let you listen to it : This barrel is a check point.
A beautiful music, isn’t it ? As in all the DKC games. The music of the aquatic level of the first DKC
is unforgettable. The aquatic level’s music of the second game is less good.
But there are so much other great themes in this game. Like the music in the lava level,
and other tracks which are really great. In my opinion, DKC 2 has the best OST ever created
for a 2D platform game. It’s fantastic. In DKC 3, it’s a little bit less good again.
Except the music of the aquatic level, all is quite average. Uh ? I don’t remember at all what is this fish.
He hit me… I must be a fish I had to kill with Enguarde the Swordfish.
We could have get him before, but I didn’t see him. I think this fish would have given me
a letter of the word KONG if I killed him. That’s it : this sign indicates that
I would have lost Enguarde after this point. Graphically, it’s really nice. This cave… Here’s another monster. He was hidden.
Generally we’ll have to find him. Take this ! It’s pretty simple, but there are some levels where
these DK Coins are really hard to get. It’s really hard. We have to set up strategies. Here, there’s another hut : Blue’s hut.
In every world, there’s a hut like this with a bear. And we’ll have to talk to the bears, trade items,
buy other items to unlock all the stages of the game. Oh, I also want to show you Swanky Kong’s games.
But I have to go in another world. Let me show you this now. Where it his hut ? Here.
There’s also his hut in every world. There is 3 different games,
but their only goal is to earn coins. Head to head, Race to 25, Endurance…
Let’s do Race to 25. We always fight against Cranky Kong. He’s the one
who appeared in the first Donkey Kong, 30 years ago. He’s at the bottom, I’m at the top.
We have to launch small balls on targets. We have to be the faster to score 25 points. Now I have 5 points, Cranky Kong has 3 points. I should be able to beat him. It’s pretty simple. 11-6. It’s really simple. It’s quite a shame that all the games
look like each others. Like Head to head and Endurance… And even the bosses. There’s a Snowman
we have to fight exactly in the same way. We’ll have to launch snowballs in his head to kill him.
It’s funny. There is an evolution with the bosses, concerning…
I’ve won ! The bosses really evolved,
in comparison with the others DKC. I’ll try to show you one at the end
if we have enough time left. He’s giving me bunches of bananas and 4 coins. I don’t need them anymore because I finished the game,
but they are normally used to buy items to the bears. Let’s go to this level now. If I don’t make a mistake, it’s a level with the luge.
That’s it ! It’s present in all the DKC : little races like here. In the first DKC, it was the famous mine level. In the second, it was a level with skulls all around. Damn, he hit me ! But.. There was a secret barrel
behind him ! I didn’t even see it. In the second, there were skulls… Let me concentrate here,
it’s not easy to kill them all… In the second, there were skulls, it was a fun fair,
and we were on a rail. And in this game, we are in a luge.
A little bobsleigh. It doesn’t change a lot. In this game, innovations
can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Look here : the bees are motorized.
I don’t understand… We are not playing Sonic ! The story is extremely basic. Donkey Kong
and Diddy Kong have been captured by King K. Rool. He is still the final boss.
This stage is great too. Let’s go there. Here, we have to climb to the top of the trees.
We are pursued by a saw. This level is quite frightening…
Listen to the music : Crap, here it’s only a bonus stage ! No ! I’m going to die… Phew… That was close. Let’s stop here. I’ll change the level. The video is already 16 minutes long.
Let’s get out of here quickly. What did I forgot to say ? I said this game
disappointed me, but we don’t give a damn. Concerning the animals, I only shew you the elephant,
but there’s also the spider from the first DKC, the parrot who can spit peanuts,
Enguarde the swordfish – I already talked about him -. This level here is maybe
the most beautiful level of the game. Concerning the graphics, I don’t find it’s better
than the second. Some people say it’s better. I don’t think so, except for this level
which is really beautiful. Rocks are really well made. It’s very nice. We have to hurry, because there are barrels
which try to attack us. It’s not really easy. This game is not bad.
I don’t want you to misunderstand me. This game is really excellent, but…
I believe it’s inferior to DKC 1, and especially DKC 2. Donkey Kong Country 2 is monumental. Oh my god ! Bastard…
It’s really hard ! I think we can say : KING OF THE WORLD ! Damn, I’ve been hit once.
Let’s stop here… Too late : I’m dead ! We are already at 18 minutes.
So now I’ll show you a boss. I would have liked to show you other levels.
A lot of them are great… No, I don’t want to go there ! We can save the game if we go in Wrinkly Kong’s tavern…
No, not “tavern” : I meant “cavern” ! There are many caves where we’ll find Wrinkly Kong.
She’s the grandmother of the Kong family. Yes, I know, I have to take the cableway.
Yes, I want to take it. Quickly, please ! The bosses are great.
The interactive map is excellent. It’s a great improvement. The maps of DKC 1 and 2 weren’t really good.
At least, on the Super NES. Because I know that in the remakes on the GBA,
they remade the maps. I know it because I played these two remakes.
But in original versions, there are not really great. Here’s a boss : a giant urchin. It’s really well made. The goal is to try to make rebound one of the…
Yes, I did it ! It’s used to open his shield. And then we can attack it. It’s really well made !
The distortion effect is really, really great. Let’s stop here, I don’t have enough time left.
I think I told you everything. Here, we have to make this thing attack him…
Good ! Good bye, and see you soon…
Take this, bastard !

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  1. Je suis d'accord avec toi.

    Le trois est moins bon que le un, qui est moins bon que le 2.
    Ceci dit, il reste un must !

  2. Une valeur sûre pour ce DKC3 mais il propose trop peu d'innovations par rapport au 2nd opus, de plus son univers est moins chatoyant. Plus décevant mais il est bien, cependant le must reste le 2ème. Une bonne vidéo Hooper.

  3. Ils ne sont que 2 ou 3 en réalité, je les ignores now, ils cherchent juste à se demarquer des autres en disant le contraire…

  4. Globalement, Donkey Kong Country 3 est le meilleur volet de la série. Il hérite de la base de DKC 2 (le premier DKC avait un gameplay un peu pauvre) avec une difficulté plus équilibrée, des personnages plus complémentaires, un aspect aventure bien renforcé, un monde plus cohérent (celui de DKC2 était fourre-tout) et des tas d'idées en pagaille dans les niveaux.

  5. On a carrément la structure un nouveau niveau = une nouvelle idée géniale (la scie qui nous poursuit dans la forêt, la cible qui nous suit à l'usine, la corde qui s'enflamme, etc). Donkey Kong Country 3 est LE chef-d'oeuvre que Rare a sorti sur Snes.

  6. Je rève ou certains préferent ce jeu au 2ème épisode?? le 2ème est le meilleur jeu de plate-forme de la snes celui-ci est pas trop mal mais décevant ! la carte interactive n'a pour moi que très peu d'interet !l'important c'est les niveaux et la meme le 1 le surpasse!

  7. mmm…même dans la serie land (qui suit de l'evolution des country) le 3eme est moins bon que les precedants , cela tient je pense au manque de charisme du singe qui accompagne Dixie…

  8. graphikement, le jeu a été concu en 3D à la base. tout les éléments, personnages, décors, objets, tout. par la suite les developpeurs ont convertis tout ça en sprites 2D, ce qui a permis de conservé les graphismes des objets 3D en reliefs avec leurs éclairages etc… c'est un procédé qui a aussi était utilisé pour Killer Instinct et les 2 premiers donkey kong sur Snes 😀

  9. Je vois ce que tu veux dire en parlent des graphisme et que tu a était dessus en faite si on ce remet dans le contexte de l'époque ces clair que il y a pas eu vraiment d'évolution si on y regarde de plus près effectivement mais bon il et quand même beau

  10. Les Donkey Kong Country sont de grand jeux. Je l'ai est tous sur Super Nintendo même le returns sur Wii. J'ai 14 ans, je fait moi aussi de vidéos test sur les Donkey Kong Contry, Les Mario, f zero, street fighter, sonic, grandia,Tomb Raider, Spyro(ps1) Crash bandicoot, soulcalibur, killer instinct, super mario land, ex… Vous pourriez en regarder une et me donner votre avis ? SVP? Je fait aussi des musiques au piano et au djembet, et au darbouka !mais je n'ai jamais pris de cours!

  11. j'y ai joué en japonais !!! mais punaise !! je savais pas qu'en français s'appellé donkey kong country

  12. Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi. Le 3 a un petit truc en moins, ces prédécesseurs on un coté magique que lui n'a pas.

  13. HOOO NON tu dit que l'éléphant aspire les tonneaux o_0
    pas du tout il le prend les tonneaux avec ça trompe
    et Donkey kong country 3 et juste plus dur que les autres voila tout
    mais reste quand même très facile

  14. Hey le hooper!Tu as oublié de nous montrer les niveaux avec la gravité de la lune et les touches inversés!Je pense que ceux sont le Tuyaux tout naze et Le labyrinth Lévitant…
    Pour moi,qui n'a pas le jeu,ce jeu fait plus environnement américain avec les montagnes,camping et esprit scientifique.

  15. Moi le premier trucs qui ma choquer est OU EST DONKEY !!!
    Ce jeu porte son nom quand même ! Pourquoi ils nous on mis un personne gros ^^ c'est comme si tu jouer a mario en étant peach ! Mais bon le 3 ma horriblement déçu…. Je l'aime bien quand même mais quand on le compare au 2 autres… Mais bon ses mon avis super vidéo comme d'habitude

  16. Donkey Kong Country 3 est mon DKC préféré de toute la saga.
    On est pas nombreux à le dire, mais on existe.
    Je fais même partie de ceux qui l'estiment plus beau que les deux autres….

  17. J’ai kiffé le jeu . Je viens de le refaire sur ma snes mini que j’ai craqué .
    Le diddy Kong est bien meilleur .
    Les ost du 3 sont bof . Rien à voir avec celles du 2 .
    Mais chapeau à Rare car ils ont clairement réussi à nous pondre une putin de trilogie.
    Ps : j’ai aussi fini le jeu à 103% j’ai bien kiffé sérieusement . Même à 37 ans ?

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