Villa with horse stabel for sale
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Villa with horse stabel for sale

August 18, 2019

From garage roof top, view over main entrance to the garden area. From garden main entrance. Garden view Building with horse trolleys and 2 bed flat above. Horse training and stable area. View from garden One of the wings second floor bedrooms with balcony. Dressing or small bedroom and bathroom. Horse trolley buildings second floor apartments. Front of stable flat. Front of stable area flats second floor. Stabel area bar,office, kitchen. No animals included in the price and they are not for sale. Garage with space for 3 cars, there is one horse trolley and land rover. Open box area and then closed box area. Automatic drinking water system.. The boxes No animals included in the deal and no animals is for sale!! Open boxes The office with saloon and bedroom on second floor.. Main buildings other wings saloon. First wings kitchen and saloon with exit to the garden and outside barbecue and bar area. Storages Main entrance area Other saloon area. Entrance to second floor. Bathroom Master bedroom Dressing room.. Hugh big master bedroom with bathroom. Call now: +34 693 778 460 or [email protected]

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