Ving Rhames’s Terrifying Run-In with Police & An Egyptian Zoo’s Fake Zebra | The Daily Show
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Ving Rhames’s Terrifying Run-In with Police & An Egyptian Zoo’s Fake Zebra | The Daily Show

February 29, 2020

Every day, we hear another story about someone calling the cops
on random black people. And now, it turns out, it happens to famous
black people, too. Actor Ving Rhames
is in the news tonight, and it’s not only his role in
this weekend’s blockbuster Mission Impossible movie that
has people talking. Rhames just went public
about a confrontational moment with police in his own home. VING RHAMES: I open the door,
there’s a red dot pointed at my face from
a nine millimeter. -TV REPORTER: Oh, my gosh.
-RHAMES: And they say, “Put up your hands.” A woman called 911, said a large black man was breaking in to the house. (laughter) Come on, guys. This shit is getting out
of hand. Not only is Ving Rhames
your neighbor, he’s a super famous person. Really?
You don’t recognize the guy who’s been in all these
Hollywood movies? No? That doesn’t tip you off? Or is his neighbor really dumb and that’s why he called
the cops? He was just like, “Hello, 911. The guy
from Pulp Fiction “is robbing a house. “Yeah, it looks like he’s using
some kind of key to break open the locks.
Please hurry.” And by the way,
have you seen Ving Rhames? You don’t need to worry about
him getting robbed. Look at that dude. If anything,
you should call 911 for the guy who made the mistake of breaking
into Ving Rhames’ house. It should be like,
“Hello, 911. Someone’s about to die.” Moving on to other news. We all know that TSA watches our
every move in the airport, but now we’re learning they’re
also watching us in the sky. TV REPORTER: The Washington Post
reports federal air marshals have conducted secret
in-flight monitoring of U.S. passengers for years. The TSA says air marshals
have identified passengers raising red flags because
of travel histories or in-flight
suspicious behavior, even if they have no known
terror links. The behavior includes using
the bathroom repeatedly or sweating heavily. Okay, hold on. Hold on. Anyone sweating and going to
the bathroom a lot on pla– So basically, they’re looking
for terrorists or people who have irritable bowel
syndrome, which, let’s be honest, on an airplane,
is basically the same thing. It really is. And I know the news says
the story is about the TSA monitoring Americans,
but I think the real story is that these air marshals
are getting free flights. Yeah, that sounds like
a scam to me. Yeah, so all too convenient.
All of them are like, “There’s someone–
there’s something fishy “about that guy heading
to the Bahamas. “I’m gonna follow him. Yeah. “And then I’m gonna follow
that lady “that’s going to Hawaii. Uh-huh. “Oh, yeah, what about “that suspicious dude going
to Somalia? “No, he’s cool, he’s cool.
He can go. He’s cool, totally cool.” Oh, finally,
in international news, an Egyptian zoo has taken exotic
animals to a whole new level. Keepers at a zoo in Egypt are
accused of trying to fool their guests with an
unusual trick. Listen to this. They are accused of painting
zebra stripes on a donkey
in one of their exhibits. Although the zoo director
insists that the animal is real, its large ears
and smudged paint job made some people take
a second look. Okay. Okay, now,
I’ll be honest with you, I do not see the problem here. (laughter) I don’t. First off, if you went
to Egypt to see a zebra– which, by the way,
is how you say it– you deserve to get tricked,
okay? Second, you realize this is
the future of zoos, right? Once we’ve killed off
all the wild animals because of our pollution
and shit, this is what
we’re gonna have to do. We’ll just be putting wigs on
house cats, and looking like, “Oh, look at that
magnificent lion. Wow.” This is our future, people. (applause) And, look… (cheering and applause) And, by the way, I don’t know
why anyone is surprised. Egyptians have been inventing
animals for thousands of years. Look at the sphinx.
What is that? What is that? It’s not a real thing. And you know what?
To be honest with you, if that fake zebra makes one kid
smile, then it’s worth it. Yeah. I think it’s worth it. ‘Cause, I mean, like, kids get
lied to all the time, you know? When I was a kid,
my dad took me to a zoo and showed me a camel,
and then years later, I found out the truth was
he wasn’t my dad.

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  1. Sooo… government has been tracking "suspicious" people??
    Can someone explain me what's the difference on amurica and those evil totalitarian undemocratic countries???

  2. Egyptian and Fake go hand in hand, if you read your history on Kemet aka Egypt you will know that Arabs moved in to a civilization after it was broken from all the invasions it went through. Reading is Fun-da-Mental. Educate yourself people. Peace n' Light.

  3. I'm shock in 8 years White people didn't called 911 in the U.S.A saying a tall skinny man with big ears is breaking into the White House.😞

  4. And its white peoples calling the police on black peoples never heard of Black peoples calling the police on whites peoples.

  5. I think these 911 calls are some kind of code that white people are using to show that the race war is coming and the police are on the white side.

  6. We just got back to Cali from Dallas, Texas last night and when we were going through TCA we were stop and patted down at every one of those. They said it was ‘procedure’ yet they let a lot of the Caucasian people through without stopping them 😑😑really? They only stopped one white guy. I didn’t see anything suspicious with him. He had that disheveled rock star look and was at the same gate as my little group with his two kids. The little scanner thing didn’t even show that their was anything that could of set it off from him. They literally just stop anyone that they think is suspicious

  7. I feel bad about the zoo. If the managers took better care of it, it would be beautiful. Not only does it has a suspension bridge built by Gustave Eiffel himself, but also some rare animals.

  8. I like you Trevor…but…. Don't start in on the way we speak in America. We can zebra however we want. You're here making money off us…. Don't fuckin start!!!

  9. Tell them Trevor
    It's a Zebra Not Zeebra or Zibra. Americans and their weird pronunciations.
    They really should have asked us since they got them from us.

  10. Trevor : my dad took me to a zoo and showed me a camel and years later I found out the truth was he wasn't my dad . This joke got me laughing out my eyes

  11. I'll buy that comparison between IBS & terrorism – its like your body is waging a guerrilla war against you, and no matter who wins, you lose.

  12. Ok keep it clean! You mean the cops didn't know he lives there , so you ring the door bell an the would be crook answer the door, we have got too hire better cops, pulling guns on people in there on homes, no crimes where committed, just somebody saying something how dumb!!!

  13. Best profiling story Ever. A few years back…

    Comedian Bill Maher; "TSA pulled over a suspicious traveler last week. He was over 70 years old."

    Audience: [groan]

    Maher: "He was Totally Blind!"

    Audience: [GROAN]

    Maher: "HE WAS RAY CHARLES!"

  14. Trevor, they called to see if they could get their famous black neighbor, beat down or killed by the police, and at the very least embarrass him……white people are the worst.

  15. Well his neighbor got to be rich show put a civil suit against his neighbor for putting his life in danger with the officer pointing a gun at him they could have went off accidentally kill or wounded him

  16. 0:24 Ving Rhames is a better cop than the ones we have in our police state of a country. I love him in dawn of the dead

  17. Its sad but after reading the headline i just watched to hear TN correct them on how to say Zebra. "You cannot name them because you do not have them." 😂 i miss your standup specials

  18. Greetings! & No! Salute… Dear Uncle Tom… Things like this isn't funny @ all… This man could've been killed in his own house… Damn! you Esau… Shalawan

  19. What will Black people do about daily discrimination, and killing against them? Nothing. Blacks are the most disunited, self hatred, ignorant of their history, and brainwashed. Any other race or group would have started a revolution.

  20. Fun Fact: The face of the sphinx has been destroyed and reconstructed many times, hence the small head big body. Many believe the head initially use to be Anubis– a dog. The Sphinx was found majorily buried, possibly older than any pyramids, and has evidence of erosion on the base of its walls.

  21. Having watched a lot of daily show episodes with TN, I only just realised that it won't be a proper story if Trevor doesn't slap his desk at least once.

  22. Come to my Egyptian zoo and see a live 'set animal'. This is a true sha and definitely not a shaved anteater in blackface.

  23. OH. MY. GOD! xD
    how could i miss this in 2018 xD
    ving rhames…i'd really like to know how the story ended & in full detail :'D

  24. Oh, honey. saying Egyptians scammmed a zoo is like saying

    ThIs AmErICaN wOmEn AtE At McDoNaLDs


    ThIs BrItIsH mAn DrAnK TeA


    I'm Egyptian, ive been there cause of family.

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