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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Kids Cartoon shows | Happy Birthday Chulbul | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

August 11, 2019

Imli, today is Chulbul’s birthday and he doesn’t even remembers. Come on, let’s give him a surprise. Yes Vir, Even Chulbul will be happy with a surprise party. Why did they suddenly stop talking and run to the terrace? My donkey sense says that they are hiding something from me. What happened Chulbul? Nothing, You both continue talking and I will just listen to your talks, heehee!! I think he has a doubt that we are hiding something from him. Let’s run from here. Before I just had a doubt, but now I’m sure that they both are hiding something from me Gintu, Vir and Imli are hiding something from me. Please give me the power to hear talks even from a distant place. Increase my hearing power to 100%, no no Increase it to 1000% So that I can stand hear and listen to everything they are talking about. Ok Chulbul, Agdam bagdam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. That’s enough, Stop it and take the magic back. This noise is unbearable. My eardrums are tearing apart. I couldn’t recognize Vir and Imli’s voice between so many voices. Gintu, suggest me some idea through which I can hear only Vir and Imli’s talks, without they knowing about it. Take, this is an invisible shawl, once you’ll wrap this shawl around you, Vir won’t be able to see you. In this way you can sit with them and listen to their talks. Oh! Thank you Gintu. I have ordered cake and sweets. I have specially ordered a carrot cake for him. Wow, carrot flavor, Chulbul will be overjoyed. Hmm Hehe!! Now talk as much as you want. I will listen everything. Hehe!! Where is Chulbul shouting from? Vir!! Save me. Help!! Chulbul I am coming. Sliding wheels on. Chulbul how did you get stuck here? First remove me from here then we will talk. Chulbul, are you ok? Why were you hanging behind the truck? I wasn’t hanging, I was stuck. Forget about this; first tell me what is it that you both are hiding from me? What will we hide from you Chulbul? We were talking about our homework. Again they ran away. But I will find out what are they hiding from me. Now, only decoration and location is to be decided. Where the party should be held and how will be the decoration? Let’s handover the decoration work to Gintu. That’s a good idea. Gintu, only you are my real friend. Please do something so that I can listen to Vir and imli’s talk without their knowledge. Agdam bagdam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Take this, it is a flying carpet. You take it to the place where Vir and Imli are talking, you can sit on it and listen to their talks by flying over them. Ok thanks. This carpet is special; it protects the person who sits on it. So, you are safe. Is this Vir’s house? Yes, what have you got? I’ve come from Alfa bakery and this is his order. Give me, I’ll pass it on to Vir. Let me see what is in it. I will go and call Vir. Oh so they have planned for a party without me. Till yesterday we were a family but today I am not. Now I will eat everything and won’t share it with them. The bag was here only, in Chulbul’s hand. Oh! Why did you leave the bag in his hands? He was upset since morning and now he will turn sadder. Let’s go and find him. Haha!! Hi Chulbul, my name is Gotya and he is my friend Banda and those are Apori and Tapori. Hi, you all know my name. We even know your address. Show us what you are taking in this bag. Even we are very hungry hehe!! This is mine, I will eat it. Haha!! You can eat, only when we will let you. There rowdy horses dared to hit my friend; I will change him into a Kungfu expert right now. Hey let’s run from here. We can’t handle him. Wow Chulbul, what a fight it was! You all had decided to eat this without me but now I will eat everything without you all. Haha!! Robot boy suit on. Chulbul, that’s enough now. It’s time to tell you the truth. What truth? Close your eyes, I’ll show you. Now open your eyes Chulbul. What is all this Vir? Today is my birthday and I didn’t even remember. You all were planning a surprise birthday party for me. But I doubted you. I’m very bad, you all are great friends, Vir!! Please forgive me Vir. Now stop crying and cut the cake. Look, everybody is waiting. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chulbul. Eat this. Vir Save me, Vir!!!

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