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Virtual Game Shelf: Ultimate Chicken Horse

August 18, 2019

Hi everybody and welcome back to Virtual Game
Shelf, I’m Andy And I’m Patrick
And today we’re going to be playing Ultimate Chicken Horse. Have you played this before? Only a couple times, I’m not super familiar
with it but I know how it works at least I’ve played it a lot, but I’m not good at
it! Lets start with maybe a more basic lev- Ooh
Volcano! Never mind, just kidding! Right to it
So Ultimate Chicken Horse is a competitive, platforming party game
Yeah We’re gonna start with an empty level and
we’re gonna be adding stuff to the level each round, with the end goal of being the only
player that successfully makes it to the end You can see that we got a bunch of different
options Oh wow that was rude, why would you do that? I’m taking the crossbow. I’m gonna do this We can’t even make that first jump so it doesn’t
matter (laughing) Don’t worry about it I got a crossbow that
can stop us You only get points if – ooOOooo- if you successfully
finish th level and your opponent does not so it looks like I might be getting points
this round Yeah it looks like you’re probably getting
points here. You got the new level, sweet! Oh wow, nice! As you can see, things are looking pretty
great for our hero -Can you make that? -Nope! -No, you’re really close though
-But at the last moment I was unsuccessful So each round we get to add a bit more to
the level, and sometimes you can remove stuff with stuff like this the bomb here However, we’re not gonna do that this time
-no bombs -you can rotate them you can do whatever you
like You know what? -Patrick, it’s a milk crate it’s not that
serious I’m gonna do this one
-What you a fraid of a little ball of glass? -Yeah I am, ball of glass is gonna hurt! what do we got? uhhh gimme a rotating tire covered in honey
-yeah that’d be cool -I think I’ll put it right here So uhh…what did you blow up? -I just put a bomb down, I thought it would
explode while we were playing but I guess not! I made my rotating honey glass ball, which
now means that the glass sticks to the tire and is rotating with the honey as well. There I go again! (laughing) Alright, alright, just me and the milk crate. Woop! Auuuugggghh you missed. You were really close though! I was really close thank you for reassuring
me. Good try! Robo bunny one day. One day Oo I got the big bomb
All that does is remove stuff That’s ok! Alright I’m gonna blow up all this stuff
-No! Not my glass ball! I’m gonna blow up everything you love
-What are you doing? I’m gonna put this here
-Don’t put that in front of my milk crate! Whatever, you blew up everything that I cared
about in this world. Good point. You know what? I’m gonna put a staircase here
Just a nice little staircase cause I can’t seem to make the first jump so I’m gonna give myself a little bit of an edge. How do you like that milk crate? I don’t like it very much. No? not a barbed wire fan? No, I’m not a big fan. I’m more of a chicken wire fan. A chicken wire fan? Oh, gosh dangit. I missed it. Yeah, barbed wire is a little too barb-y for
me. There’s no such thing as too barby
Two barby? What about three barby? Well, now you’re talking crazy. I’ve done it. Ohh, he’s done it. The rabbit’s done it! Robot rabbit dance party! Elephant’s not doing so hot. Oh my goodness. You got the black hole? I’ve done it, alright I’m gonna put this…I
think…right Am I just gonna do this? Here
Yeah that’s probably good…NO! Yeah, no, do it it’s fine!
(evil laughter) (“stop” in slow motion) Oh yeah we just gotta put everything in one
area. Well ’cause the black hole is gonna draw you
towards the buzzsaw. Ooh, yeah. Gonna get another buzzsaw. Gonna put it know what?gonna do
it right here. Even though this is successfully how I got
up here I’m just gonna make sure it’s done. You just gonna make sure it’s even harder? Woah! Hoppity hoppity hop
-oh god, black hole stop! stop! stop! uhhh
Woah! Oh no, I’m dead. This elephant is not very nimble. Once again, robot rabbit proves that he is
the true champion of ultimate chicken horse robot rabbit is pretty good
And he’s got the moves. Oh god, oh god, oh god, WOAH! Uh oh
Hwuh! Oh hoh! (laughs) you were so close, yet so
far. He just decided to stop! He gave up he was done he’s like I don’t wanna
play this game. You know what robo rabbit? I forgive you, but I won’t forget. I’m gonna put a coin right up here
Just when you were thinking “Know what? this is a little too easy.” The coin, the way that works you get extra
points if you successfully finish the map with the coin. We’re gonna make it real difficult to do so. Alright. I’m a big fan of the tire covered in honey. I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s pretty good. Oh. Yup. Yup, that happened. I have some regrets, if I’m being honest. Yeah me too. (both) No winners! No points. Oo, little magnet platform. Maybe I’ll put this…what does that do do
you think? I don’t know, we’re gonna find out! Put this right here! Probably a good idea! Extra booox
Woah! Solar powered robot throwing paper airplanes! Woah! that’s gnarly
Again! is it 4:00 already? Woah! slow motion! X to run? oh no! oh no! Ice?? Patrick, why?! Cause I’m meeeean
The nuke was one thing I’m gonna make this as challenging as possible
But a small layer of ice, that’s a whole other can of beans. I guess we wouldn’t be in Ottawa without it. Free Falling by Tom Petty plays. I love the black hole trap, dearly, I just
don’t know if I can. WHAT?! I’m not a fan. The whole thing?! The whole thing! You know what? I’m coming for your stairs. No my stairs! you’re taking my edge away. You’re making it harder for me Andy stop. You know what? No, Patrick! You know what, we’re blowing EVERYTHING up! You’re crazy! How are we actually gonna win now? Uh that’s the thing, we’re not. See ya, idiot. I’m just gonna wait. Oh.. my corpse, no! I made it. Oh no, not the big paper airplanes. Ok, I’m doing pretty good, I’m feeling pretty
good about this run. No, no! I’m feeling good. Stop! Oh no! I was so close! You know what they say.. The bigger the elephant. The more lava it takes to cook it? The harder the win. The more lava? Oh, my stairs! Yeah, we’ll see about that. I made it. My stairs are back! No! Wahahah! Oh, I got ice. I’m gonna regret this. I hope you like ice. Oh no, not sticky! Oh andy. (Slowed down laughter)
Biggest weakness, crossbow. You talk big for a guy with no points! You got a good point. This is just a steel square. Steel square? That’s a steal! What? No! I covered my honey trap! Woop! Oh, here we go. We got a Miley Cyrus original. We got two! Yeah you put yours there
We’re never gonna finish this level. And I put mine there. Ok. Easy peasy lemon difficult. Oh no, oh no I’m stuck. Yeah right? RIGHT? Wait, what happened to the steel ball? – er – steel brick? It broke, I was standing on it. Right? I love that. 3 turns left! Oh no, I’m doin’ it. Alright. Oh, we got a spring? yeah I’m taking that. Alright, this is gonna be the hail mary. You know what? This crossbow is actually not doing it for
me. No, my crossbow! I kinda like the spring there, you go for
the ice, you get the spring! You get the spring! You know what I don’t like? All this. This garbage right here. No, you wouldn’t do that to our solar powered
robot throwing paper airplanes. Just kidding. He’s been a member of virtual game shelf as
long as any of us. That’s a good point. Yeah, that honey sucks. That’s what happens when you mess with the
robot. Apparently. the wrecking ball got ya. See how it’s like..kinda undulating? Yeah! (laughs)[guess you had to be there?] Just when you thought wrecking balls were
too predictable Just a little bit. mmm how are we gonna do this Andy? I don’t think we’re gonna be able to do it. I’m not worried, I have a point! I don’t like this
(laughter) I’m not a fan, as they say.. Are we just gonna make this impossible? I mean, that’s honestly at this point what
I would want. At this point you just want to make this as
difficult as possible. I’ll give uhhhhh I’ll give you a fighting
chance. Sort of. At some point. What’s that fire hydrant doing there? Remember? I blew everything up? Oh yeah. Uh..ending in…oh no. I’m gonna put it here. Yup. Ooh tire! Oooh punchy boy! Tire covered in honey! Think of the possibilities! Oh my god please stick it onto the wrecking
ball please Patrick. Wrecking ball? It’s gotta be the honey part though. Yes. I have gained so much respect for you in this
moment. Thank you, I try. I just, I do it for the people, you know? Yeah. Ok, so..hoppity!
(laughter) Were we perfectly in sync? Yeah I wasn’t even sure if I did for a moment
but yeah we definitely. Cause my big old elephant body just covered
everything. Last turn! This is the time we both get there. Gimme a bomb. Gimme slow motion. Can you imagine, tie game? I’d be very happy
Not on my watch. I’m gonna do this. Don’t do it. Andy! that wasn’t nice. What? I didn’t do anything
Just gonna make this as easy as possible. Gimme that. Slow mo! I wonder how long slow-mo lasts
Oh my gosh, is he doing it? Oh my goodness, I might be doing it. oh no not a punchy (gasp!) no my ice! I played myself
Well, ya done played yourself. I played myself. I think it’s pretty obvious. It says no winners, but it means one winner
and that’s ultimate bunny. He’s doing the robot, Patrick! He’s doing it! I can’t stress enough how important that is. This has been Ultimate Chicken Horse, available
at The Loft and Level One on the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Machine. Oh, that’s right! It is on the switch, I forgot about that. That’s exciting. It’s a really great game, plays four people,
you will not regret it. Everybody loves it and if you don’t love it
I think you need to look into yourself for the answer to that. Yeah, maybe. So, uh, I’m Andy
I’m Patrick, And we will see you next time! have a good
one. Take care!

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