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September 19, 2019

this server is so full a milion players is here they delay me fuck, where is he? I don´t know maybe he´s playing Wow I call him fuck, this server is absolutely full it disconnected me oh damn, seminar are there a lot of people? full? tell them to wait a moment I´m waiting for a login because it disconnected me what? Azeroth? full server? I´m flying to the Teneris so wait a minute but we’re all waiting for you here fuck him, I give unsubscribe hi guys I´m here, sorry, I was waiting for a login on Wow but I´m already here okey, here we go hi guys, welcome to the new video today will be short seminar it doesn´t matter, short seminar, long training grill party and… stop logging in WOW I bought a new laptop for play that and I have to wait 3 fucking days welcome here in the Predator gym here is Michal, owner of Predator gym hi and today we are 20 so we could do exercises, which we can do in this number I´ll show you something and teach you something so we´ll certainly do deadlifts jerks, loglifts we´ll see, maybe some benches we´ll see how much time we´ll have ask me what will interest you I’ll watch you, I’ll fix you so let´s to the warm up and let’s go Hanz, I need a help with a grip Zoidberg came too to the seminar so we´ll see what he lift I´m training here until I will be log in and then I needed to lose weight, os it´s ideal you are plaing 8 hours, intermittent starvation I was hoping that we´ll go to the cinema for some romance and my boyfriend took me here this is that idiot, which is arrogant on YouTube, as I showed you this one? so I´m going away why are you lifting only 179,5kg? because if I lift a lot, everyone would hate me so do you know who you would be in the Middle Ages?…what? you would be a slave….no I wasn´t I would be a pimp I would be a big pimp but you would be always a little worse pimp ok, so today will be some PR yes, he can lift 170kg on loglift maybe more what?…yes, maybe more maybe 181kg I’d like you to do it do you know how many people would want to break that record of course, Jirka Vítězka holds this record I wish him to overcome himself but I know there are other people who would like to and he´s one of the few who could overcome it Míra, this are really dead rabbits ? of course, we catch them pull them out of the skin,
we’ll get the blood out of them then we dry it and put it in the box it´s easy, it´s Krása style okey, I try it give more, give more Míra, you overdosed a friend you know, he has to try it it´s testing come on, let’s do it then we do 255kg why do you have to go by 5kg, why not by 20kg? where’s your claw? the rabbit blood healed me enough? this is how the rabbit blood works if you can´t eat it, pour it on yourself 170kg, add me?…yes, you add like I’m supposed to shoot faster? okey we have 3 girls here introduce yourself…hi, I´m Léňa…hi I´m Naty we have challenge here and we´ll move hand over hand along this and we´ll see who from them will go further and who will be further, will win the rabbit blood and then will be next challenge so you start you can use any technique so you ended on 6 handle from end it´s very good when you look at this so you have to do it I fucked it I leted you win…if you didn´t wear trousers GymBeam… no disputes this is friendly action no so the next challenge is running up this hill whoever stays last won the second round starts we have 4 champions so we add weight vest which has 10kg it´s not fair we add weight a little now it´s very hard now will be next round so we´ll add next little obstacle we short the acceleration path they are my rules so from this place this is the conclusion Grůša weightlifter beat the hockey player I appreciate it how old are you?…19 it doesn´t matter that I´m 28 okey, let´s grill something I think that we are tired I think that 5 hours of training is enough guys, this is the end of the video we had short seminar today here in Predator in Pilsen thank you all don´t forget comment, likes, subscribe, follow, share and click on the bell of course and write something to the comment how did you like it today? this wasn´t so typical seminar…this was max for 20 people mainly joint training pay attention to the technique so I hope people liked it and we will definitely do some other such action they applaud because they think they will get something for free Monča chef we have some steaks it´s something different that tortilla bought in Lidl but it looks good it´s great so this is the end of the video shared food he brought his own food! I was afraid the seminar would be bad and the food too so I bring my own I heard how your fork broke what did he say? 2 measuring cups 2 fingers, that sounds logical he was right I should have eat one more What’s going on? oh fuck, fucking blood fuck it

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