Vlog #4 / roller skating in Y17
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Vlog #4 / roller skating in Y17

October 28, 2019

Hello I’m Rita and this is tim Hi Welcome to my channel this is vlog 4 We’re now in the building of Y17 And we’re going to roller skating Today We’re now going to Because we’re not going to roller skating until So bye bye Tim what are you doing We’re going to 三創 by ubike Hey Tim how’s the weather today It’s so hot My god I’m sweating Hahaha How do we met We are classmates in junior high And we’re celebrating our Six years friendship ohhhhhh Give me five Hey Tim turn around What do you think What the heck What do you learn from the game don’t do drugs Where’re we going Rita We’re going to have lunch I’m so full You look drunk i want to go on A diet Hey we’re back now we’re going to roller skating So excited Say hi take it (Boring) So we decided to play a game Called angry fruit Angry bird Angry fruit oh fruit Yeah Strawberry Potato ( it’s not a fruit!) Watermelon Tomato Cherry I’m loser I win So Tim decides to sing a song for us 3 2 1 go Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you It’s not my birthday out of Fitch My birthday is June 3rd My fan can Send some gift You don’t have a fan You don’t have fans My fan is small Tim Tim And her fan is rrrrrrrr Go 123 4 please follow me Hi we’re so tired yeah And we smell so bad I’m itchy awwwww Gross Dance dance dance Stop Hey Rita I want to Ask you some questions ok the first question Why do you want to be a vlogger You tell me Haha because of you Ok ok Next question How do you feel about studying in the girl high school Studying in the girl high school was like Amazing totally amazing Because you suddenly have Why A group of sisters We hang out together we study together For three years and we support Each other Okok Hey Tim I have some questions for you too First question what do you think about studying in the boy high school Boy high school ohhhhhh They’re so Dirty They throw away their garbage Everywhere They have disgusting bad smell Ok Second question I know you’re going to study aboard next year Oh that’s a secret (not anymore ~) Ok So Tim, tell me, why you choose to study aboard I want to study economics and education I think they’re more abilities to Study aboard ughhhh Borden your horizons and Get your ability to Live independently Haha Awesome thank you Hey fall off Awwwww Hurt say something I’m so thirsty and tired Me too And I am like a dog I want to have an afternoon sleep Good night So we’re here The place full of kids i hate ass kids He means kids I hate them too Because they’re So many And annoying We had a competition that we need to roll A circle And compete Who skate faster what is the point Who win Me ahhhh no Five seconds faster than him no no no I hate kids Here comes a loser Tim want to explain why he lost (To sum up: he hates kids) You were a kid And I want to complain about the gears The gears are smell so bad It smells like hundreds people sweets mixed together It smells like my classmates Yeah it smells like his classmates And I think I’m going to be sick Hello guys thank you for watching this video This is my fourth vlog Don’t forget to subscribe hi Like comment comment And comment below Bye see you next time Hello I’m Tim thank you for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe like and comment below thank you And bye bye bye

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