Vocal Coach Reacts To Katy Perry – Roar – Dark Horse – Live – Ken Tamplin
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Vocal Coach Reacts To Katy Perry – Roar – Dark Horse – Live – Ken Tamplin

September 5, 2019

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I got a lot of requests for this one and that is can you please do a vocal
reaction to Katy Perry and I thought yeah sure why not, what the heck but I
in light of I guess to her recently being sued for like 2.8 million bucks,
it’s kind of a trip she used to be in a Christian band as a background singer I
forget which band but apparently she borrowed some music from a song I think it was called “Joyful Noise” it was a rap band, a Christian rap band. I think their
stage name was The Flame or something like that and I think they sued her like
five years ago and they finally settled for like 2.8 million bucks for the song
“Dark Horse” so with that said and it was kind of her first claim to fame so I or
one of her first claims to fame and with that said though I had someone edit
together a montage of a couple three tunes. I have not seen this yet so we’re
gonna do this together and let’s pop here we go. Well it sounds like she’s singing live. You can hear the mic. Cool she’s singing live that’s cool. What
a production geez. I know all of her stuff has a lot of big production. Wow look at that stage man. Look at that. I love that there’s guys underneath the
Trojan horse or dark horse or whatever and you see these guys move like this. I
wonder whose doing like the the legs and moving the head and stuff around so
that’s cool. What a stage. I feel like I’m watching Cleopatra and Ramses and the ten commandments or something. Catchy tunes. Even if they did steal them. Gangham style it sounded like that a little
bit up huh. Here we go. Man she’s getting a lot of props and a
lot of people on that stage. Is that whip. What is that thing. Yeah it’s a whip. Ouch. Cool boots. Lot of visual candy going on there wow. That place is huge man where the heck is that looks like a Super Bowl or something. I should know this, someone just put
this up so I don’t even know where this is from but the crazy giant audience in
the stage is massive. By the way it’s interesting so she
started out with a live vocal mic but there’s so much track involved in it
that you really can’t tell when she’s really singing live and not so she kind
of sang a little bit of the verse and that’s it and then the rest of its you
know all production so a pre-recorded production. There’s a few voices going on
there. Gangham style. There you go. Now she’s singing a raw, live vocal. I like that diamond-studded mic there
going on. Things like kind of blinding as you’re looking at it right.
Cool outfit. It’s nice man. Good job. Pretty vocal. Good pitch. I don’t know how they did it but they
sure got a really great sound out of about a $300 microphone so that it’s
that’s magic. Okay now come on let’s ask.. let’s
ask this question are those guys that are at the runway that are all doing
this on the side like that are they paid or are they just reaching out and wanting to
touch someone. I just want to know. Cool now that’s a cool mix where she’s going from chest to head (sings) you know she’s just got a like a good command of chest and mix
voice.. head voice up top it’s a la kind of a hootie flutie falsetto but it’s pretty because there’s some air in it. Now is it just me or you know (sings) right
that line. Isn’t that kind of like “Shake It Up” (sings) it kinda has that it’s reminiscent of that to me a little bit I’m not sure which first came first I think this came first. Slower. Slowed down right. That’s not part of the song she’s just
catching her breath (sounds). Shut up Ken and watch the song. Cool. This chick has a lot of production in
her stuff even when it’s broken down. Looks like she’s walking slow because she’s gonna fall over in those stllettos or
something. I’m being funny I’m not trying to bag on
her she’s cool. It’s hard to get out and sing for in front of a lot of people guys. We’re gonna do the wave. Ok ready we’ll all do it together. Cool she’s singing. Nice. I wanna hear the metal version of this. Come on guys someone’s gotta (sings). Someone’s gotta come out and do a metal version of this. You know my my student Anthony Vincent
in fact I just did an interview with him I’m not sure, I think we’re gonna release
it really soon and his first video that he got popular with it was a runaway
video for it had a lot of virility to it went viral was Dark Horse and he did it like in 25
styles or whatever and that’s the first song not this song but so Katy Perry
was his first artist that he went after and it was really cool to see his success
based off you know taking an artist like this and then reproducing it himself
with is his fun, very creative and awesome character that he includes in
all of his stuff. Pretty young girl audience. Oh here we go. Gosh look at that stage. Anyway (sings) where have I heard that before. It is oh “Walk Like An Egyptian” from the
Bangles (sings) so you tell me you look up that song and see if that first verse
doesn’t sound a little bit like this one here here we go. Cool outfits. She’s singing again. What a great stage. Ok now now again so we had that live mic
first again but now there’s so much production she’s kind of like buried in
that so she doesn’t really have to perform vocally that much, she can rely
on the track that’s going on. See now if you notice. You know (sings) right okay so again this is a lot of production and a lot of groups are doing
this you know it is what it is. I’m gonna appreciate it for what it is. She’s got
a lot of talent you know either picked song, stole songs or wrote some
good songs her vocals are pretty decent. I mean you know I’m
impressed with that, that’s awesome her stage and her outfits and her
choreography are off the charts. It’s like as big as it gets I mean how much bigger
can you get move it to the next city. I don’t know but anyway it’s pretty cool
let’s continue. Those guy’s outfits kind of like remind
me a little bit of somewhere between the movie Tron and some African tribal thing
or something. You remember Tron how their outfits kind
of lit up and it was kind of cool. They were fluorescent looking or you know
like a black light. There she is back to singing again. Back to production again. Who makes all these outfits and stuff
like look at the intricacy of all.. look at the background singers and dancers
and you know whatever just everybody’s got some crazy outfit. Did someone just
there make all this stuff from scratch for what this show or this tour or what
and then they’ve got to do wardrobe changes right from from song to song.
She’s gotta do wardrobe changes. In fact look at her outfit, it looks like
it’s luminescent like she’s got it’s all lit up you know lights around it
and man it’s a crazy amount of effort and money and you know production that’s
gone into this. It’s catchy tune. Okay so again I don’t mean to keep talking about the production but can you imagine like okay there’s a lot that goes into this
one song could you imagine a 15 song set of something with wardrobe changes, light
changes, being on spot on you know that they mark out on the stage where you’re
supposed to stand next, where that guy goes, where this flash box goes off so
you don’t get burnt to death. I mean there is so much that goes in and far
more than just the music so man if I were to grade the music, the music’s up there
but the production is like over-the-top like you know just crazy so think about
how hard it would be to rehearse 10 songs like this all that are different
with different ward.. like I said wardrobe changes and different positions on the
stage man that’s a big feat I’ll tell you. Oh wait we’re already in another tune. I wanted to see her jump rope what happened. Hey my editor out there like next time let’s see some action dude. What’s going on
here. Okay here we go next tune I should notice these songs right away
but. When the thing came out I thought she was nude for a second because it’s
all tan and stuff I go whoa what is that but okay she’s actually got some clothes
on I like that rock guitar thing it kinda reminds me of
it’s somewhere cross between the Rock Hall of Fame which I just came back
from which is really cool by the way I’ve been there several times but they
have a lot of amazing paraphernalia there but anyway Hard Rock Cafe they
have a few guitars in there that look like that too. It’s kind of weird. I don’t know if the audio is off to that mic or what but it does sound like she’s singing so. Lot of pink going on there. Like I said look these stages guys they’re so unique too. Like candy canes in the background. Maybe he’s not singing cause I don’t see any… I don’t see anything in the chest or in the neck. Yeah I don’t think she’s singing on this one. See she’s outta breath again (sounds) she’s
gonna do that move so she’s catching her breath you could get to the melody here
in a second. It’s a catchy tune she just has that same bit a lot in her music. She has pretty eyes right. Cool ah I guess that’s it alright. Huh.
It was kind of an abrupt ending anyway all right you guys if you like what you
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Else and I walk you guys through all of this
stuff. Now I haven’t done an actual singing demonstration of Katy Perry so
I gotta remember to do that at some point with one of my students or maybe
we should do a metal version of Katy Perry like I said I don’t know we’ll figure
something out but anyway and again check out, don’t forget to check out Anthony
Vincent from ten second songs his very first video was “Dark Horse” in 25
styles or 20 styles and he did a really great job. That’s what lit up his career. So with that said again please LIKE and
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come out. Okay thanks guys, peace out. you

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  1. Hi omg can you please react to Taylor Swift best live vocals. I'm already being annoying I know but she's actually pretty talented. I'll make you video for free just react to it😔❤

  2. Ken, she was also accused of stealing " Brave" by Sara Bareilles when she did "Roar". Listen to how similar they sound.

  3. Hi Ken
    I can imagine the Katie Perry's and Biebers get you more clicks, but I hope you don't forget us loyal old folks who are waiting for Mark Farner & Derek St. Holmes 👊🎙🎤

    As always solid video kind sir🙄

  4. Hi Ken! This is pretty obscure, but there is an American Idol winner from years ago named David Cook. Since his win, he's released albums and has toured extensively. If you ever get bored, look him up. I think he's great, and would be interested to hear your opinions about him.

  5. Am I the only that looks at the number of people on stage & thinks how much bigger her cut of the gate would be if they weren’t there? Each of these people gets paid after all 😝

    Btw I watched a bootleg of one of the Spice Girls comeback gigs, the warmup was about 40 mins & they were on for about 1hr 40m. If you take out costume changes they were probably only on stage for half of the gig.

    I was tempted to dip into pitch correction, compression & the death of dynamic range in a lot of music today, but what would be the point? If people buy it like that: they’ll keep mixing it like that.

  6. I don’t like Katy Perry’s voice at all but that is just my opinion. Have you ever done a video on Tom Petty… I love Tom Petty

  7. Could you do a reaction to korean pop (kpop) artist. Jung Eunji is her name and This song is a cover of Beyoncé’s Top that she sang on one of her concerts. Anyway I think she has really great pitch control and breath control and I think you may be appreciative of her skills. https://youtu.be/w4_Tdw6WkWI

  8. Katy Perry isn't my cup of tea but I gotta agree, for those who like shows with tons of producion she is a must! Now is it just me or did she sound really pichy in almost all the videos? I would like to se you react to Hua Chenyu, Nunchucks

  9. I'm curious…do you get more enjoyment actually performing or teaching others to sing. You seem so passionate about it. I can't sing for anything but really like watching your videos and learning from your breaking songs down

  10. Is it even possible to write a song that does not include some part of another song?
    You have a finite number of notes, a finite number of chords, a finite number of chord progressions and a finite number of instruments. That said; has anyone actually tried to number all the songs that have been written over the past 200 years let alone the past 2000 years?
    Some artist like Rod Steward write over a 1000
    It would be interesting to hear what the actual number is but not possible because not everyone that writes a song, has the song published and or recorded.

  11. Pretty low quality singing. I realize there is a lot of dancing and show, which prevents good breathing but hey, they are singers. First of all they have to show live not less than 50% of the studio stuff. If they can't, then there is always someone better. There is more to analyze on the stage performance and little on the singing. Simply the trained ear can't be impressed with Katy Perry's vocals.

  12. Ohhh I was listening Revolution from The Cult, and listen this right after, have to adjust my ears….OMG I think in that song "Walk like Egyptian" 😂😂😂😂😂

    Oh I'll come back to The Cult 😳

  13. Happy Labor Day. Ken thanks for the daily video blogs. You are hands down my favorite youtuber. You make me want to sing and I’m alwAys stoked when I see a new video blog come available from you or your students. You also make me rekindle my love for the different decades of great music. I’ve gotten back into Bob Seger, Bon Jovi, Chicago and so many more. I took out my sound track of the Rocky horror picture show from 1975. What an epic write that was. Great memories from my youth. Just keep doing your thing. I’m totally addicted. You rock. Thank you.

  14. What I like about your videos is that their so informative. I've been scrolling on YouTube and suddenly there are a bunch of vocal coaches there I've never heard of.
    I watched a few of their videos and I felt like it was on a level where I personally could just call myself a vocal coach and react to someone by giving my opinion about it. Which is something I would never do.
    So. What I'm saying is that. You know what your doing.

    Also… Please do a reaction video to Johnny Cash!

    AND… Would have been fun to see you shred on guitar in a video 😊

  15. Ken, Katy Perry (Catherine Hudson) took a house from a group of sweet, elderly nuns who have devoted their lives to serving God and their fellow man, leaving the nuns broke and destitute. The elderly nuns had to fight against Katy Perry's high powered legal team for their own house. One of the elderly nuns died in court from all the stress. Katy Perry is now selling the house for twenty five million dollars. Katy Perry pretends to be so charitable, yet with her money there is no reason for her to have been so indifferent to the plight of these unfortunate nuns. Even if Katy Perry actually had good songs and she didn't need to lip sync and distract everyone with her over the top production and choreography to compensate for her obvious lack of talent, I still wouldn't support her because of the way she treated the poor nuns. Ken, thanks so much for all your outstanding videos and your generosity in sharing so much information with all of us.

  16. She's so anti-Christian and has come out against Christian music. "I just couldn't picture myself doing Amy Grant,hahaha." The triangles are FreeMasonry, she has sold her soul Ken and admits it. You need to see her flip out on stage. Messed up! Why I walked in 1986.

  17. She is a great singer.. I love her so much… Please react to her SuperBowl HS performance…& she didn't steal the song.. There's a very comprehensive video on YouTube about that.. You must watch it..other than that I enjoyed your reaction 👍

  18. She & Taylor Swift & some of the more current "singers" don't seem to be singing to me. More of a rythmic speaking with occasional melodic parts. Choppy & rather chant-like.

  19. She mades acoustic versions of her new singles Small Talk and Never Really Over it will be good to hear her voice without a microfone.

  20. not a request i know you do what you think helps your viewers, but watch this for your own enjoyment, i was shocked Geoff Tate can still smash it out with the best off em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H_IB-cSgMY have a listen for yourself 🙂

  21. I have a 20-year-old daughter who is heavy into "Cosplay" and anime and yes, it is all about costumes. The young kids are learning to sew again and the craftmanship that goes into these kinds of costumes, so perhaps that is part of the attraction in these concerts.

  22. Man, I just discover your channel, and you turned me into a big fan of all what you represent.

    You said in one of your videos about Dimash (go google who I'm i), and I did… Excuse me, but I devoured 90% of all the video on your channel in a non stop time, and I love how humble, fair, and correct person you are (no biased critics, direct truth without doubt or contradiction, and how an understanding, tolerant, and gentle person you are vis-à-vis newbies, beginners, or unknown great performers that the world need to know).

    If it was possible, I'd love to offer you a Beer lol… I allowed myself to create this Intro for you (even that I'm sure you definitely don't need it, your videos are great as they are)

    https://youtu.be/_-g1LnYipKE (Sound FX sucks, was done in a hurry, it can be modified)

    I'm a GFX/VFX freelancer, if you need an intro, lower third, Outro, Promotional video, etc of all what is in relation with Animation and 3D, I'll be happy to create anything for you.

    This comment will be considered as spam because of the link I shared, it's cool because it was a personal message to you..
    hope that you check this section, Big fan, and new subscriber here 🙂

  23. When I hear "is there a meal version of this" I always think Leo Moracchioli. Think he has come covers from her, not sure if exactly that song.
    Have you ever reacted on him? He sure is worth checking out. Has some real amazing covers and plays everything himself.

  24. Dark Horse was absolutely NOT "one of her first claims to fame," though lol. At all. "I Kissed a Girl" "Hot n Cold" "Waking Up in Vegas" "California Gurls" "Teenage Dream" "Firework" "Last Friday Night" "E.T." "The One That Got Away" "Part of Me" "Roar" "Wide Awake" and "Unconditionally" ALL came out before "Dark Horse." She was already a fixture on the map. She'd be here with or without "Dark Horse."

  25. A metal cover of Firework like you requested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi3IHouEeWk
    This guy Leo Moracchioli is awesome!

  26. Katy Perry can def sing, thats not even up for debate, she does her best while standing still & acoustic. When she dances she looses breath control and control of her voice. React to this of you want to here her sing in a bathroom 100% live with just instruments & her voice https://youtu.be/k3973493Zw4 & You should react to her singing « Unconditionally acoustic » at the Ellen show, or her « One Love Manchester » performance,
    the ones you watched aren’t that great or representing her vocal talent. Katy Perry never lipped a song, she uses backing vocals like everyone but she does sing.
    ps. Firework came before Shake it off

  27. FYI Her performance is so huge and over the top and probably because her inspiration was from none other than Freddie Mercury! 😂😂. If you haven’t seen it, You should see “ California girl’s” video. 😂😂😂 she put out that song “ I kissed a girl”.. it was popular but you can only imagine the riffraff that it got when it was released from some of the ultra conservative people. Haaha !! I love a lot of her work but probably my most modern day favorite singer has to be Amy Lee from evanescence❤️❤️

  28. Hey Ken I was wondering if you could react to some Eagles. I watch a follow a few react and critique channels and I dont see the Eagles anywhere.

  29. Have you ever seen Wardruna and Aurora perform a song called Helvegen? There's a live version on YouTube that's one of the best performermances I've ever seen.

  30. She is a wonderful singer but those 2010-2011 or whatever those years are.She struggled a lot and was very nervous performing.So this performance could be understood.She is very Talented actually.

  31. Since you’ve been saying that christina aguilera has been losing her voice , you should react to one of her recent “Twice” performances in the xperience or the xtour .

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    She has a lot of performance too!!!

    Edit: I wanna know how to preserve my voice like yours, I think I'm messing it up more

  33. Can you do jessy j purple rain Live I wasn't a fan of hers as I thought she always over sang a song but heard this and had to eat my words

  34. I didn't used to really like Katy Perry, but after watching her on A.I. I just love her. She's super funny and fun, giving and has a big heart. Once in while she sings on there and it is always a big production even on there. Now I think she's really cool. 🙂

  35. Ken, wondering if you would ever do a vocal coach reaction to Donna Summer? She had such a beautiful, powerful, and natural voice.

  36. lmao…visual candy. She's not my cup of tea, but hey…shes a good singer and does have some stage presence. I don't have to agree with her beliefs to like some of her music. Good reaction Ken.

  37. I Guess that guy done great job
    But i want to hear Ken Tamplin version of metal firework as high quality hard rock and metal singing.

  38. I know it's not your style but what about a Cradle of Filth reaction? Would love to know what the singer is doing. Cheers, Ken!

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