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Waiting For a Foal // Versatile Horsemanship

August 23, 2019

okay guys so I have to show you this
this is something new with this horse she’s not usually one that ever shows
that she enjoys being groomed you know she tolerates it all that but she has
found there’s a couple spots that she really really really is enjoying so
that’s kind of cool that just feel to find her itchy spots as you can see her
I don’t think to your face it’s super dark in here
but if you can see her face she’s like sticking her lip out just really loving
every second of that so I’m just taking the time to really help her with her
edgy spots she deserves she deserves it she didn’t get to go outside at all
today because it it was kind of rainy and I didn’t want to stick her out just
in case she happen to have the baby in the cat Apple I wasn’t out there so I
wasn’t around and it was just easier to keep her in all day but something I’ve
noticed about her too is she’s a lot squishier back here and she’s also
underneath the belly if you if you watched the first pregnancy update you
can really see how she um was like she had like this big band underneath her
and I don’t know why I have to go research it now because I’m curious but
anyway that’s all gone your belly smooth and her belly
seems to have gotten a lot smaller it’s really really strange to me and her her
bag is really soft it was hard for a long time and now it’s super soft trying
to be gentle on her belly here there’s oh he’s really kicking right now don’t
push too hard there it’s funny cuz sometimes if I push the baby will kick
me so I don’t know I think that maybe it’s
because the baby is positioned now we had so weird to feel her belly the
difference underneath from what it was because yeah it’s not swollen so strange
so trying to be really gentle with her but I really thought this baby was gonna
come two nights ago and we had a full moon and all that I don’t know she just
was really acting like it that day and now since then it’s been like well watch
this spot right here see if you can watch right there there’s just so much
movement yeah if she was in here I was cleaning her stall and she was trying
really hard to reach a spot on her belly oh now she’s itching me but she was
trying to reach a niche and couldn’t reach it so I grabbed the curry and
she’s just loving every minute of it spot right here for some reason of all
the weird places and it seems like the more vigorous I do
it the more she loves it which this horse typically is one that doesn’t like
to be brushed very hard she likes a really soft brushing so whatever you
just go with it you listen to the horse and you do what they want well and then
I’ll depends I should really refill I say that you’d listen to the horses
needs and her needs right now are saying that you know she would like to be
groomed pretty vigorously where usually she doesn’t like it so and I respect
that so yeah this is kind of kind of neat to just listen to her the cool
thing too is I can sit and feel this baby you know I can have my hands on her
and feeling the baby move all at the same time
cool it’s usually when I start pushing on her belly she’ll sort of move away a
little bit I’m gonna be out here for a couple hours with her tonight no cuz I’m
kind of anxious I am I don’t know I just I feel like I’m the one that’s nesting
like I’m super stir-crazy and I’m anxious and I just want to like I want
to do something and there’s nothing I can do so I’m just kind of being here
and maybe she doesn’t want me in here maybe she’s gonna wait until it’s quiet
let’s see look at she’s like creeping over to me because she wants me to brush
her and and another thing that she’ll do too if she moves back and forth the
Lighting’s really terrible right here I’m sorry but she moves back and forth
depending on where she wants to be groomed so right now she wants me to
groom her shoulder and if you can see she’s like oh my gosh that’s amazing so
and this horse hates being in a stall so the fact that she’s been so good in here
has just been awesome you know she’s never done this before but just wait for
it she’ll come back over here and show like demand that I pet her she’s on the other side of the camera
watch stop right here she wants me to rub her but she keeps
doing this and she’ll like push against me find out until I scratch her she’s
never in the 18 years we’ve owned her she’s never acted like this she’s trying to rub her butt on the wall
and when I was um brushing her tail and re braiding it she was just like
spreading her hind legs and really wanted me to scratch in there and she’s
never never wanted me to do that before either right here she came real close
again she’s like she feels almost sweaty you kind of clammy here see there’s your but never
here’s your tail she’s never done this before I mean never in I mean if you
told me that this horse was gonna push her butt up to me and demand to be
scratched never mm-hmm and I’m not worried about her kicking me I mean she
might end up getting in pain and kicking me but no I can’t believe she’s doing
this she’s just super super itchy so I’m just gonna sit here and scratch my
horses but until she doesn’t want me to do it anymore I guess but she’s just
like looking at me like oh thank you so much it’s weirdest thing ever watch and
I’ll stop and see what happens next she’s looking at me just go squish me up
against the wall she’s gonna squish me craziest thing ever like hi oh there’s the but again you know I wish
I knew exactly where she wanted me to rub because they don’t want to I don’t
want to get into territory that she doesn’t want me to rub but if she would like if I knew exactly where but I don’t
want to overstep my bounds so to speak you know she’s really sensitive her her
udder is really sensitive she’s never ever like being touched underneath there
and I never really pushed the issue I guess I probably should have because um
it’d be really good at this point I guess since since um you know I am a
little concerned about her not letting the baby nurse cuz that’s a real thing I
never pushed the issue of touching her there and now from now on every horse
that I own I most certainly will because I think it’s really important that
they’re okay with being touched everywhere but so and I still could do
that with her hey be careful here because she is like kinda getting a
little like she’s not a rude horse there’s nothing rude about this horse
but she’s clearly telling me something right now she’s telling me I need this oh and see now I just robbed a little
further underneath there by her by her bag and she left she’s like nope that’s
not what I want okay well what part is it okay so she likes she must be
scratched there what part oh and see I just touched her tail
oh is it under the tail head scratching under her tail head since this mare was pasture bred we
don’t know her actual due date so we were just going off of the ultrasound
and how big the baby was at that time and kind of did a guess on the due date
and now we’re just looking at all the signs that indicate that this bowl is
coming pretty soon so this mirror this is her first baby and we’re not really
sure how how she acts prior to having a fall so I’ll keep you posted on
everything that happens as it comes up and thank you so much for watching I
hope you really are enjoying this this journey with us it’s definitely been a
really exciting experience for everyone involved

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  1. You are so darling with her…a super softie! It’s pretty cool that you have the relationship you describe with her. I’ve been learning a lot from your videos. Thanks for it all!

  2. Looking for comfort, remember when u were pregnant you had all those weird urges and cravings? How old is this horse? 18?

  3. You’re correct in your thinking. The baby has positioned itself to come on out! That’s when you know it’s baby time 🙂 They tend to look smaller when the baby changes positions to be born. Did you ever find a camera?

  4. That's sweet she wants reassurance and attention. The foal seems really active and can't be super comfortable. Hope she foals soon.

  5. I’m new to your channel, and really enjoy your videos. You’re calm, well spoken,, and show genuine love for your horses. I’m so excited to see the new foal. I hope everything goes well with the labor and delivery!

  6. cant wait to see the little baby i am like on the edge of my seat just waiting for this proud mama to give birth

  7. You,,,,are,,,so,,wonderful,,with,,her,,i,,cant,,wait,,,she,,seems,,like,,she,,is,,ready,,please,,let's,,us,,see,,when,,she,,is,,having,,baby,,i,,bet,,its,,tonight,,,poor,,mom,,god,,bless,,you,,,a nd,,mom,,a nd,,baby ?????

  8. So nice and sweet to see the bond between you 2 getting deeper. ❤
    And i love to follow the progress from the other side off the world. (The Netherlands)

  9. The foal has definitely dropped more, butt pressing or rubbing is common in the last days. They press back or rock back and forth with their butt against a wall or other fixed object in an attempt to relieve the pressure from the foal. Her ligaments also look more slack. If you could handle her udder, the most consistent check I have ever used is checking the fluid coming from the bag. If it is a golden yellow color or light yellowish clear, it’s not quite time, but when it starts to turn a creamy opaque, foaling will follow in just a few hours. I used to breed, raise and show Appaloosas and Paint Horses. Love the excitement of foal watch.. I’ve missed it and am enjoying your videos. Oh often on the final day the vulva will lengthen and there will be a pinkish (sometimes just yellowish) discharge. You have a lovely mare, hopefully you will get another lovely Palomino. Lol, either a Palomino or Sorrel. Good luck

  10. @Versatile Horsemanship – This is only the 1st video I've seen from you. I hope you leave your horse(s) outside more than in with room to roam and graze. Locking her up at a time when she needs to be able to move around for her own comfort seems cruel and selfish. I realize that you love your animals but it really seems as though you are serving your wants and needs above hers. It is not my intention to be mean in any way but horses with choices will make the choices that are best for themselves in my experience. I have spent many a cold night outside, sitting quietly nearby and unobtrusively watching a mare ready to foal, only intervening when there was a real problem with the birth. Otherwise, she was allowed to do what comes naturally along with her herd mates doing their own guard duties and comforting as well. Horses know horses far better than we humans ever could. My best to you and your charges 🙂

  11. Although I'm new to the channel I see the love you have for your horse(s) and she loves you too… can't wait to see this baby!!

  12. I only have one foaling this year and I always leave them out to foal in the herd, but last night we had a blizzard so I was happy she didn't foal last night.         always exciting

  13. When the baby starts to move into birthing position, the belly loses that huge roundness and looks thinner and belly may hang lower. You're getting close.

  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new baby. You must be so excited! Lots of love from Liz in the UK ????

  15. I found your video while surfing the Internet and loved it.You seem to have a way with horses and are kind to them.Hope to see her having a healthy baby.

  16. I found it interesting that some horses don’t like to be brushed and pampered, I just ignorantly imagined they all would of enjoyed it. Thank you, I learnt some things in this video xo

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