War of Will and the Casse Brothers
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War of Will and the Casse Brothers

September 1, 2019

I think anybody who tells you they’re going
to France to buy a horse that’s going to run on anything other than turf is … I don’t
know if they’re being truthful with you because the pedigrees just, you know, stands out. And then obviously we go to Europe more looking
for turf horses. Sometimes you’ll find an American horse stands
out over there, or shows up over there, I should say, you know, with dirt breeding. But no, not in this instance. From the beginning, you’d walk out of the
stall, you’d watch him train, and we’d say, “Wow.” And we’ve been saying, “Wow,” for a long time. It just didn’t start- And the more he trained
the more I liked him. And I told Gary pretty early on, I said, “I
think we have something special.” We were anxious to try him on the dirt,
and it was the last week at Churchill, and he had trained there and trained well. And so we said, “Well, yeah, let’s run him back.” So it gave me a lot of confidence after that. We went into the LeComte … I mean, I don’t
usually say a whole lot, but I didn’t think that they would beat him. And I’ve said this many times: Good horses
can win when everything goes their way. Great horses can win when things don’t go their way. And so far, you know, normally when I go into
a race, I say, “Well, if things work out, we have a shot to win.” With him I feel like it doesn’t really matter. He can overcome adversity, which is, it’s
a great feeling. So obviously everyone’s quick to jump and
say, “Okay, turf. Turf” You know? And I would have been one of them, too. But the more you look into it, the more you
can find examples of dirt that are shining in the pedigree and stamina as well. Here’s a horse that has this great pedigree. I mean, he’s beautiful. When you see him, you’ll say, “Wow.” And he’s got to appeal to both sides. I mean, I think as a sire later on, you know,
I think you could take him to Europe and do well. And to have the dirt, what he can do here
on the dirt, I mean, I think he’s just the entire package. He amazes me. I’ve trained maybe 15 War Fronts. He looks like no other War Front I’ve ever had. Most of the War Fronts I’ve ever trained are
a little more compact, not, you know, and don’t have the length. This horse is a lot leggier. You know, I’m so busy with the training horses
that I can’t get to all the sales and do everything. And I feel extremely confident in Justin and
his, you know, in what he buys. So it’s a good feeling. And I’d be lying if I didn’t think about my
dad a lot and think, “I know my dad’s up there smiling.” Because I think it would be really important,
I know it was important, for us to work together, so I think we’re making him happy as well. I said something to Mark about- I said, “Oh, I want to be your Dennis O’Neill to your Doug O’Neill.” And he goes, “Well, just find me a derby horse.” It was like, “There you go.”

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  1. I don’t care what anyone else sayss… War of Will was my pic in the derby. I don’t know squat about horseracing I just had my eye on him. He and Omaha Beach. And I literally flew off my seat yesterday when he managed to get up to second position. And then all hell broke loose. He got nudged out by the lead horse and practically locked hooves. He IS beautiful! Everyone keeps going on anon about country house being impeded in the derby. What about war of Will? From the footage he looked like he was the most impeded. Look out MS at Preakness…WOW is on it. JMHO

  2. I wanted this horse to win the Kentucky Derby, but unfortunately the other horse cut him off.

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