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Warm-up routine for horses | Your Horse Magazine

August 15, 2019

I’m Elizabeth Allen I’m a rider and
trainer at Collective Equestrian and I am riding Rosie she’s a 13 year old KW PN
mare who is competing at inter II and Grand Prix level so I’m going to show
you my warm-up patterns that I do every time I ride Rosie so whether it’s
warming up for a normal schooling session or for a lesson or a competition. So I start obviously in walk so she has probably about five minutes walking on a
completely long rain and then I pick up the reins she was sort of fairly long
and low loose contact so she is in a longer softer outline and then I also
include some leg yield just to check she’s moving softly off each leg and to warm
her up a little bit more laterally and then I also do some traver on a circle
and they’re making the size of the circle in the angle so tighter and
easier a little bit as well then I go straight into canter with Rosie because
it’s a pace that she finds a little bit easier and I find that it’s a quicker
way of her letting me in so that she is softer in the rein with a more elastic
contact and it’s an easier way to it start to introduce my half haults that I
can influence her balance so after a couple of circles just doing my basic
checks that I can keep her soft maintain a rhythm and that she is in front of my
leg I then go large so working on the rhythm and maintaining the straightness
and I also include some easy leg yields within the canter just to help work on
her general and athleticism and then I do a counter canter each way so going
large so using the corners to help keep her supple as well as being able to
place her a little bit more on her hind legs and then I then come back and do
some canter – trot – canter transitions so I use that to reintroduce the trot and but
also to check she’s listening to me that she’s focused on my aids and also it’s
a great way of getting her a little bit looser over her back and her warm up
yeah her back muscles a bit more. And then I do a trot and leg yields each
way because she finds it a little bit harder to maintain her balance in the
trot especially to start with and so by placing her in a position
we both find it bit easier just to start to pick her up and make her work into
her said a more uphill competition frame and then she has a walk on a long rein
and then I pick her up and then we start on whatever exercise I want to that day

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