Washington State Fair Traveling Farm visits Rocky Ridge Elementary
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Washington State Fair Traveling Farm visits Rocky Ridge Elementary

August 25, 2019

We’re here today with the Washington State
Fair Traveling Farm at Rocky Ridge Elementary. We’re going to learn about agriculture and
have some fun. Inside the trailer we have a whole bunch of
hands-on displays. It’s discovery! They have a chance to actually, it pulls in more senses
then just reading about it in a book. I milked a cow and it was really fun! They get to learn about the connection between
their food and their clothes and the plants and animals that it takes to provide that. We travel with a variety of small livestock. What kind of bird do you think laid this big
egg, with the speckles? Can anybody take a guess? What do you think? A spotted chicken! No, good guess! This is a turkey egg boys
and girls. Is that what you thought? I really like it when the kids connect with
an animal, because it’s important to us as farmers that animals are treated well. The
sheep that will stand and let kids put their fingers in his wool and scratch his back,
first of all Jonathan likes it, and he’ll actually lean into it which is really cool
for the kids because they get to see that he’s livestock, but that feels good to him
and he appreciates it, so that’s a good thing. He’s so cute! I want to tell you about my favorite animal. The goats! The bunny. They’re soft. The rabbit. The bunny because it was really soft and cute. Because it has really soft fur. My favorite animal was the bunny because it’s
chubby and soft. The bunny. The grey chicken!

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