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February 29, 2020

ok gamers, gamers Hear me out, ok? We’re gonna watch uh We’re gonna wa- we’re gonna watch My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks, it’s one of the human ones and um Actually I was kinda planning on watching all of these equestria girls, mlp things And maybe we’ll make it a series, I know I promise series all the time and we never go through with em but this time I am determined to watch all of my little pony We might even- we might even hit the show, the original show, who knows 8 seasons?! Holy god we are not doing that Maybe, maybe, you never know Ok so this is what we’re going to start with because I believe this is the first Equestria Girls movie (Reading the subtitles) EERIE (Laughs weirdly) Man, this IS eerie It’s Hatsune Miku And it’s uh one of the girls from- from Monster High And it’s Starfire Starfire: We can only gain so much power here Hatsune Miku: Agh! I wish we’ never been banished to this awful place! Starfire: Really? I love it hear (sarcastic bitch face) WOW Monster High: For realsies? Because I think this place is the worst. Hatsune Miku: I think you’re the worst, Sonata pfff damn what the heck is goin on, I thought this was just a high school movie Alright it’s too loud. J*sus Chr*st Ooooo damn That made me feel weird bruh (snaps along) oh yeah I’m digging this Music: As we learn how- (remote falls) there goes my remote. cool. IS SPIKE A DOG It’s um (snaps) Applebloom, she’s my favorite just because of Babs Seed, that song is the funniest thing to me and I have no idea why (Babs Seed plays AND STILL TOO LOUD EVEN THOUGH I PUT IT AT 30% VOLUME) (DOOR SLAMS OPEN) This must not be the first one Welp, I messed up guys but that’s ok. We’ll just skip the first one See, I remember um Yeah believe it or not, I have watched one of these I think I watched the first one a long time ago And they, like, go through, like, a mirror And chasing that girl And that’s how they turn into humans but I guess they’re just humans now I dunno what’s goin on, where’s Twilight? (voice crack galore) Where’s Twilight? OH! I remember, I remember Twilight was actually the only one who went through the mirror And everyone else is just normal humans here for some reason k, guys, I need to know ok I know which one of you- which ones * of you Regularly watch my videos all the way through So I need to know um- When you were younger, which of the ponies were you simpin for You better comment down below or else you’re banned from this channel Cuz I’ll know which ones of you watch my videos completely and if if if if if If you don’t comment, I’m gonna be very upset And for me it was Fluttershy, in case you were wondering. Like cmon That guy’s a simp Wait so Applebloom is in high school? Isn’t she like 5?? AWWWW HEY don’t- don’t do meh gurl like dat (reads subtitles) ‘awkward laughter’ me W O A H You know, I wanted to do this with friends. It’s kinda pathetic I’m not doing this with friends Oh no. Woah, did you see her face? Why she makin these faces Damb why they singin so sexy and walkin in so sexy. ‘Hypnotic melody in harmony’ They all like, “DAMB” K uh- Twilight’s ex is gonna get together with one of them. I can guarantee you that. Why she just stroking all their heads, so weird BRUH- why they- that guy’s a simp too I would not show my lil child this They singin and dancin so seductively See? am i imagining this. AM I IMAGINING THIS?! Everyone is simping. EVERYBODY Bruh I can get behind this beat actually (snaps along like a tryhard) LOOKATHOWTHEYREDANCING I think they did that same move earlier Applebloom no So is magic like a normal thing or does magic only exist because Twilight came here? I need to know the rules of this my little pony movie Principal lady: Dark Magic Ya boi: You report that to the principal?!? So? magic? Magic must be- (Other principal insults Sunset) WHY WOULD YOU SAYTHAT TO YOUR STUDENT damn, she is so rude Fluttershy teh baby: I sure don’t know how to use it to whoop anybody’s butt (uwu noises) she’s so sweey (Idiot singing the mlp theme) I-I threw you guys into the middle I’m sorry bout that but there’s no going back now We might do a prequel episode and that one I’ll be doing with friends Because I feel so Embarrassed Oh my God Y’know I kinda like Twilight too Cuz they’re the smarter ones, I think. Fluttershy and- and twilight Star Swirl. The Bearded. Don’t. Don’t bring him. DON’T DO IT. I hate him Don’t. DON’T. TWILIGHT. Twilight. Really. Get dat ting out Yo, he gonna be flirting with human Rarity. Y’knowit Dude why does she- why does he* have to talk as a dog Like why is he here dude FURRIES She’s like “yall turn into furries?” Why am I making this video Why- did this idea even cross my mind APPLEBLOOM Wait, this is the party? (mumbles) that’s kinda pathetic This is worse than my school dances My middle school dances Can something funny happen? YEAHHHH They’re gonna obliterate her dude Oh well that’s kinda pathetic and embarrassing Everyone’s gonna laugh and it’s gon- Applebloom, y’see her? Applebloom, there she is Hey look, it’s Applebloom Man, she looks pissed. There’s Applebloom and she is mad They’re like snorting the bad juju. They’re snorting the bad energy ok First break Is over. There’s Applebloom and she’s still mad First break, and I’ll be right back

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