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March 5, 2020

Charlie’s inside I gotta check out kids. They said they found a kitty So we’re gonna come and take a look ♫♫(THE BEACH HOUSE THEME “PAUSE THE GAME” BY CODY CRABB) ♫♫ Guess what? Oh my goodness! Oh no! Let me take a look at it, where was it? I was right there and Ellie was like kitty in there. Oh my goodness Oh no, it’s ears bleeding and got goop on it don’t touch it. Okay? Yes Oh, kitty… Can we take care of it? Can we take care of it and then let go? oh My goodness, I don’t know what to do Let’s call grandma and see what she thinks Okay Okay Okay, um that cat that cat So we are not supposed to have pets here. I completely respect that understand that don’t you want to have pets here? Cuz I don’t want to break rules or anything Um, however when my kids are being sweet and wondering what we should do to take care of a animal That could be dying from starvation or something. I feel like it’s important to Here, let’s see, you want to eat that tuna fish? I think we need to feed the cat It’s like really, really super skinny and it’s such a sweet cat and I just want to get it some food. Here, here look, kitty, kitty, kitty…kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty… Don’t step in the tuna fish. I don’t know what to do. I just want to help you. It doesn’t even seem interested in the food at all. James could you go get a bowl and put a little bit of water in it so it can drink out of water? I think they like milk. I need to call my mom She did all of the pet rescuing as a kid not even wanting to eat that I think he likes us. I think he does. I wonder why he stays here? Have I mentioned that I’m not a cat person Like at all, but if we kept this cat it would be called Shere Khan And I don’t want to keep this cat. Good thing we’re moving soon So even if we want to, we can’t. We’re going for a walk outside today There we are Oh running over babies. Sorry Ellie. So Charlie Ellie James and Corbin Over here is where there was an ice thing the couple was that how long ago was that when we went for a walk was? That just like a month ago. I don’t even know The time just passes and I’m like, oh yeah…time pass… Anyways, it’s a beautiful beautiful day. I don’t even need this jacket on right now. I’m only wearing it because Just in case it gets cold, you know, it’s still that time of year where it could just drop temperature drastically But it feels so good here right now. Also, on another note we have put in an offer on a house. This is the second offer we’ve made put in an offer on a different house too – and that didn’t work it they didn’t accept our offer So this is the other we’ve done we found a different house put in an offer and now we’re waiting and it’s the waiting game and I’ve been patient I want to know but I’m also trying really really hard not to get my hopes up. So I don’t want them to be smashed all over the place. So if we get it, we get it good if we don’t get it then oh well, and we’ll just find a better place, right? better, I hope Are you guys happy are you looking at the horses? Ooh muddy horses, but look at that mud Muddy nose! He has a muddy nose? Last time we took a walk we saw horse just pooping and the cows pooping. That’s what they do, right Yeah, we have a neighbor who makes these things and loves to just hand them out to kids and he just does it for free It’s this old guy and he’s really really sweet. He gave us a couple more of them We have already got someone or back porch, but we always need a couple more I should say get eaten alive by the wind. She was completely asleep Laying like that on the couch, but she finally fell asleep. Let me turn on the light, hopefully she doesn’t wake. He’s figured out how to chase me around the kitchen huh. come over here, come here So anyways Ellie fell asleep standing up laying back on the couch I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable that would be So yeah Soon after I took that video she just I woke I stood up and it woke her up And then she laid down on the floor and fell asleep there and she was so sweet. She was like smiling at me then she feel asleep. You know what I think it might be time Look at this hair. Look how much is going into his eyes. It’s past his eyes. It’s down to his cheek right here Time make dinner it’s got some, oohh, better stir that. Got some Beginnings of a pork chili Whoo. Oh, man, I better get down on y’all. There we go beginnings of a pork chilli here We’ve got Maddie here and Stephens here with guess what yet another puppy He’s a wolf – puppy! He is part wolf. He just can’t help to love all the puppy in the world Okay, so part wolf and what else? Husky. You know what they say about people that just keep getting more and more puppies.. what they really want is babies! you are not wrong though Babies! Look at you Charlie, hi. (laugh) Guess what? The cat appeared today. That’s right, it did. Hey I have to tell you something. This morning when I was getting ready at 4:30 in the morning, uh-huh, I Set my stuff down near like over there and a mouse run across the floor And then it was like showing me up What? It was like Was like run across the floor. I say “Hey!” It scared me actually a bit I was like “shooo! shoo!” and then it like runs towards me It’s like, turn back a little bit. I was like “shoo! shoo! shoo!” and then it was just like cute. Why didn’t you kill it with a broom or something? I tell it to go away, it wont listen to me I said like “shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo” Then like, it get closer, and then I “shooo!” run around the corner. Maybe it good then to have cats and dogs around the house. It’s so funny that we don’t have any pets and on the day that the cats shows up, all of the sudden dogs do too. and mice! Oh my goodness what do you want us to do? Actually this is what we do everyday with the kids, normally How is that Ellie, do you like that puppy? He likes you. She likes that puppy? Look at this thing I made. Cool! So this is the dog part wolf and umm. Husky. Wolf and husky? That’s scary and cute It doesn’t grow really big. It’s parents are really small. Really? Tell me who’s crawling all over my train tracks? oh, my. It’s the giant, baby monster! wrecking the town! He was grabbing at him before What up?! That’s really funny. Doggie aww oh so cute Bungkin brong..Bungkin Broncos with the uncle. Is that fun james? He just came right into my eyes and to my nose. Did it scare you? Are you filming everybody? Your fingers are in the way? Okay. She just picked up their camera and started filming and now she’s going to everybody. That’s Yeah, you’re ice fishing, oh I was like you gotta fish too? Hello everybody, I just want you all to know that I’m alive and I’m well And I love yoga. Today was a good vlog good day today. I hope you guys enjoyed it Well, see you tomorrow pause the game. Yeah. I knew I would have to be it Wouldn’t it wouldn’t be a cartoon you hope completely Lose a cartoon and turning it into a really cool movie like an action Harry Potter style dragon tales.

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