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  1. Get you a man as perfect as Nacho who is willing to make themselves look ridiculous by trotting on an imaginary horse 😍😂

  2. The slo mo of Kristen spraying the champagne is the most joyful thing I've seen all week. What a great shot! ❤️

  3. I don’t understand why you guys never just go for it. You have cool ideas that I get so excited to watch, but then it turns out you decided to cut corners and take out anything that could’ve been interesting or exciting. Really really disappointing

  4. Please actually ride horses some time! Just don't drink and don't do anything more than trotting and MAYBE cantering 😂😂

  5. Can you guys please do a not washing your hair for a month. It might be a little gross but I wanna see what happens.

  6. Could you do a video where you went to work dressed as guys and try to sneak by, like see what the benefits to being a guy are or how you get treated?

  7. Nacho Thankyou!!! You were awesome and have inspired so many people to get involved in Polo, as both new players and as the all important supporters, plus coming along and being part of the crowd. It was a real treat watching you on Ladylike today, cheers!
    Ladies, you come up with the best ideas to try out and vicariously allow your audience to aswell, along with you! Thankyou for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes, to make every episode flow effortlessly.
    If you ever come to Perth, Western Australia, I am so on board with showing you around – and help by throwing you in try out what our 'twin set and pearls, set' ladies get up to!
    All the best to you all!!!

  8. This video would have been so much better if they actual went and I don’t know… rode a horse on an actual polo field and actually learned the sport of polo.

    Really disappointed. This could have been much better than it was. You had freaking NACHO the polo GOD there and you didn’t do it right. 🙄

  9. I wished they made more of an attempt to actually play the sport. A great video idea but wished it was executed better. Esp since Nacho was there! Interesting video~

  10. I’d really like to see you guys pick a 90’s song and learn the dance moves from the video or just learn a 90’s dance routine and perform it! I think that would be amazing!

  11. erm…is anyone going to point out that their makeshift horses aren't even horses but unicorns? 🤣….also when i saw the title i mistaken it that ladylike is learning pole dancing from a pole dancing champ; but devin is already a champ….sorry was a lot of confusion.

    edit: if devin and kristin brought out their curlers with facial masks, it feels like drunk mothers playing polo….something about their mallet reminded me of broomsticks 😂

  12. What ever happened the"to be continued" dresscode episode with Kristen and Devin? They said they would do it but never did

  13. I'm Devin at this point. "Is this quidditch? Are there beaters? Where's the snitch?"

    On second note they should try playing quidditch, or the muggle equivalent.

  14. When I saw the picture of the video I thought this was an 80's style day of 24 hours of *0's makeup and hair and clothing.

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