We put frozen bits in our mouth! 🥶❄️ // Versatile Horsemanship
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We put frozen bits in our mouth! 🥶❄️ // Versatile Horsemanship

September 1, 2019

hey everybody my name is Brandi hey guys
its Dani the horse Girl and today we are gonna take these freezing cold bits and put them in
our mouth and see if it hurts if you’re new here this channel is all
about my journey with horsemanship and everyday life with horses in today’s
video I’m gonna do a little experiment I’ve been wondering about this for many
years and I’m just now I’m just gonna go ahead and do it so something that a lot
of people wonder about is if they need to warm their bits before putting it in
their horse’s mouth so and I’ve always kind of wondered the same thing
sometimes I’ll put my hand on it to kind of warm it up that way I’ve seen people
put it in their cars I’ve seen people put it in their jackets and I’ve seen
people buy little things that go over the the bit to warm it before using it
before putting it in their horse’s mouth so but honestly I’ve really never had an
issue putting a cold bit in a horse’s mouth they typically take it just fine
so but for lessons a lot of times in the winter I like to use a type of a side
pull it all it is is a halter with rings on the sides and this works out really
great for my students and we’re not doing anything real technical when I’m
using these so they work out really good for beginners and those who are just
working on the basic stuff so and then with my own horse a lot of times I ride
just in a halter and I use the lead rope and I flip it back and forth over her
head but it really depends on for me its temperature if it’s really cold I
typically don’t use a bit in my horse’s mouth I typically go with my halter side
pull and to me really cold is like under well if it’s under 10 degrees we
typically don’t ride but if it’s under about 15 or so that’s usually when I
just kind of skip a bit and if I don’t want to have my gloves off that’s
typically when I determine if it’s too cold or not so so I have my friend Dani
here this is Anabelle and Dani and I are gonna go and ahead and do this little
experiment she’s willing to do this with me so we’re gonna take these cold bits
it’s about oh I don’t know 12 degrees are you cold
we just say it’s cold it’s cold I don’t want to have my gloves off right now but
so it’s about 12 degrees and we’re gonna see if this is uncomfortable or not I’m
gonna wait the dirt off my in real quick cuz that’s gross this is a new bit it’s
not been in a horse’s mouth but not gonna lie it’s just been kind of tossed
into my tack room so it’s not like I clean these okay are you ready the count
of three one two three it’s duck huh yeah it loosened up but it was stuck in
my mouth you lose yours got stuck too did you freak out and pull it yeah yeah
I’ll show you here violet it’s duck hi there okay so that really changes a lot
of things for me I’ve literally never done this before have you ever done that
before no did you kind of panic a little bit panicked a little bit so basically
if I’m not willing to try something myself I am sure as heck not going to
have my horse do it so that really um you know I’m gonna be a little bit more
thoughtful now with when I put bits in my horse’s mouth and how I go about it
cuz that I can see how that could be really scary to a horse so what do you
think you think I’d be kind of scary yeah all right yeah there’s that
there’s that debunked like we’re barn busters Danny and Brady are investors
all right guys I hope you enjoyed this quick little barn Busters myth tidbit if
you enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a like share it with your
friends and don’t forget to subscribe and comment below let me know if you’ve
ever done anything like that before or if you ride with bits in the winter or
not thanks for watching

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  1. We always run our bits under warm water then wipe it with a towel so it’s not cold 🙂 great video!

  2. I live in Florida lol so the lowest it gets here is around 28°f and that's hardly ever. Usally the lowest it gets is 50°. And all my tack that I ride in stays in my room so I dont have to worry about frozen bits! Btw love your channel!

  3. I've warmed mine with my hands and my jacket, but I do tend to warm them up when it's cold out. Feels rude not to. If I don't feel like warming it up, I'll just put her hackamore on her.

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