Wearing a Helmet When Horse Riding
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Wearing a Helmet When Horse Riding

October 21, 2019

Well, today I’d like to talk about helmets
and the real short version is I think they’re a good idea to wear, but I want to talk about
why, so I’ll be right back, you guys can watch the horses play and exercise a little, I’ll
just be a second. Ok, so, the first thing I will say is that
this video isn’t at all in any way shape or form sponsored by any helmet manufacturer
or store so I’m not advocating a particular brand, although I do like particular brands
and I’m not trying to sway anybody over using one over another or to use one or not to use
one, it’s totally up to you but I will explain how I feel about it, I’ve been asked, I’ve
tried to, I don’t know about stay out of it but I think a lot of people kind of talk about
helmets and some people feel one way or the other rather strongly about it, I will say
that I feel without a doubt that helmets are a good idea, and the reason is that you have
one more piece of equipment on you that can, especially for your head, that can stop an
injury from happening and I’ll explain why. So, first thing I’m going to do is get my
helmets organized here and we’re going to talk about what helmets are a good idea for
riding horses or doing any activity for that matter, whether it’s bike riding or skate
boarding or something like that. The biggest, the most common place to hit
your head when you fall off something is usually the back, it’s not like I have some kind of
study done or I read a whole bunch of papers or something like that but you see it a lot,
it depends on how you fall off obviously but a lot of accidents happen and you end up falling
kind of backwards and you hit the back of your head so to me the most important part
of the helmet is how it protects the back of your head and how well it stays on and
how well it fits, that kind of thing. So, for example, let’s take a basic bike helmet,
now this is kind of a kids helmet but I do have an adult one here as well, same thing,
these helmets are, I’m not a big fan of them, I don’t like much of the shape of them, how
much they actually will accentuate the hit to the back, obviously this is for larger
impact, maybe it will absorb that impact and that’s why they’re probably built that way,
but to me I’d rather have it a little bit flatter to absorb, but more importantly actually,
you’ll see the back isn’t built downwards much, so when your head does go in here you
can see this strap here is visible, you can see it, it’s very clear, it sits at the base
of you neck, sorry the top of your neck and base of your head and it sort of holds the
helmet on nice. It’s a good strap I like the construction
of this particular helmet, I don’t wear bike helmets anymore I don’t advocate anybody around
me to wear bike helmets for the reason that when you do go hit the back of your head these
will have a harder time, plus if you do hit say for example a rock and this part hits,
you have zero protection there and it’s great for the sides and maybe the front, they do
look kind of dorky but you know, whatever. Same deal with the kids one, you can see this
big strap, they have some nice reflectors on here, I like reflectors, great for riding
at night, for bike riding, again bike riding, you never see you rarely see snowboarders
who always hit the back of their head wearing a helmet something like this, so. Busy horses. Here’s another kids one, this one is a little
bit better, it comes down a little bit lower, you know, I’m not advocating Disney here folks
but you know I think they’ve put their brand on a better helmet maybe in regards to back
here, kinda ugly, a bit cheap but it does work, but again I always advocate for a little
bit better. There goes the dog. Ok, so, put those helmets off to the side,
ok bike helmets, inappropriate for horse riding, do not wear them, I will say that, that’s
a stance I will definitely take, these are not appropriate for horse riding do not put
your kid in them, don’t put one on yourself, if you’ve got nothing, maybe it’s ok but spend
a little money buy a good helmet and I’ll explain that in just a second, but bike helmets,
no way. They’re out. Not for horses. Ok, moving on, to your typical show helmet,
these things are lovely felt, it’s so soft and nice and they’ve got a decent amount of
padding inside, I’m good with that, very poor support in the back though and again, you
know, it just doesn’t come down in the back enough for me and very flat. Looks nice I suppose for that particular culture,
that’s what people wear and what they do for that so, but I’m not a big fan of these, I’m
not saying don’t wear them, again I’ll say if this is all you have this is what you can
afford or this is what you really want to wear it is better than nothing and it will
protect your head for certain falls, so, not the best though. Boy, these guys are going nuts behind me,
good entertainment. Here is a helmet that I like and again this
isn’t a sponsored video, I’m not advocating this one particular company, I’m advocating
a style because I actually have two here and one of them is mine, this one is not mine
but this is the one we put our kids in and here’s the difference. That back of the helmet comes down really
far, you can’t see that strap inside anymore, actually there isn’t one, but there’s a big
piece of padding, if there was a strap like that, you can see here, that it wouldn’t be
visible. Let’s go a little lower, like that, you wouldn’t
see it because the back of the helmet comes down far enough to protect the base of the
head and the top of your spine and your neck from hitting back here where you’re likely
to hit. When you fall backwards, so, I advocate a
helmet that sort of fits and covers this amount. It has great air holes in it because you’re
always getting hot riding, yeah, sweat a lot in helmets, that’s probably the top reason
why people don’t wear helmets. I understand that there’s time I don’t wear
a helmet, I’m not saying I wear a helmet all the time and again this isn’t about absolutely
wearing a helmet, so take that for what it’s worth. Here’s mine, same deal, it is sort of an in
between definitely get a little more protection than what I get, I really like this helmet
myself, this sits a little bit lower than what those do but it does come down in the
back a little bit and is light, a very light helmet, so you know I’m not saying you have
to do something there’s an absolute one way to do things, there isn’t, but there are better
ways to do things, bicycle helmets are not for horses, they are not accepted here at
all. Any kids that I teach here, they don’t wear
bicycle helmets they wear equestrian helmets and they’re usually pretty good. So that’s my take on the design of helmets. You know, try to find one that’s light, air
holes in the top, this one is the best, as far as I’m concerned from the helmets I’ve
seen on the market, maybe it’s a plug for Tipperary, I don’t know. You guys did a good job, good design, it’s
light, it’s very well padded, they provide extra padding, see you can see on the back
there’s that extra padding you can take that out and put in thinner padding if your head
gets a little larger, not much though, these things should fit kind of snug, so although
I don’t know about that, oh well. Great design, really quite light and good
and airy. On to the subject of if you should wear a
helmet or not. I think so, and the reason I think this is
because anything can happen on a horse. You can fall off off of balance, you could
be going up a hill, down a hill, you could be on a trail you could any reason for poor
balance that you could fall off, then of course you are riding a horse which is a live sentient
creature that has feelings and thoughts and fears and all that stuff that can spook them
and if they do get scared they can move very very fast. Look at these guys in the background and it’s
one of the reasons I have them back here and you can sort of see them over my shoulder
if I get out of the way a bit, but they’re very very quick, very fast and they can turn
so quickly that even the best horseman can easily be thrown way off balance, but the
best horseman would see it coming. That’s the difference. Kids a little bit harder, many adults, still
hard, it really requires a lot of hours and there are a lot of people who don’t wear helmets,
that’s fine I don’t have anything against them, they don’t want to wear a helmet, that’s
cool, I don’t have anything against people that do wear helmets, I think it’s a great
idea. I wear a helmet, I am horse back riding and
I think maybe I’m not going to catch everything, then for sure I’ll put on a helmet, I put
a helmet on around the kids, be a good example and then sometimes I think that I’m going
to have nothing to do anyways and I’m just doing some little stuff then I won’t bother,
but that’s just me, I’m not saying you should do that, so I’m just giving an opinion on
this whole deal here. Anyways, so if you are thinking about wearing
a helmet, definitely get something that covers the back of your neck, if you are thinking
about wearing a helmet and why to wear a helmet, you’re doing it because it gives you an extra
layer of protection but this isn’t a way to protect yourself from doing silly things and
that’s one of the reasons some people advocate against helmets because if you’re not wearing
a helmet then you’ll be more careful and you’ll be more wary but if you are wearing a helmet
then you might be more brave, courageous or risky and in such a case you will get hurt,
helmets will not protect you from everything, there was an article recently about a girl
who had a helmet on and she still had to have brain surgery or head surgery, they thought
she was going to have brain damage but she’s going to make a recovery but she was wearing
a helmet but it’s not going to save you from everything and that is so important, whenever
I talk to the kids here it’s safety is everything, your helmet is not going to protect you from
everything but it can protect your head so I never advocate against helmets ever, even
if the only thing you have is one of these crappy things, put it on, but I don’t advocate
that don’t wear bike helmets, but the bottom line is if you’re going to ride horses it
is a better idea but don’t get over confident about your riding, how you can ride, where
you can go, it isn’t going to protect you for everything but there is that extra layer
of protection which is really good so, take that for what it’s worth, again this isn’t
sponsored, I don’t say you should do this, it’s just my input on it, take it for whatever
it’s worth, hopefully you enjoyed that, it’s a bit long, sorry about that but again I think
it’s just good advice so I thought I’d give it, so thanks for watching and I’ll see you
again soon.

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  1. Great video as always I love watching your horses play. Myself have never wore a helmet, I'm fairly new to the horse world, my horse did spook awhile back he jumped up and spined thank God I stayed on, but I don't get on just any horse cause if mine ever bucks with me that probably will be my last time on a horse, I'm to old to be falling off .

  2. Well done. Gorgeous outdoor arena, by the way. Western riders typically don't wear helmets, and I think it's a style thing more than anything else. After all, the gold medal winner in Olympic Dressage wears a helmet. You think she hasn't taught her horse "respect"? You think she can't control her horse? There are no bomb proof horses. They don't exist, and you never know what can happen. Bizarre things happen on horseback, but so many western riders just merrily wear their cowboy hats. Some people probably think that those who wear helmets are somehow less skilled. Well, I'll refer you back to the helmet-wearing olympic dressage gold medalist, who is inarguably one of the best horse "persons" on the planet, certainly in her chosen discipline. I agree with the presenter that you should act as if you are not wearing a helmet. You don't want to test the helmet's effectiveness…that's for sure. Overconfidence is bad. Confidence is good.

  3. Hello, I took my autistic son to a Riding with the Disabled session for the first time yesterday. The helmet was the issue. He wouldn't put it on and no helmet means no going near a horse. A pity as he loves horses. So I decided to look for a video stating WHY he needs a helmet. This is the best video by far but it is too long to engage him, even though you include why not to use the bike helmets. Would you be able to do a shorter video and even demonstrating putting it on, and not getting on your horse until it is on securely? Just a thought. You have a lovely manner and are a good male role model. And having your horses in the background is fabulous.

  4. Great video man I started riding ranch Broncs in rodeos recently and I have decided that I want to wear a helmet when I ride. But I didn't want a hockey helmet like they use for Bulls because It would inhibit me too much so I started looking at equestrian helmets and came across this video. I ended up not buying a equestrian helmet but this video gave me something to look for in a helmet.

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