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Web Training Surcingle Review

August 12, 2019

Hi, I’m Mollie, I work in Creative, and today,
I’ll be reviewing the Web Training Surcingle. I bought this training surcingle because this
is perfect for the Pessoa Lungeing System. This surcingle has a bunch of different size
rings on it, so you can use it with a multitude of different training options, so whether
it’s side reins or long lines, this is a great tool to have. This surcingle has a bunch of different materials
on it. There’s really nice suede on it, both on the outside and then on the inside there
are wither relief pads that are covered with suede. And then the billets are also made
with a nice quality leather. This surcingle comes in two different sizes
– either full or pony – and it’s really great, because it has both sides adjustable on it.
It works just like a girth, so it can go up on both sides. I’m Mollie, and if you’re looking for a great
surcingle that works with both the Pessoa Lungeing System and any other training option,
the Web Training Surcingle is a great option for you.

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  1. That was the most useless information I have ever seen… that didn't tell me how to put it on the animal at all. Like "look at all these features BUT I'm not going to tell you how to actually use the damn thing."

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