Weekend 5.30.15 | Playing with horses | Catio Progress
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Weekend 5.30.15 | Playing with horses | Catio Progress

August 25, 2019

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekend
update. This weekend we worked more on the catio. We started by marking where those poles are
going to go. We tried to space them out as evenly as possible and keep them as square
as we could. Then we used our auger attachment on the tractor
to drill all those holes. Thank goodness for this auger because, I tell
you what, that Georgia clay does not joke. It’s some serious stuff, man. At the front of our house we have about half
clay/half soil, which I believe they refer to as loamy condition. So it’s not as terrible as other places in
the property that are more clay-based, but regardless, it’s hard to do a post-hole digger
in that. I guess the benefit of that is that you can
just tamp it and the posts will stay. So what are you doing there?
Tapping. Tapping the dirt?
Tamping. That’s exciting. So one by one, we just put the logs in. And these are the logs if you remember, that
we charcoaled the bottoms of. And we just put those suckers into the ground
and tamped them on in. Charley does a better job of making sure that
these poles are square to the ground. So I hold the posts while he tells me where
to put it. And poor thing got a rthym going with this
tamp and then accidently hit himself. He didn’t break any skin or nothing like that.
It just hurt at the time. You know, when you mash your thumb or something,
you don’t actually injure yourself, it just hurts. So we just kept drilling and putting the posts
in the ground and one by one, all the posts were up. Then we went over to a friend’s house. And of course I had to take a little bit of
a snipping of her rose bush, but I got permission, don’t you worry. And it was super duper exciting to go over
there because she has horses. So very cool! So we got to have some fun hanging out with
her and her horses. Do you know that?? I just love me some horses!
They’re like my favorite thing ever. Hi! You just want more carrots, don’t you?? Oh my goodness, just love me a good horse. Hi, oh, what’s with the long face? Hiii 🙂 How are you doing? He’s filming me, I feel like he’s going to
explorit me on the youtubes. He turned his butt on me. I can’t break these apart. My hands aren’t very strong, but I don’t got
nothing, I promise. What do you suggest that I do?
No, you’re doing just fine. You’re such a butt. Oh, you’ve got a little bit of an attitude. Forget this. We might be able to be friends.
Uh? We might could be friends now.
We could be friends, yeah, I’m rethinking this.
We could be friends. Here you go. There you go, these pretty boys. We can
be friends. That’s all I have. That’s it. She’s lying to us. Did you see that whole
bag in there? She’s got apples and carrots. We want to lick the residue.

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  1. You only get one coconut Charley.  Don't be banging into it with a tamping bar.  That horse told you to talk to the tail Sarah.  Carrots now or I walk!

  2. Is this the start of a new series… the Hole-y horse whisperer! ;>) Thanks for sharing   Larry

  3. Talk about " horsing" around. lol. I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep it coming. I'll watch as many as you upload.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. The country is a beautiful place. Horses make it even better. Looks like yall had a nice weekend.

  5. Clay is awful.  The summer we built we had a ton of rain and literally had to pump the water out of the hole for the foundation for a month and a half of evenings before we could even get the foundation poured.

  6. Can't blame the horse for having an attitude. He probably thought you were teasing him. (Horse) I'm not a bird .. Why is she chewing the carrot for me! Lol

  7. Ouch, thought Charley maybe had knocked himself in the mouth, gotta watch those teeth so you can uhem crunch carrots apart for horses.  🙂

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