Welcome Skul!「Ultimate Chicken Horse ??」
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Welcome Skul!「Ultimate Chicken Horse ??」

August 22, 2019

bloosh I agree hey everybody welcome to the stream but my name is Phil bow and I’m joined here by people who are not fail boat starting yeah yes starting with j mo g j mo g is not fill boat but he could be if you try whoa is that a shot or is that like a watch after the threat how much meat you affect PAX East here we also gave GG Gabrielle gaming and we have for the first time playing this video game skull shirt the cold TCG yeah where do I go oh yeah skull oh yeah skull shirts go let’s hear it one more time for a skull shirt to go all right I’m gonna play the stream opening here we go well good morning it out a good afternoon viewers depending on your time zone BAM I’ve said it now now I’ve could contractually obligated to say that if at the beginning of every stream um click play online yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna host the game for all you guys I guess I can only do with a private code so we’re just gonna go with that oh I’m gonna I guess turn off my screen for the people at home and then hit host game and I’ll send you guys a code yeah it should work that works have you guys been having this thing we’re like when you go to do a live stream it starts it as like an unlisted thing and you have to like make it public again no I haven’t streamed on YouTube in a while but when I started using the like live thing what’s the name of it again live – oh there’s live Evans and live just straight life is that it yes I’ve stream yeah when I start using just straight live in parenthesis I stop doing it so I code the code is in the discord there oh there you go so apparently like like on the in-game like menu I can actually still press the like copy button next to the loot room code but like like I press it says like the code has been copied to your clipboard but I’m the switch so I don’t really know how that works but uh alright skull that’s what we’re gonna do uh I’m not sure if you ever even have any knowledge of what this game is at all but uh this is ultimate chicken horse this is a pretty much mario maker online printing mario maker make something like mario party okay but okay so let’s go you guys so you got a raccoon so we’re gonna go to him first all i mean get my get food get the right gear on what do I do if I don’t the right gear oh oh alright let’s do something real fast here so skull use a button genome you already got that um you can use right trigger to sprint and those are the only two controls in the game you can also wall drive tonight Wow yep super simple platforming alright let’s do let’s do like a basic level like dance party volcano oh god I’ll take a one in four chance for why oh my god yeah that’s how the voting works so pretty much how this is gonna work is we’re gonna have a box that we can pick parts from all you got to do it wait hon where’s my software was closed because of an error alright so J is immediately uh facing a hazard of the game okay being disconnects so far so good I have yarn so pretty much what we want to do is is its build a level and ideally have yourself be the only one who’s actually able to complete it um okay so you can just place that any and where your heart desires that is just a simple block that people can stand on there’s no special treat for that one oh my god so it is unnatural he’s a natural there you should see my IQ score BAM and then you get points at the end for things and everything has like different different things pretty much most things are straight forward and the levels get really chaotic once like everyone starts to place all the chaotic blocks what is this that I just picked out it sort of slowly moves around okay oh that that yellow stuff on it is like glue so if you try and jump right now you won’t you won’t go anywhere but you can also put like moving parts on it so it’s pretty nice yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna back out after you after you get to the end here and we’ll yeah we’ll get J oh you guys didn’t forget about me no no all right let’s back out to the to the treehouse Wow all right J same code hopping you see game number that’s okay oh maybe maybe it’s a it’s loading okay which never really no guiding what did I find oh this is uh you actually make custom levels for this game and this is like an area you couldn’t you can just like pull up all the all the weird ones like this is let’s see let’s see show let’s show it for you guys like there’s like a donkey kong level now in the bottom right or the bottom bottom area over there Cho how’s it going J you can actually come here and dress up your record oh he needs to use the cheat codes I think first oh I’m happy I’m happy about my records just being naked vanilla racket well okay then it’s the first time I’ve heard that hopefully the law alright should we make it movie lobby for J I’m gonna have to close my came out and try again Oh see it’s not letting me get in for some reason my worst time well maybe I’m being replaced maybe the guy tell me something [Music] fooled me I thought it was in chat that made me sad I miss him he hasn’t been on the channel here in a while attempt number three ever since he abandoned discord do love iane discord like you saw my most recent video needs like oh i should check this one more often now be a part of that hey there llamo tea laughter de mogi join Jane would you let this grows here yeah we had a lot of good memories on here like probably more bad memories good memories but yeah it’s objective what a good memory is like that one time that we feel being a goal with potted plants time you know what the software was closed because an error occurred yeah me too alright so we are going to back out I’m gonna return the main menu let’s try this one more time with a switch lobby then I’m gonna go to the PC and hopefully cross play wolf will work out as well as I’m hoping that might alright REE hosting the game my okay I am on land good good okay give us the new password cone people it might be the same your let me let me like turn off my let me turn off my vision here is it the same yes it is it is the exact same oh okay okay there we go let’s let’s hope that that works every time I type in the code there’s a little face oh it’s almost like an OL face well now everyone knows what it is they know what it isn’t yeah we gotta play with it a little bit all right Chet if you guys want to hop in this Lobby it’s a it’s something that looks like a face in text followed by an R go find it this we’re gonna see like 15 people pop in the room we have enough connection areas as it is also a skull as you’ll find maybe if we can actually get into some games the other people fingers who for you you shouldn’t like cuz like your platforming is client-side all right software is closed because of an error load this up from the PC we’re DC again damn I don’t care I still love chill Altima nice ed Schulte med Hickey horse awesome a chicken horse there we go okay reloading altar chicken horse the PC version crashes way less and by that I mean I haven’t ever seen it crash alright that is way less to be honest yeah to be fair though you never know at this point alright can you still stream it off your PC okay huh you know what never mind never mind you got it okay alright so we’re gonna make this should be the same code now Wow the delay on on your stream is only like five seconds that’s amazing let’s see if I make this Oh invite only invite only okay that’s how I do it so I’m gonna host the game and then we’re gonna go into the lobby all right the code is very different this time oh yeah it’s not a face this time I could be wrong with that let me just like double check nope that’s wrong as in correct code okay oh I was so close one extra line there we go okay no idea leave you guys should just be able to join loading loading loading I just quickly switch on over to recording this as a thing on my computer now and hope the audio is still perfectly balanced alright woah so those cursors all the way in the bottom that is my cursor [Laughter] that’s my actual mouse cursor it’s huge wait is it is it my second code that you posted okay failed ones I’ve I can’t afford ones on my control very very much okay that’s that’s why I can’t join cuz the room is full there we go taking my job now I’m just taking new job alright alright hopefully do mine Merton yes let me know your fear for you to choose your own level fighting so what the guys don’t have to all be fine you know what fine oMG is that fail boat scree don’t leave me alone which hey we’re all here there’s a clock that’s all yeah so many options gay okay this is an interesting level Oh should I don’t you are you going for their skull yeah these things don’t move they’re just metal beams should I help you or should I hurt that’s completely up to your I have trust on your team what this this time thing here so when you pick that up it I should’ve I’m kind of upset by that I mean does like nothing it looks lows down time but it doesn’t really matter it’s pretty boring I know my what she did something else but uh yeah this button brings down an elevator but you can also just do this that elevator will kill anybody who goes in it nothing I want to talk about it that’s the clock does okay no problem it’s a weird item because it slows down everybody else when it slows down you too I really wish it was something like Oh what why was my name anonymous I don’t know I’m just a crit probably what because you’re a surprise guest I didn’t tell anyone before the stream how do you rotate out Anonymous’s first time playing more like give me a second change the stream title there you go now it’s been updated appropriately punch all right so uh school got a meeting y’all me yes that’s a swinging pendulum skull were made of titanium it’s probably gonna kill you no yes you stepped on the button arm okay okay outside well I’m gonna do if gab does it and I don’t I’ll be mad woo game you’re playing with fire here I gotta find a way man no I think I think it’s doable it might be no I think I know I got it I get it this is not that bad yeah block by the little goodies you got to go by the punching bag and this way oh no all right you really tricks there all right post-mortem jiggling I’m still anonymous fan your skull yeah I invited skull shirt to go here who are you maybe it’s cuz you don’t know yourself maybe there’s a philosophical meaning but there’s literally no way for us to do this I think yeah never mind no I think you okay oh wait okay I’m okay no that’s so lame come on oh my god that’s why I got my head down buddy no winners no points watch this oh the bomb dude I was playing this online with some other people and they were lame they were like blocking us and spawn like after they got a lead no this is possible this is this is possible it is but it’s pretty hard and whoever put that right there you’re a monster no I don’t think this is that bad well who wants to go first all right that is not okay no last chance yes right I’m bad okay oh hold on escalating brain no error 404 escalating leave or the oh boy you guys hear me right now yes okay wait what’s my hockey for now can you guys hear me yes yeah don’t have a hawk you oh there goes hey the guys with the support from Noel for the $1 and your boy will doe for the $2 skull welcome to your first hide-and-seek oh wait there we go I forgot I need to do that there you go I don’t know where to put this atom bomb did he just mean everyone I know I just mean for myself so I can read off the donation thanks okay okay I forgot my sake it was bad like workaround for okay sucks this game absolutely sucks this party sucks no no the stupid GG bomb just go along yes me first me first also here’s another rule of the game gavel ways wins gab did clearly I’m gonna shoot something move this for now we’ll place it back later yeah what you doing I don’t know I’m making another bat for people he’s right I don’t like gab I don’t like that arrow wait whatever yeah I’ve removed it for now sweet revenge I’m gonna get so many headshots with this probably including myself to jump like to see buddy can you promise not to not to interfere while I try and make this yeah go ahead go ahead okay he actually can’t interfere he’s like there’s no player player collision oh and I but I’m moving my distracting kiev cake your game please get it go going for the long-term plans you won’t move while I play right oh by the way that glass will kill you yeah I figure oh the crystal you mean yeah yeah that I like broken glass directly above you yeah that’s a crystal yep that don’t touch that you you pretty much doing what okay you got it you have to jump on the gear without jumping on the glue no the best trick is actually to step of the gear and go on the left wall that’s what I did oh yeah I saw from my own trip don’t step on those spikes Yoji run skull Chet I believe in you skull skull let’s go let’s go let’s go the game doesn’t look at me you’ll go it over god oh oh actually block the wall why didn’t you move up two pixels to the right so one day people one day Phil anonymous you know this is the most like scary I’ve ever seen my chat people are just chanting skull it like any other context this would give you kind of brought it upon yourself no I didn’t like it’s AM L looking at all my church is yelling at skulls it’s just I don’t know in like any other context but a a online livestream I think this would be frowned upon by society all right yeah it’s over there like slowly building loss oh we can’t reach that gear otherwise that definitely be the way up maybe you can’t reach that gear but pebble oh my god I got a little lucky little moon tells me safe hey there’s a house over here no gap to the right route oh I know he went the right way I’m going left way dude the left waist so much – I got lucky with you oh my god he got the lucky blue joke was doing it you have to jump off the glue yeah it’s easy oh my god why are all the new people gross and I’m still bad alright well I mean getting on to it is easy jumping off of it and going left is hard you know what I believe will be to give up oh you’re the moonwalk alright yeah yeah by swear these are the boards let’s go I am yeah y’all one trap point Hey the crossbow kills with no remorse so you can’t get through I haven’t gotten through once yeah not going to at all it’s a very competitive dance you two men big same go through the rabbits waiting for the door respect doors I’m not trusting that you could do that gab you could probably pull that off yep wise cab the best that was good even with the keyboard he’s like I don’t need the controller today every single time we’ve played a game with Gabe he’s won since we started playing we’ve done like three streams with him already and he’s always won how do you do that I never expected him to be this good to the farm Furyk for a nice level to my cat is dying right now oh yeah are you also screaming wait gab are you also streaming from him he’s drunk on his hot streaks of whimsy oh hey score you got a lot of options here sorry splat Fest begins in three hours and our system yep yeah no see like I didn’t expect the stream three games back to back today but here I am doing ultimate chicken horse into a Pokemon thing with Ed’s into the splatfest directly after interesting B sometimes if someone loses I’d be surprised nobody wins yeah someone someone got their first open doesn’t even count – easy – easy oh yes everyone’s favorite obstacle here we go oh boy um wish we put this OH pendulum wait I can’t place this anywhere oh it’s glue so you have to place it on something oh my god okay yeah yeah so you can mess up someone’s jumper also like put something on there for later oh that was a brilliant move on my favorite there’s very good jumping oh oh my god yeah good did you give the right chief coats him the right cheek oh did you give him something that we all don’t have dude I love though just seeing like the the way that he doesn’t be like oh I can do that you’re gonna completely close it off yeah that wouldn’t work don’t close it off don’t lame it all right no no no don’t do any of those that is I this is that that’s fair that’s fair yes she’s fair it’s gold don’t okay good good this is this is doable what go through those hold on I’d like under you have to like see the matrix okay you just hold run you just hold run I know I know I know perfect I know doesn’t work no you have to sprint button yeah it’s all good it’s someone in Jeff everyone stop reading this comment and then they said the word hi I understand chat logic sometimes oh no you have to wait for the arrows ooh that’s gonna be tough yeah what in the it’s possible what what you oh no God no I’m not dying today there’s no time this guy’s oh my god the arrows of someone has to die first school wait before you pick that team with me all the teleporters okay that one yeah I’ll pick this one we can win this those are teleporters yeah place that there huh put it somewhere not easy oh that’s too easy but okay you can just go back to the left and you got it oh never mind no you won you I mean you did it but oh my god I haven’t gotten a single point since we started all right guys this is the one where I win I’m gonna win now not really all right Jay okay buddy with my money you want dress yo I got a long tail and I don’t know how to use it so don’t mess with me it’s on now come on step up Oh none of us got picked oh yes oh we were just there but we’ll go again alright I I didn’t know that he wants to run back watch this game go exactly the same as the exact same box it box what she just box okay I have box and that’s it alright you can’t say that word viens copyrighted that oh I’m sorry come on man don’t just train copies no I’ll find a way to lose don’t worry there’s one area on this map you can die on and it’s directly below us yeah make sure all of us went every time so Gigi can’t win that’s our goal right now yeah whatever holder should be interesting [Music] why can’t I win when not everyone went I’m never gonna win Gigi it has to be doing a walkthrough all sheet or something there’s no way he gets there that fast everytime he is the Prima strategy guide for every possible layout in this game you get mute the Chico that you gave us gave gab note clipping that’s kind of that’s kind of unfair yeah all right this gets substantially tougher fast is it okay how did that even happen wall jump up the right it’s actually incredibly easy now I see it that’s how I did it last sprint jump sprint jump yeah yeah keep going look at you everybody wins by the way your wall jumps are a lot tighter if you don’t hold sprint while doing them oh go for it make the noise J oh oh oh this is gonna be a tough one now sorry so this flowers walking through walls you have to be it’s all on stream buddy the weight okay oh hey look at good maybe I’ll get a point for once just one point dude that’s all the guy asked for oh you’re alive oh okay why are we the flowers I forgot you something you can probably guess what it does by the giant fist can I just like I reckon I’m moving this is gonna be the one where I get a point watch but everyone’s gonna win I believe yourself you do it you can do it my luck everybody wins and I don’t get the point read the needle it’s told you I win well jay-z if GG wouldn’t be an idiot Gigi would just go away just kick it off with the last mom on his chicken and just blow them up how do you get there that fast every time every time I go to Lake boom booth the door why here’s a door of death I’m sick awaiting you’re doing what what there’s no way oh my god yeah are you serious failed you and me I have not gotten a single point and I’m not going to in a three-games we did I did yes one trap point I remember Hey I feel achieved they’re trying to go that way now Jeezy if I play this this now you’ll never win this is just gonna mess it oh I’m gonna do something really really crazy black holes have gravity in this game and here’s a good way to show that oh my god okay this level just got different fast it’s taking your fur off this watch this be the one that I win nope oh my god yeah I did oh my god I’m never gonna win dude I can’t win game is rigged against me that’s just impossible now stop every wanted the process I think I see a way I do but it’s something else nevermind there it goes alright so much for my way of getting out no oh my god I’m so mad I’m actually so mad I just full opt out of fear of the flower get in there we can make that gap it’s easy dude oh my god the arrows are hitting the boxing glove they’re hitting the fire the fire hydrant is on on a cycle they’re hitting the fire hydrant no the arrows are actually hitting the fire wait chase got the coin she’s got the coin she’s gonna go into it you can do it you have to jump off the hydrant no you have to wall jump off the hydrant oh they’re literally activating the punch let’s go I’m waiting it’s called your Dion you wanna like Jay how do you keep getting so close I don’t there’s no way in there I’m sorry there isn’t usually jump up heroes oh my god it’s so like straight you have to judge the first runner yeah just run just run man you could do that pretty easy actually about the COS if you can go through the plan oh god always taking the down rally oh my god hello okay finally in underdog guys could we just keep that open just something at least we have a chance you mean this this what are you doing closing right now no I won’t do that I won’t do that instead I’ll do this hey Phil okay geez a think that’s doable still GG like friends that I’m so good at this game yeah okay so that is those are spikes that yeah pretty much you know just rotate see if the time it they don’t hit you from the side by the way so you’re actually glad against them but on you know while it’s facing downwards they yell oh my god into the black hole you go yeah what if I make a total complete comeback right now with three turns convenient I’m gonna blow up this black hole oh did it yes it totally did haha oh my god yeah trap yourself there’s no way up from this angle not a lot you can do actually there is I could see a way to go dude you’d have to be really guess yeah I know that’s not what I’m saying yeah I’m just gonna restart honestly not a bad idea oh no what oh I see skull let’s go you have to jump over this on the arrow base wait for it oh I see oh did I say yet he’s gonna work out yeah push it to the limit X gon give it to you he’s gonna get some man whoa whoa some mad quads boy you’d never skip laid a never skip leg day oh why you never skip leg day oh god no I think you’ve ran out I think you did a short hop I know that you went the full distance hey bail boat all right what dad like hold on I hear you okay yes finally what if I do this I’m gonna want to see what happens to the arrows this place down go somewhere higher door my arrows oh my god oh they’re being blocked but they would go up there’s literally nothing we can do I think I’m gonna do it okay maybe not that no no no I might be this might be my chance this might be my chance that black hold the end oh yeah the black hole wasn’t lethal enough there needs to be arrows in it too now is my chance now Michael my friends have been consumed by gravitational underdog with the coin you’re gonna get yeah oh my god oh I could just do this if that moment when you lose control can do it ladies and gentlemen you gotta believe in to Jake if you guys want J to win say the letter J in chat if you guys don’t want to win [Laughter] no one left one more last turn this is it people Oh finally mass destruction it’s gonna plop this right in here oh my god okay yes yes everything is gone everything is gone so is the black hole yes no yes what is that where is it coming from where is this power coming from what is this okay this is the power friendship socks oh you sneaky wig you fail I thought they were support older yeah I know I wish dude last turn I hit a portal the entire game GG what kill Jimmy coin know about that man where is he that’s a bold claim he got it that one beat GG do it these aren’t like these are like high quality levels maybe I should just purposely not get any points and just embrace the fact that the game hates me maybe I need to just accept my I need to be more complacent with my disposition against squirrels now crumbling bridge sucks do do I want to go to waterfall which it won’t do sometimes it does that’s the worst part sometimes and those times are when it’s fail boat what Wow those times are when it is the elbow okay well all right all right so how this map works it breaks as you walk over it that’s simple okay you got let’s go not gonna lie that block on this map it doesn’t matter it for a while Fisher to start off J this J you’re finally gonna get your points hey my points don’t you dare these are all my breaking the bridge oh well I’m just I’m fine doorbell okay okay no you literally can just get free points and get a pin on the board no that’s not enough I need to be good you want to just fall for me please thank you the bubble pillar so I’ll go down curfew three why am i game just freeze oh yeah okay no the game whoa don’t yeah yeah I got a point and I got a trap I guess hay bales hey buddy not you oh they say hey fail I’m like this is a weird time you know it’s I’m better than the present better pep-pep but up all dude I’m just gonna take the easy way over mange remember I convinced you that those kill you remember what I didn’t listen to that part I don’t know you loose for a while it’s cold we’re playing with fire here now you’re playing with bricks actually I don’t know if maybe didn’t know that there we go they start is you deemed a broken hey you know okay well I got points after all J wins VG needs to stop being first okay basically feel on hold on and what’s the work that’s so satisfying it is what are we going che wins James gonna win is what we’re gonna do and I lost job Oh what is the devs reaction time there’s no way just try I know there is a way with the fan you gotta jump to the fan and get up on the right bum that’s something I can’t let okay dude I see how it is can’t have that can we gap make a good decision he’s thinking about it it’s one of the most technical heavy blocks in the game he’s got to take my gun good decision that’s a bad decision don’t do that make a good decision Gavin make a good decision that’s a bad decision yeah that’s a stats okay you know what sure this is pretty easy I think I mean oh never mind I refused to get no I’m alive I’m alive Jay stop j-just don’t move there’s no way oh my god this way jay-j you’re not thinking with a big brain what if I ever there is a way yeah there is I almost had it too can you jump all hovering on the air jab just ruin the way and the ways no J the way to have done it would have been to walk into the block on the right and tunnel your way to the flag is that possible yeah they’re all breakable blocks you could have done it the store you don’t just destroy the foundations of man itself there yeah sure same I love doing that it’s my favorite springboard Boing wait why is second finger wood there cuz I won’t just destroy this handle yeah that’d be great I must try to hate that would be a super nice sweet ride of cruising I’m so mad gab you’re making a lot of problems for me not even once [Laughter] okay let’s see if Phil boots theory is correct oh my god he’s done Wow do you win Wow next level plays right there yes J wins the game I feel bad you to thousands you know dancer shove it whoa whoa it hasn’t even snowed yet dude all right no need to shovel anything someone get rid of that hay bale least annoying it in the way same I mean at least you’re honest yeah you nerd ‘s have fun I’m gonna go this way I’m so bad I’m so me to skull this is your time okay here I go this is straight there’s a straight path oh I don’t know we just really want it okay I think everything is broken you have to jump immediately when you hear that he’s gonna die yeah he’s gonna freak him die he’s gonna die oh oh oh my god I’m not letting you take this no nobody no no the whole coins really so much money well there’s no way to get in there now there’s what whoever wins just really gets the reasons you’re a monster no put them all at the end put off the boils to the victor go the spoils Lord commits whoever wins gets it all through the victor but you gotta be first Oh Mike no Gavin get us too much power oh okay that’s not how we I agree with this yeah going down there is a lot easier this game’s panic state is amazing how do you get in there now I got a haircut oh my god this is a video game if I’ve ever seen one yeah I’ve seen a lot of video games and this is definitely one of them I’ve seen at least for videogames tuned to I’ll turn in soon after expansion oh yeah exactly there’s also splatoon – the sequel electric bugaloo but with the sequel to splatoon – just be so gay no very funny no it’s platoon 2 – sequel that’s like the thing after oh well my team’s girls next donation thing is gonna be for a new table anywhere to put it yeah disconnected man good old game crash Wow nice rage quit thank you sorry I know it’s bad sportsmanship but I just got game got the best of me hop in you I forgot the password that oh also yes go oh oh it’s in the chat what is a skull there’s a there’s a way to dance in this game like outside of just like picking a level so are you using a controller or keyboard controller okay uh it should be well you have to get off the level selector it should be your your uh X but Y button no it’s there why bother yes why farthest left on your controller yeah why are using poke sure yeah oh cool of course you guys are using the switch alright sorry let’s do them here well okay no or the mainframe you know I’ll come up and I got the pyramidal select I can’t play this game do know the levels luck is a test no I’m not well but it’s going to volcano yay all right you too buddy now by the way this might be our last one without writing I don’t think we’ll survive more than that yeah do we are twice for 53 minutes oh that’s fun JJ no not bad potentially I don’t think you can do it the first try because they don’t really know if you put yours their skull you should be able to do it Oh everyone would though uh I mean it’s one of those levels we have no obstacles yet yeah also you guys all block my arrows thanks guys no problem okay well we can do this now I almost died oh my god really okay okay sir two gold teeth Oh skull great show of skill there Wow truly you are superior than us I mean I couldn’t compete with that you know me Gavin see I love working with you gab because I only see usually a like a normal happy set of emotions from you but the more I play games with you the more I see more and it’s like the more emotions I just see come out of you it’s something something fun about that hearing like the rage come out and salt and wow you guys are glitching yeah the game is like slightly so like I was saying like you’re you’re on client right everyone else’s server side fine I don’t know don’t think it’s possible yeah I ever say never say never yeah yeah you’re pretty much just playing a single-player game but you can just see what they’re doing how about this all right then sure place it in the volcano you can’t get in here yeah unusual I’m sure somebody will Commission it draw me dancing for tonight dancing specifically on Jays body dancing on my core we pose that to art sailboat in my discord somebody pick up the teleporter huh okay there’s only one to the fourth right now and then the port for some reason I feel you got there yeah yeah that’s nice to put that that’s not okay it’s not a good place it’s a great place Baby Gap now well put my controller down that’s why they call you fail boat but out that okay how how where’s your rubber-chicken fan Oh No donkeys gonna get the frickin slide whistle no I’m still waiting on the slide whistle from Amazon okay most most streamers have sound boards bell boat has a collection of fun things to make Batman arsenal here an arsenal of annoying sound that’s like watching that’s like that’s like watching it’s the dude it happens to everything the panic into the panic mode in this game is so bad you could be me okay think about that I was hoping I don’t know I can make someone feel better okay how huh no reason nothing just good that I was looking at the wrong character everyone went at once I thought I was TV nope nope Oh No so close Oh fail boat I played with fire literally yeah yeah lava molten rock and a lot of her ah I know me too guess up working make me nervous mm-hmm fail but we can work together on this what are we doing don’t worry about it something something’s going down looks like it’s red to me it is oh it’s it’s just a reflection oh it’s definitely a little stranger than expect oh my god go you might want to integrate a bit more fibers in your diet you know take a laxative or something no no no I’m just ahead of gab that’s all I care about then you win dude if you can get ahead of gab the game is yours oh yeah okay there we go speaking of bad panic states let me make this so much worse where do people rely on standing right now so I feel completely before I make it to the end once why I don’t wait that’s a trap he became a machine gun whoa um huh Oh we’re good nope Oh guys it’s time well time to change the title again hey cuz you’re good that’s what oh I don’t I don’t even know how we can actually breathe wall bounce from this no I walk the lava bro bro hey everybody thank y’all for watching ah has been all too mean chicken horse I will actually be back in about 30 minutes with x4 the next episode of the Pokemon so link Nuzlocke randomizer heartgold SoulSilver featuring at Sona the longest title for any streaming how many adjectives your go up with the ting tang wing along new Galaga two-ton rerun free-for-all big ball Nuzlocke pokey looks and then directly after that I will be doing the spot fest so yeah and a bunch of other people gonna be streaming that alright let’s play our channels go I think he’s he’s gone alright GG hello everybody I’m Gigi Gabriel gaming I mostly do splatoon videos when my mom allows me so yeah haha JMO JMO giant emoji which is it you can you can do it JMO JMO gee sorry it’s reform Sam okay my name’s Jay moji and I make videos and you can watch them I also stream on Twitch that’s cool under the same name there’s my promo yeah go fall these coolers and skulls channel is skull circle TCG if you do wanted to indeed check them out all right uh yeah well back in 30 minutes let’s play pokemon with an extremely long acronym I gotta figure out a good acronym for that see everybody I do right now I’ll do a raid once I’m done my streams for today see her on everybody

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  1. Key to deciphering Failboat's Videos by their Titles:
    (video game name) but some funny stuff happens = its his first time playing the game
    (video game name) but some funny stuff happens (sequel number) = hes already uploaded any number of videos (the number of previous uploads is equal to the sequel number minus one)
    (video game name) (anything other than 'but some funny stuff happens') = hes already uploaded the video

  2. It was the first time you heard that… You want it to be the last time you hear that…
    it was my second time hearing that :l

  3. you know you can interfere with other players midround actually… the key is to
    destroy all crumbling platforms so nobody else can use them
    activate the punching glove and hope it hits a victim


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