Were We Really Created by God? – Sadhguru
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Were We Really Created by God? – Sadhguru

October 24, 2019

Questioner: So, Sadhguru, what about
when people say that we were created by god? Sadhguru: See, obviously
you did not create yourself, that’s for sure. Our ideas of god may vary from culture to culture, different people around the world have
different ideas about it, different beliefs about it, but why we came to this idea is this – we all crawled out of our mother’s wombs and you see a new born child how he is looking (Gestures) (Few Laugh). He is asking, “who-what-what the hell is all this? So much creation!” Do you see question marks in his eyes? “What-what-what-what? So much! Who do… did all this?” Obviously first he looks at his mother. Well, the mother delivered you
but she can’t deliver the planet. Then you look at your father. Well, obviously he can’t do all this. Then you looked at every other adult around you,
nobody seems to be capable of doing all this. Then being human beings we say,
“There is a big human being sitting up there. He does all this.” I’m sorry ladies, he’s a man (Laughter). Because we are human,
we are thinking a big human is up there. But, it’s a fact that we did not create this, isn’t it? Neither this nor this (Gestures). We did not create this, we meddled with it. We meddled with it, we muddled with it but
we did not create it for sure. So, we need an explanation. This is a choice you have, do you need an
explanation or are you willing to explore? If you explore, you will come to one kind
of situation within yourself. If you come to agreement with some explanation
that somebody gives you, the only choice is either to believe it or disbelieve it. If you believe it, you will become confident. It’ll not bring any clarity. It’ll bring you confidence. If you dele… disbelieve it, you will be confused. If you are joyfully confused, it’s very wonderful, but most people don’t know how
to handle their confusion joyfully. When they get confused,
they make themselves miserable. But the most wonderful thing in human intelligence is
to recognize what you do not know as you do not know. Everything that you do not know you believe. This is serious problem. We’ve done terrible things to each other
simply because I believe this, you believe that, continuing to do it even now, ‘isn’t it?’, across the world. Because I believe one thing
and you believe something else, now if I let you live, my belief will suffer. The best thing is you’re dead (Few laugh). Yes (Laughs). Because you believe something else is the truth
and I believe something else is the truth, now both of us can’t live in one place. We can pretend for some time. When it comes to real issues, we can’t be in one place. Why is it, it’s so difficult? If you really have a working intelligence, you must be able to see what I do not know
as I do not know, isn’t it? Is it not very human and very wonderful to see, what I do not know, I do not know,
what’s the big deal about it? If you see “I do not know” –
“I do not know” is an immense possibility. Only when you see “I do not know,”
the possibility of knowing becomes a reality. If you see “I do not know,” the longing to know, the seeking to know and
the possibility of knowing becomes a living reality. Everything that you do not know you believe. You have to be only among your kind. If you are with another kind of people either
they should not exist or you should not exist. That’s all it’ll lead to. So, this is something that we have to come to because human intelligence is at its best when it does not know. If I just think I know, I will become stupid
because I have my conclusions about everything. If I see I do not know, intelligence is full on, isn’t it? You want to keep your intelligence
in a working mode or a off mode? You’re saving it for another place (Few laugh)? No, I want to know because it looks like that. A lot of people are saving it for elsewhere. No, you need it here. If you need it here, please look at this and see. When you see “I do not know,” you become
very conscious, very aware, very alert. Is it true? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: When you think “I know,” you do
the dumbest and idiotic things, very gross things. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: If you really see “I do not know”
you have fight with nobody. You have no fight with anybody, isn’t it? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: “I know” is always a fight. So, in the yogic culture there is a phenomenon. I’m calling this a phenomenon because today, this evening you
may not understand what I’m saying, but if you invest some time and energy
you will understand. We identify with our ignorance, never with our knowledge because it doesn’t matter how much you know,
if you’ve read the libraries on the planet, still what you know is a miniscule
in this existence, isn’t it? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: But your ignorance is boundless. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, if you are identified with your ignorance,
you will be borderless, boundless human being. If you are identified with your knowledge, you will become a constipated human being (Few laugh). Constipated means it happens little by little (Laughter). This is how life is happening right now. Little by little it is happening. It is not happening in a beautiful way. It is little by little we have to strive to
find one moment of joy somewhere. We have to do so many things to experience
one moment of ecstasy. If you want to just live here drenched with
nameless ecstasies going on in every cell in your body, every moment of your life, then
you must identify with your ignorance. You must come to terms with your ignorance. If you come to terms with your ignorance
and pay enough attention. If you are ignorant you naturally pay attention, isn’t it? If you pay enough attention, you will see
with all this scientific knowledge that we have, we still do not know one atom in its entirety. We know how to use them, we know how to break them, we know how to fuse them, we know how to make them explode, but
we don’t know what the hell it is even today. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, if you pay enough attention
you clearly realize you don’t know a thing. Well, he asked that question – this is all I did. When I was just four, four-and-a-half years of age, I suddenly realized I don’t know a thing. So if somebody gave me a glass of water I’m just looking at the water because
I do not know what is water. Well, I know how to use the water,
but I don’t know what it is. Even today you don’t know what it is. If I find a leaf I’m staring at it for four, five hours. If I sit up in my bed I’m just staring at
the darkness for the entire night. My dear father being a physician,
he started thinking I have a… I’m a… I need psychiatric evaluation (Laughter). So, this boy is simply staring at something all the time. My problem is, I look at this I still don’t know this
so I’m not able to shift my attention to anything else. If I look at this, I’m just looking at this
because I have still not figured this out. So, if you pay enough attention, this universe
opens its doors only to those who pay enough attention. Whichever door has been opened for you in your life has opened because you paid attention
to that dimension of life. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: That’s the only way it works. Now if your attention is such, it is not seeking anything but it’s simply attentive, it pays attention to everything, it does not decide an elephant is more important than an ant, it just pays attention to everything because this is the nature of creation. If you look at an ant – have you paid
enough attention to an ant ever? I spent a lot of time with them (Few laugh). Believe me it’s one of the
finest machines on the planet. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: If you had a car like this you know, you could
do all the California deserts effortlessly (Laughter). It’s such a fine machine. It’s not a simple thing. If you pay enough attention to the ant, you will realize whatever created this ant, it did not pay
any less attention to the ant than it paid to you. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Then who the hell are you to decide,
who should get more attention and less attention. It is just that you have to sharpen your ability
to pay attention not to any particular thing, to simply pay attention. If you pay enough attention – is it true this body,
though you gave food from outside, this body was created from inside? Yes? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, whatever is the source of creation
must be functioning from within you, isn’t it? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Is it? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, when you don’t know what is
the nature of the source of creation, you may use, in English language,
in India we have many words, in this part of the world, you may call it god. It’s just your explanation
for the source of creation, isn’t it? Because you have no explanation for the creation,
you’re saying god made this. We have thousand names for that, all right? But fundamentally, we are trying to explain
the source of creation. Is it true in your experience the source of
this life’s creation is functioning from within you? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: If it’s functioning from within you… If it’s somewhere up there and you missed it, it’s okay. If it’s happening from within you and you missed it,
isn’t it a tragedy? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: If the source of creation is throbbing
within you and you did not notice it, are you not a tragedy? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, my entire life and work is
to just avoid that tragedy for people. Thank you (Applause). Thank you very much (Applause).

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  1. Did your mother really deliver you? or Was it really your mother who made all the plannings like this cell goes to that place and that cell stays here or was she just a means, a carier. How then your mother wasn't able to make you stronger, more handsome and cleverer. Why couldn't she add you two more organs like wings? although mother birds are less clever that human mothers, they were clever enough to add their babies wings. Was it your mother who decided that you are a man not a woman?

  2. So i would like to ask Sadhguru if universe created gravity in our world ? or the universe would give us the air to breath ? just think about it,and actually think about energy and about the soul,we can die in this world only because our energy goes away and the soul to.

  3. O come on just answer….why r u fooling ppl around….seriously he is such a fool he even dont know the ans but just making ppl fool…..and about the ppl who r listening him l believe that they r uneducated coz their knowledge even cant help them

  4. If you compare this man to the average Joe he is very smart. But when you compare him to scientific wizards he becomes exceptionally shortsighted. I enjoy listening to him, but no way possible I am living my life on any one of this theories. To me he's just entertainment.

  5. Read the Quran and you will get all your answers about how we were created. It was revealed thousand of years ago when nobody had an idea about science.

  6. hmm.. our minds are bound and rather limited… they've evolved simply to further the continuation of a persisting pattern of matter. Whether a series of events happen in another realm of existence to make me me and you you… that is the ultimate question… "why am I me now in this time at this place… and why are you you?" There is some reason… we cannot say something happened… but it is clear there is so much more to this universe than our physical understanding through science. Maybe we just occupy this patch of space and time for eternity and it is wrong to think of our past and future being separate… its difficult because like I say, to ask these questions is trying to take a piece of physical hardware (our brains) and use them to look at a situation in a way in which they were never designed to do (even when I say eternity it is incorrect because I am looking at time in the traditional way). But that's why we have maths… its a tool to allow that in certain areas and it does it….. but this, we cannot answer "what is consciousness?" – surely it cannot be a one off accident… it is clearly a property of the universe. And the question "why am I here?" is difficult, because the mind tries to see the dimension of time in a way in which the future and past are separate from each other and the present, because of the way we perceive that dimension.

  7. If all humans in this earth started Yogic meditation of trying to look within, who would sustain their bodies with food and protect from violent acts of nature and diseases? I.e who takes care of the house?
    I agree with Sathguru on the intellectual side, wonder if he can offer solutions to exist on the physical side. For example, If Dinosaurs engaged in intellectual self inquiry, would they have somehow survived?

  8. Namaste 🙏 Sadhguru ,life is beautiful,I just ❤️ how you explain,Awesome thank you so much for telling us all excellent lectures god bless and peace to all of us

  9. This is dumb. We muslims know. You don’t have to prove to anyone you don’t know, but you chose not to know. You deny all the prophets because you figured “you don’t know”. You chose not to know. Major major disgrace of a life guaranteeing you don’t know, when you could and should know. 👎👎👎

  10. as a human being we created language and we tried to define these abstract concept and then we start arguing about these to find the truth

  11. People ask this question without before had answered : what is god ?..And they use the word god as if it is someone's name. As if they already knew the answers.

    Did god create nothing ? I don't know. But who said god is a creator ? Is love a creator ? Is peace a creator ? Is nothing a creator ? I don't know. But i don't believe in nothing. Is everything a creator ?
    Is god the result ? Is everything the source ?
    Do this questions make a conflict ? Or do the answers ?

  12. Eye opening speech and you won't find this kind truth revealed in any scripture… Sadhguru Revealed the secret of our existence…Long live sadhguru…

  13. It is a misunderstanding of the Scriptures/The Bible to say there is a big man sitting up there some where.
    The Scriptures actually said "God/The Creator/The omnipotent/The Omniscient/The Omniscient is a (spirit).
    This is similar to how people speaks of the apple in the garden when it never said what kind of a fruit it was.

  14. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    I am really built up with open minded. Thanks very much great teacher.
    We are happy to have such a teacher on this earth.

  15. The police officer pulled me over and asked why was I speeding, I said I dont know. He said here's your ticket, maybe this will help your memory

  16. I like his open mindedness, and never answered but a very scientific way of looking at it, the source of creation is Love. within you and all around you is my opinion. I think his answer is actually plain to see now, he believes in the source of creation, I wouldn't say god either cause we don't know what he's called, with all these religions, it's what u choose to believe, what it is, or just don't know, and I like what he said about not knowing, cause we don't know a lot besides theories that could be all wrong, science is always changing

  17. Please Sadhguru
    Please tell the truth
    It was people coming from the stars (Aliens) which created human being within a Cosmic Plan originating from the Cosmic Consciousness (God)
    They are our Cosmic Brothers
    Please don't be scarred of the tabu imposed by some rotten politician and systems of power
    Just tell the truth
    God bless you
    Martin Flores de Redhae

  18. What he said is that we need to look inside ourselves, not outside. Everything we need to find answers is inside us. Meditate and answers will come. Our soul is of God, we have connection to God, we are part of God and so is every living being including plants. Everything that is alive in our universe is part of God. God created all of us. By living we experience life, we learn lessons and God learns through us. We are all God and God is collective of all of us. Observe all around you without judgement and you will find proof to your findings.

  19. We are the reflection of a Creator, our growth as a species as is fast as our acceptance on our responsibility being the reflection of our Creator. One thing though, at any moment we can start accepting such a healthy self-image.

  20. We were created by aliens not a god everything back then was a god the aliens created humans to be slaves we rebelled they left here we are wondering everything

  21. الله اكبر كبيرا

    الله خالق مالك
    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  22. is ki ya chutayapay ki bukwas sab asay suntay hain jasay sab ko samagh aa rahi hay. Fazool bhonkta hay. if he still don't know who has created him, than lakh di lanat taray jaman tay bhanghi

  23. Deuteronomy 32:39
    Verse Concepts

    'See now that I, I am He, And there is no god besides Me; It is I who put to death and give life I have wounded and it is I who heal, And there is no one who can deliver from My hand.

  24. Yes I am created by God , my body is perfect and wonderfully made , that’s what Gods word says , I will believe God rather then and man telling me if I’m created by god

  25. The Word of God reveals who He is, and no one can know Him unless He reveals Himself. He will reveal Himself to anyone and everyone who sincerely from their heart ask Him to make Himself known! He is a personal God; each individual can have a personal relationship with Him, if you want to! Hallelujah to the LORD of Lords, King of kings, God of gods!

  26. This Sadhguru guy is somewhat funny and a good speaker. and nothing more. i watched a few of his videos. He will never concludes a question with a firm answer. He just playes with words but never gives an answer

  27. why I do what I do, to be rewarded for doing it,I dig myself a well, to have water, I have been rewarded with water, I can drink my own water, my actions provide the answers to any action no matter the outcome, I will be rewarded for doing it either I blow myself up or I get recognition for whatever I did my actions rewarded me for whatever the outcome , do nothing coz I am too lazy, My laziness will reward me accordingly, I might starve or be fed, whatever, my reward, will be the outcome of my actions, even to be rewarded with God's blessing, I have to direct my efforts towards God's teachings, is anyone speaking truth about God,s will,. like when you belive killing was God's Will, was it true or not, but you done it, and rewarded for doing it, whether, punished or exalted, you received, your reward, Whatever you do is the Outcome of your actions that will have an impact on your reward even if you do not want a Reward you will have consequence for your actions and the end result, is because of what you done and that's it, similar, is the way to vote, if you vote you make a diference, I vote to stop violence, maybe I will go to protest against violence, but it turned out too violent, I was at war with the other other convinctions, so about violence whether peacefully protesting or not, when is about violence, it will be as the word means it to be, violent. Maybe not physicaly, but loudness and retorics may be assumed violent. action carries momentum with it physical or intelectual force to activate a consequence to whatever it struck, moved or repositioned, it did what it was meant to do , to make change or to change. But whatever it is, must have an action to have a change.

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