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What Am I Inside Of? (GAME)

October 31, 2019

– Today’s episode is an inside job. – Let’s talk about that. (bright music) – Good mythical morning! – If you don’t have tickets
to our very special novel celebrating event, ‘The Bleak
Creek Conversation Shows’, happening in Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Winston/Salem
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will be in attendance, make sure you get your tickets today because each one comes with a book, plus you’ll be the first to get access to limited edition Bleak
Creek merch like this shirt. Well, pow, get one of the last
seats now at BleakCreek.com. – Yes, now we’ve been inside
things our whole lives. The womb, McDonald’s ball
pits, Rhianna’s dreams, at least I hope so, but
what about all the things we haven’t been inside of. – Today, we are going to
explore the unexplored because after all, it’s what’s
on the inside that counts. It’s time for Tiny Camera
Inside of a Random Thing You Vex Me, Perplex Me and
Make Guessing Much Harder Than It Ever Should Be,
But I Guess That’s the Game So It’s Not Your Fault. I Love You, Tiny Camera. – One of us is going to
stick this tiny camera inside of something while
the other one has to guess what that thing is. We will be allowed to do two things. Ask to move the camera in
whatever direction we like and guess what we think that thing is. We can do this as many times as we want. – But, every time that you ask
for the camera to be moved, you will get a point and points are bad. It’s just like golf, but
without the whispering. You can also ask for a hint which will also give you a point, again, which is bad. The loser in the end will
receive a very invasive exam from David Hill. (Light, chiming music) – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – I’m still over here,
but my buddy, Rhett, is over there. Hey Rhett. – Hey! – You about to do a puppet show for me? – No, I’m inside something. (laughter) – Okay. Please tell me that you’ve
just shoved the camera inside something. – Just the camera, for now. – Let me see it. Oh, my goodness. That is a tunnel. It’s a waxy tunnel of some sort. – Yep, yep, yep, yep. – What is that? – Would you like me to
move the camera down? – Nope, ’cause that would cost me a point. I’m learnin’ a lot. – I think you’re gonna need it. I’ll move the camera. – Move it once. – I’ll move it a long ways for you. – [Link] Oh yeah, do it. Oh, traveling. What is that? Okay. – I can go further. – This is, I mean, I
think if you go further, I’m not gonna see anything
except for more of the same stuff and that would cost me a point. – I don’t know about that. I think I can push down into that stuff. – Okay, all right. Show me something new for another point. Oh, did you just go through the … What!? Oh, I thought it was alive for a second. You just compressed it. What is that? – I think, I mean, I think
this is very difficult, but I also think that you
should at least begin to get an idea of what family we’re in. – You’re family, not mine. (laughing) – It looks like a smooched,
half-developed child craft. – [Rhett] Child craft? – Like a craft that a child would make. – Right, but what, I mean,
I’m inside this whole thing. What is this that I’m inside of? – All right, I’m gonna need a hint. Stevie, give me a hint. I will take a point. – [Stevie] Dang, boy,
you’re lookin’ sharp today, mind if I plant one on you? But, this is just the hint. I’m not asking for myself. – Dang, boy, you’re lookin’ sharp today. Mind if I plant one on you. A sharp plant. – Ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding. – With a tube. Is it a tube? It’s a tubular, sharp plant. – Yeah, yep, yep, yep, yep. – The only thing that’s
making sense to me is … Is it a cactus? – No, it’s the other tubular, sharp plant. – Yeah. – The cactus. – There’s a hole in the middle of that? – Well, there’s one that was drilled. – Oh, oh, you drilled a hole. – But then, I think it,
actually, is hollow inside, but they drilled out the top
so you could get into it. – Oh, see, okay. I’ll take my points. (light, chiming music) – [Rhett And Link] Round two. – [Link] Okay, Rhett,
take a look at this one. – Is that a thing? – Hey, man, I’m just. – Or is that you. (laughing) – It’s not me, I just. – And it has an unsettling
human like quality to it, but you need to see a doctor. (laughing) I don’t know what that would even mean. I’m assuming it isn’t you. You know what? It’s a long tunnel,
just like I had for you. I feel like you’re gonna have some … – A metaphor for life. – I feel like I need to learn something, so I guess, you gotta go deeper. – [Link] You wanna go deeper. – [Rhett] Yes. – [Link] All right, I’m gonna go deeper. – More of the same. (laughing) Does it have an ending? Does it ever end? – Are you asking for a hint? And you know, here’s the thing. I think the hint should be worth more. Once, I got the hint, it was like okay … – Then it was easy. – Then I was right onto it. So, I think hints should be three points and retroactively, mine
will count as three points. Okay? – [Rhett] Okay, good,
yeah, I agree with that. – So, I don’t want to give you an incentive to not go for the hint. – Okay, it has a … It’s so uniform, whatever it is, you know what I’m sayin’. Like it has like a candy-like quality. – [Link] Do you want to
learn somethin’ else? – I don’t really know
what else I can learn. I want a new camera movement, yes. – [Link] Well, I’ll give you. – I want you to come back. – [Link] I’ll give you somethin’. – ‘Cause deeper didn’t help me. – [Link] I’ll give you
a little somethin’ here. – Whoa. Oh, ho, ho. I gotta guess. It’s the inside of a pool noodle. Yes. – You guessed it, man. There it is. – Hey, and here I am. Hey, hey, hey, hey. – [Link] I can’t find you. – There. – [Link] Forget it. – All right. – This thing’s hard to use. Here it is. Pool noodle. – You should still see a doctor. (light, chiming music) – [Rhett And Link] Round three. – Rhett, are you in there? – Yep. – [Link] Oh gosh. You’re not like down the
throat of a cockroach, are you? – Did you see how big this camera was? – I’ve seen some big cockroaches. Heck, I’ve eaten some big cockroaches. Because there’s like a crustaceous like, a bug quality to that
upper right hand thing, but then, there’s a lot of juicy … – [Rhett] Lot of juicy. – [Link] … happening. – [Rhett] Lot of juicy. – And the whiteness. I’ve got to see, I
gotta see another thing. Show me somethin’ else. – Uh, okay, so, I’m afraid
if I go deeper into this that I’m just gonna lose focus, so I kinda feel like I’m gonna, I’m gonna come out of this thing and I’m going to go into it another way. – All right, I’ll close my eyes. – Close your eyes. – Now, I’ll give props
to the mythical crew because this is difficult and it’s difficult because
they tested this out and you could see, you can
see it in the latest episode of Behind the Mythicality
on the Mythical Society. Oh my gosh, what is that? It’s a frickin’, wet radiator. There’s a heater inside of something. Is that noodle? – I’ll say that I did not
know that this is what this part of this thing looked like. – It’s bubbling down there at the bottom. I mean, like, if perspective was all off, I would think that I was on the precipice of a huge cliff in, like,
an alien, slimy landscape. – Alien, slimy landscape is, actually, a pretty good descriptor
for what you’re seeing. – What are those things? Okay, I’m gettin’ a good
look at this things. There curled over. There’s two different types. There’s, like, it looks like a wire, but it’s wet. It’s got a vein in it. These are tentacles. – Hmmm. – These are, oh, oh, I
think I know what this is. Now, this isn’t my guess,
but just between you and me, I’m starting to feel like
these are gills of a fish. But, I don’t know if I just
want to go ahead and ask because that counts as a point and I’m way behind because
for some reason I gave you … – Do you want to get another angle or do you want to start guessing? – Is this a fish? – [Rhett] Yes, Link. – Yes. I got it quick, man. Ooh, those were gills, right? – Yeah, that’s what a gill looks like. – What kind of fish is that? – You know, that’s what
Vince Gill looks like. (laughing) When he takes his wig off. (laughing) – That’s horrible. – I don’t know what kind of fish it is, but it’s got sharp teeth, you know, it’s afraid to go in it’s mouth. (bright, chiming music) – [Rhett And Link] Round four. – [Link] Okay, Rhett, I’m in there. – Ooh, okay. Lots of, lots of slimy, biological things that we’ve been inside today. – Does it illicit an
emotional response from you? – It’s not pleasant. I’m not having a great time. Whoa, whoa. – [Link] Sorry, I’m moving. – [Rhett] No, that’s helping. I gotta be really careful with this because if I get this in four, then we tie. And I really, in order
to feel good about this, I feel like I gotta do it without a hint. I feel like I gotta do with
the camera moves and guesses. – I’m accidentally moving it, but you weren’t looking, hopefully. – I can’t tell, at this point, I can’t tell if it’s an
animal or a vegetable, so I feel like I am going
to need a camera move of some kind that you … – Hey, don’t forget about minerals. – It’s not a mineral. – Fine. – So, whatever move you think is best. – Ooh, oop. I’ll give you a little bit more than that. Let it refocus. It’s not … I’m waiting for … There we go. There we go. That is pleasant. Gettin’ hungry. That looks like a one-eyed,
like beaked creature. You see it? – [Rhett] Yeah, but I don’t think … – [Link] It’s got a white beak
and a dark beak, one eye … – I don’t think that
that’s giving me anything. I don’t think that … – [Link] Cyclops bird. – But, those little, it’s
like seeing things in clouds. – [Link] It’s a parasite. – You know what. It also looks like some
sort of sea creature, but we just did a fish, so it feels like it wouldn’t be that. – You have two more moves
to burn and still win. – No, ’cause I gotta guess at some point. – If you get it right, it doesn’t count. – So far, I’ve only done one point, right? I have one move. Okay, give me another move. I need to see something different. I need to see something
other than just this surface. – Close your eyes a second, so I can find something
meaningful without showing you. – [Rhett] Okay. – I feel like. Okay. Got you a little wider shot. – [Rhett] Is that … – [Link] Down into the pit. – [Rhett] … on the left
side, a spine of some kind. No. I just. Okay, can I ask a que … I really want to know if … – You can ask for a hint for three points. – Was this hole made or was
this hole part of this thing? – Part of this thing. But you know what, you gave me a hint on
the last one for free. That’s a freebie from me. Well, I think it was made. It wasn’t made for this exercise, but it was made by a man. – This is a manmade hole. – It’s a manmade hole. – I’m looking into a manmade hole. – It’s a manmade hole, but the hole wasn’t made for this game. It’s just … – [Stevie] I think it’s just
safe to disregard everything that Link just said. – Listen, here’s your hint
that you don’t have to pay for. It’s a hole that men
frequently make in this thing. – Men frequently make
this hole in this thing. – Yeah, free of charge. I mean, women, too. – Hold on, you gave that
to me free of charge or men make it free of charge. – I hope they’re getting paid. – Oh, gosh. Is this helpful at all? – [Stevie] No. – It’s a manmade hole in the thing that wasn’t made for this game. – [Stevie] No, no, no. – [Link] That thing is full of stuff in it’s original form, guys. This is not in it’s natural form. – [Stevie] Okay, I feel like
you’re gonna accidentally give more of a hint than you did. – How many points have I emitted, two? – [Stevie] Correct. – Which means, at this
point, I can’t get a hint because I would lose. (yelling) Are you out of views? – I widened out a little bit. So there was a question you
had that I didn’t answer. You might be able to answer it now. – Like the spine thing right there. Oh my goodness. – What? – Oh my goodness. It’s a chicken. – What makes you say that? – Because I see a spine. – Ugh, I thought you would think that was, like, an intestine or something. – [Rhett] It’s a chicken. (plate clanging) What do I win? – It was a chicken. – What do I win? A chicken. And, you know what you win? You win an invasive exam
from Dr. David Hill. – Why am I running over here excited? – Here he comes. – Uh, is this the … (rubber glove slapping) (laughing) – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. I know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Ryan. – And I’m Collin. – And you’re Rhett. – And you’re Link. – We’re from Florida. – New York. – And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – So much to keep up with there. – Cool guys havin’ fun. – Click the top link to watch us decide, who’s in that womb? – And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. And I’m getting an exam. Our journey of creativity started with a blood oath in a cow pasture. You’re journey to get the blood oath tee and long sleeved tees
starts at mythical.com.

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  1. "It's a hole that men frequently make in this thing. Free of charge. And women too! It's a man-made hole that wasn't made for this game!" <– Link's idea of a good free hint about a cooked chicken. 🤣 I have steadily followed everything these two have done for over a decade now, and I still do not understand the weird mode Link's brain goes into when he's trying to get people to guess things. 🤣

  2. I love Rhett & Link but that's sick that they drilled into a cactus. Plants are alive & should be treated like animals. If you don't do it to your pet, dont do it plants.

  3. The inside of the chicken, the thing that looked like a beaked creature looked like Briggsy’s mask from sea of thieves

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    And then I got the chicken immediately

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