What Can Swim Faster – A Horse Or A Dog?
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What Can Swim Faster – A Horse Or A Dog?

August 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered what can swim faster a dog or a horse? That’s Sophie, and she asked me this question a few weeks ago, and now we’re gonna find out! So, Cyclo here doesn’t, but some dogs actually have webbed feet to help them to be able to swim. Newfoundlands are one of those and they’re trained as rescue dogs to help save people from water. If you give a dog Viagra it will run a lot faster. Probably swim faster too… Portuguese Water Dogs also have webbed feet and they’ve been trained to heard shoals of fish. A bit like a sheepdog of the seas. The maximum horsepower of a horse is 15 horsepower. When horses go to sleep they can lock all their joints together so that they can not have to use their muscles and just stand still. So, I guess if a horse is ever walking towards you like this… then it means they’re probably just asleep. Horses are a bit more respectful than dogs, y’know a dog might jump on you if it’s excited to see you but a horse kind of gets the vibe a bit more and will just kind of be a bit more chill hang back maybe nibble at your arm a little bit. Not much more than that. Welcome to the horse swimming pool! That is one speedy horse. Look at its legs! So the ropes are not actually needed to move the horse along. The horse is swimming of its own accord. The ropes just help to steer the horse and help to keep its mouth out of the water because its got quite a lot of chlorine in it. Maximum speed of a horse on land is about 50 km/h. According to Wikipedia the maximum speed of a horse in water is about 50 km/h… Which sounds pretty suspish, right? Can’t actually find any scientific citation evidence for this. So, on team dog we’ve got Pudding. Considering Pudding is a very small dog Pudding’s actually hitting about 3 km/hour, which is almost the same as the horse. When we came out here we thought from our research online that it would be really clear that horses can swim a lot faster than dogs. But actually we still don’t really know. To be fair we probably could find an answer if we set up a research group got some funding and dedicated our whole lives to answering the horse-dog debate. So this is the equine spa and it’s basically like a bubble bath for horses. So they go stand in and the water comes up to about here and they get nice relaxing jets of bubbles to help them with their muscular pain. It’s quite nice actually.

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