What have we done… | Ultimate Chicken Horse E1
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What have we done… | Ultimate Chicken Horse E1

August 15, 2019

Wow Wow Wow dude, dude, dude, dude – – – dude users. Wow you want for that coin? Ya got overkill. Okay, you’re gonna win the horse time worst time What if a VG crew I’m DJ, I’m Helen we’re playing this game ultimate chicken horse meat chicken horse We’re gonna do local play We got this is a suggestion from the comments. Yeah, guys we saw Probably like 10 people suggest as game. So we wanted to play it it Must be good. So I’m gonna be the chicken you’d be the horse Pick level rooftops katsu rooftops These are these horses and chickens got some mad hops, yeah Okay, so we don’t really know anything about this game Okay I’ve got this. Oh Man, I like this game so far. I’m gonna want to get here Okay. Ooh Extra box. Why do we both pick bad things? I think you have to in order to get points, right? Oh, That’s a good idea Okay, so, okay now we old tune watch out. Oh My god, whoa ninja too fast just like Stickley. Oh, no, it’s not. It’s definitely not Did we lose Ding Huh? We did not do a good job. Okay. All right, we’re gonna make it easy for ourselves this time. Okay Picked it. Oh you add a little something just in case you missed that first jump. What? Why did I do that? The MU already is going for it Why’d I do that That’s impossible. Oh, man. I don’t think this is possible to win Okay Go for it Your turn you can win this First time right first time guys, this is guys we’re learning a player’s game with pro gamers. We got it You know what we’re doing. We’re we’re building up the suspense We don’t want to like get it right the first time baguette and there’s no drama, you know I don’t know Why are we doing this to ourselves? Yeah, we’re not gonna this is gonna be the first person you could do it Is there anything helpful on here? What is this wasn’t the window? Okay, this might be oh you can kind of go over into the animation you can rotate them, okay, this is going to save us No, why would you put that there man this is gonna save us Okay Let’s try not to suck this time. Oh That does not spring us nearly far enough, I think we might need to add more stuff. Yeah Well, I did pretty good there for a second. Oh, I’m not supposed to hit that. I thought that was a swing a Nuclear bomb you knew it box? Stairs. Okay. We need more things to help us here What are you doing the test? Get on the black hole. You can’t do that. Oh, oh, it deletes something. Okay Trying to guess what you can overlap Okay, so now Let me up you can’t once you’re whoa you did crenate yeah horse. I haven’t gotten far at all I mean this sucks Let’s start, oh right there why no winners no points And just keep coming more and more stuff and it’s all bad Choose the coin. Nope. I chose the The honey the heck is that I put ice why because like it will be electing. Oh, yeah, you’ll slip forward Okay No, no with the dice doing the diamond, maybe we can take out that that Little thing you put there. Yeah. There you go. Just right in the beginning Thanks your turn. You do first. Okay and jump Wow Thanks, bro You put both those horrible things they thought that they would help no I didn’t think the motel no at all Need more stairs soon. I just need more. We need a helper I’ll stand Just more stairs Okay, I’m just trying to get over this dude no That is that pendulum is No, we should play and really suck at Super Mario maker Okay. Okay. Yeah Get that out of there Taking that out taking that out. Yeah, this is the worst. Okay. What else is the worst that air air? Oh, yeah okay, we learn from our Mistakes you get another chance? Yeah There we go, you think you blocked it I didn’t do anything dude, please just make it well you blocked the knees someone win Dude you did it. Yes. I got a coin Thank you. Oh the coin helps. Okay. We can’t lose that Okay, we have my you get ready oh Dang it – hey, well screwing it up. Okay say it’s cool. Oh, I just realized my controller. Jack. Oh Yeah, okay Okay, cool, you just keep waiting okay. Yeah, I’m the other dog we want to reset we want a hard reset more coins guys liars flowers if you Watch that be like a venomous flower. You can’t lose your cockroach not even know you’re gonna screw me over with that to run I got to stop one of us from winning Oh Flowers are oh Dang it, not again. Ah I got a win one. Wow, you just hover there. It’s gonna cool. Nice it did it one time You gotta come back You get our little thing. Well, we’re trying to get all the wait. You see how far we’re trying to get yeah, okay I keep oh oh Wait, I can go down that way watch out. Oh My god Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow Wow Wow. Wow dude, dude, dude, dude – – – dude users. Wow you won for that coin? Yeah god overkill Okay, you’re gonna win this horse time horse time. Wow, you made a comeback you won. Oh Wow, does that mean we get to start over? Though it’s a pretty funny game. Yeah, I like it. Could we keep like at first we were like just trying to make it Yeah, and then after that it was like more homemade it’s so bad for each other Then it was so undoable and then it ended up being okay at the end. That’s what a concept. Okay, let’s do the farm Go to a farm. Oh, come on be a trash Panda trash Panda This games really fun. Yeah cute. It’s a little tough Cuz the controller I can’t you know, I can’t go that way for some reason so well, it sucks. You know this one That’s why we usually use yours. Yeah, you broke it. Yeah, I dropped it remember in the first episode day We’re gonna have butts really easy Is it a race Horrible place for that. Oh wait, I don’t want the black hole. I’m not I’m not doing the black hole Okay, I’m only helping nearly oh It’s a race Oh you can still die from that I don’t Okay, okay, okay so much easier than the other one, yeah the other one we got to go really far distance. Okay rotate. Okay, cool Nice All right there oh you got the coin Wow I’m scared of this boxing glove. Oh my god. Oh my god. You made me scared of it. I don’t know what it does It I was like worried that It would come out at all. Yeah, I didn’t know if it was like a oh, it’s not on fire TUI’s no points Wow Okay – easy. Sure. Yeah No out no Thanks Kidding just keep your best body kicking over here For the punching go, okay. Okay. Nothing. Ah, I can’t move Are you serious me out? I Don’t think it’s gonna be no points are too easy this time. Oh, I think I can make it I think I can make it. Oh my gosh, you serious, but having the other rounds, bro Jump off the edge. Okay Wow Kill me when kids are a death of button. There’s no way to just kill myself sir time limit Oh Give up Thanks this hold B Wow suicide No point that’s messed up when there’s no points. Come on trash Panda get your head in the game This is a very interesting concept for game Michael dang Cosette You got both of them awesome Oh, it’s a coin boom, that’s how we’re gonna do it make it super easy and then – good point just get the coins That’s what you do The coins go. Oh My god, oh my god With the sunny oh It’s sticky yes the sticky oh No points. We’re not doing a good job. Yeah making it bad was horrible. Oh my gosh I want that portal. Nope gonna go into the No, why’d I do this? I’m not gonna go Wow Wow, I almost look like I knew what I was doing dude no, ouch Nope not too easy. That’s for sure. You’ve made it bad I’m afraid of that publishing glove and I don’t think it’s ever done what you think. Yeah, it’s just scary No, you bring back why no kidding me. Oh The only thing I did that time okay, whatever gets the gold kist according the race design Wow the plane hit me in the back of the head. Oh my gosh, that’s what happens. Hey This thing sucks Yeah that I don’t know why put that there. It doesn’t help anybody Dude you did it. Oh Yay Yes, so yeah, it’s not too hard you doing it. Finally I should have got mad. What? Oh Okay, Oh Jail for that portal was it do apparently nothing Under it helps you I don’t know what to do every time I overshoot. Oh Geez Why did you get rid of the flour and everything in that era meant to just get rid of the flour Be honest What this window is it really it? Oh, it’s like that’s not a window. What is it? Just a barrel like a metal barrel metal. Barrel. Okay, ah, ah, ah, How do we even do this we’re both still alive good we can get points if we make it because it’s not too easy ha ha Chicken Key, right on the ride too, but I can’t really Go left. I Better hold beads kip-up hold beat. Okay fine. I’ll just give up no up On my plane goals, okay We can attack We get attacked That’s just a barrel Yeah, that’s a barrel, okay, oh Why did I do that that oh You met the same fate No points. Okay, one of us is gonna win whatever that’s won’t be you’re gonna win this It’s hard oh gosh. Oh my gosh Create them playing Wow Wow Yes cannot believe that worked out oh You won ha because yeah, yep. Oh no, I did win. It’s too easy. Yeah. No, it’s not Oh Had some danger. Yeah was that oh I like that and put that somewhere right here That gives you some time black hole you want it? Sure. Let’s put it. Yeah You’re not – oh, wow. It’s really hard Oh my gosh, this was a bad idea I did Oh My gosh, she can ultimate chicken racehorse. I was an ultimate horse chicken little horse chicken race Very more stuff Well, I think they’re here. Okay. Oh, really? Yeah. It’s a pizza’s here. Wait just They’re gonna eat pizza while we play Yay Happiness in a box Yes, okay good, okay Yeah, after we would attribute after we made this I’m getting stuck. Okay? Yeah, you’re the only one doing something. I’m gonna This thing no Okay you I’ll give you the black hole – should I you could do what everyone know but I can’t get rid of both Okay. Yep. That was definitely the worst thing I did I think there’s some like lag and that’s why it’s so hard. Oh I slowed down time I Still died me too. Oh my god got black wings white. I got shot in the face with an arrow. Oh We’re never gonna beat this game. We’ve made the perfect video game. We’re both to do it No, okay cut I Can’t don’t make any sense. It’s mostly to stop Oh man, oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Oh That’s so that’s so sad looking yeah, I know your dead body going up and down Wow, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow, you can’t get out You’re tapping as hard you can yeah, you’re gonna kill by a paper dang Last round we didn’t make it dang And you’re dead bodies still going down there. Whatever You’re the ultimate chicken horse And you’re the ultimate Panda trash trash bag Ultimate trash Panthers are great cool. Cool Okay, so our pizza just arrived. So we’re gonna call it an episode. Yeah. We got any pizza guys You guys should eat pizza like if you like pizza And I think you also like pizza Yes, turn on notifications if you’d like pizza all the things Everyone loves pizza. Do all those things. Bye guys. ABG out. Peace

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  1. Ohh, pizza, happines in a boox. Ah! Play rocket leage plz. I love this game. VERY Good video.. Fantastic game.

    Oooh thx for the heart and highlight the comment. Are incredible guys.

  2. Too easy means that if all the players in the party win there will be no points, doesn't matter how difficult it is if everyone wins then it was too easy… so one has to lose for the rest of the players in the flag to earn points

  3. Yes!!! So awesome.

    Edit: Here’s a couple things. One, “Too easy, no points” happens when all players finish the level at the same time. And two, you need two portals to use them (they link up).

  4. paper airpalne doesn't kill you but you can ride with it
    the boxing glove you need someone to trigger it to punch it
    Hold X to run
    when on the buliding DJ was slipping off and he say they can't jump on wall but you CAN jump on wall untill you not slipping off
    you need 2 portal to make it work you will see what colour if you teleport the wrong one or the right one and there is someone create a level make a portal course confused and yes Alan you can load someone map
    12:51 the flower kill you not the paper airplane
    the game say Too Easy no point because everyone win count as too easy no point even though it super hard
    And i give you more infomation if you have something you don't know

  5. i was the saying please play ultimate chicken horse and please make more episode of ultimate chicken horse

  6. You guys have to use the cheat code to unlock everything, its too slow and tedious to unlock everything legit and theres a lot of good levels and characters

  7. Play duck Game Play duck game play duck game PLAY DUCK GAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey guys! just saw one of alan's vid and found out about this channel, i heard that u guys will be doing giveaways if one subcribe? xD i subed xD just saying xDDD thx for ur time 😉 peace

  9. There is postmortem which means if you get the flag after you die you still get points

  10. This is more fun with more players. look at some of the ones Achievement Hunter has done of these, they're pure comedy gold!

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