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  1. Does 7-8 rides a day on downhill track on enduro bike but using chairlift to get on a mountain count as enduro? 😀

  2. I'm Brazilian, and i've been following you and GCN since I found it. Is really informative and fun. you guys, all of you are doing a great job. thank you

  3. So this is where the line between trail bikes and Enduro bikes gets blurry, surely this is just 'aggressive' XC riding no? To me it seems that Enduro and Trail are just niches of XC riding in general, albeit more biased towards slacker geometry and bigger travel.

  4. Hey guys great videos! Where can I watch or
    get updates to the Enduro World Series once the series begin? I'm in the USA and just getting back into riding. Would love to keep up to date on the latest.

  5. It's funny enduro MTBing use to be XC races like marathons, 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. At least in Australia.

  6. Awesome video, can you explain what trial riding is ,or the tipical equipment or something about it, because it is really confusing for me, by the way beutifull bikes XP

  7. Why the UCI and EMBA don't work togther on the EWS making it a UCI discipline ? or if the EWS goes wonders without the uci why would "one" want to be a discipline registered at the uci?

  8. I got a problem now
    I have save a money to buy my first MTB
    but there are too much type to decide
    I want to find a bike that can take hard terrain and good for very long travel
    can someone help

    hi guys, i'm soon to buy a new bike. what are the main/key differences between a trail and an enduro bike?

  10. isn't Enduro just what people used to call mountain biking?!
    It's just the same as downhill but you can't lift or motor to the top of the hill.

  11. I love one enduro event in my area. Trails are fairly cool and every minute on the link roads counts as 1 second. You can actually make up quite some time against the lazy DHers! Also, there is some money for the fastest "flag to flag" riders (everything counts) so you can approach it as some weird XC race too!

  12. Guys
    First let me say that I generally love your videos across the board since I got into MTB. That said I can not believe having listened to you video "what is Endruro Racing" when mentioning the stars on the seen your left out all of the Female competitors "racers" come on guys the British athlete "Tracy Mosley" and Trek Factory rider who was the EWS campion three years in a row, not to mention the rest of here achievements. I mean really when did MTB community become this shallow. Not good not cool guys really unimpressed.

  13. Hey where abouts are those trails @ 2 minutes? The massive ladder sections through the huge rock gardens? Love your videos! 😀

  14. Love the channel! I know this is older vid but just now saw it. WHERE IN THE WORLD is that insane ladder bridge coming down over those huge rock slabs @ appx 2:00 into the video?!?! That looked like so much fun!

  15. i kind of wish to have a top of the line enduro so i can record sick videos. i have a gt aggressor pro as of now quite a difference

  16. I've always said I ride enduro, but I think I may be incorrect. A typical ride I'll do with friends is we bomb a downhill trail, we'll pedal another couple miles to the nearest easiest climb, then we'll climb the trail back to our cars. Would this be considered enduro or xc? Ik I'm kinda rambling at this point but I thought I'd mention that my bike is an enduro bike also (intense tracer 275 aluminum)

  17. hello guys could you please help me,which kind of enduro bike should i buy for the next session,my height is 159cm…..thank you

  18. I like doing enduro on a downhill bike, because it makes it really good for free ride while your exploring the woods.

  19. You really missed it. Where are the girls mentioned? My daughter has been racing since the age of 13 now 15.5 lead in her U21 . Sena Odyakmaz from Canada hopes to be on the World circuit one day. Let's try to equally mention the girls in these types of video introducing a sport. Thx

  20. i dont get the point of intervals between stages that are necesary but dont matter…if they make them meaningful (beyond the riders just being more tired than if they were pure downhillers, thats not really an elegant seperation from the other branches of mtbing) then i'd want to get into it, but right now it looks like xc is for me

  21. 😍You have to love xc! #whereisthedownhillsection🤔 No like actually wtf😞


  22. Thanks this was so needed. Now I'll watch it again in slow motion to get what I missed. Ok, second time around. " generally your ?( 1:36 lays, delays) don't count to your over all time. But just be sure to check this…" This helped a lot. I had no idea there was such an event, though I've heard you mention Enduro often enough. I thought it was just one longer distant MTB event. Now I know it's something completely different. Do you have to use the same bike in all the stages? I could see some sponsored rider using a down hill bike for the down hill stages and hard tail for climbing stages.

  23. Going to do my 1st enduro race soon… Should i use my long travel DH bike (flatline pro) or my cross country bike ( bossnut) in your opinion

  24. So enduro mtn biking is really no different from enduro dirtbiking. Transition from dirtbiking the different types of mtn bikes blew my mind. I thought there was Hardtail and full sus and that’s it.

  25. What would you call the T1 biking in Xterra competion …
    Cross country or Enduro? Thanks again for such a great video !

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