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What Is Indomita?

August 16, 2019

I wasn’t a horse girl growing up, but I
wasn’t into dragons either until I started playing Flight Rising. So, I decided to give
Indomita a try. Indomita is a horse simulator. I’m not sure
where I initially came across this game, but I feel like it had to be somewhere in relation
to Lioden. They’re both simulators, not pet ownership and management games. In a pet game, like Neopets, the player is
not a character, the pets are managed much like objects. In a simulator, the user takes
the perspective of one of the pets. On Lioden, the player is the alpha lion, and in Indomita,
the player can toggle which horse they’re playing as. Like many modern browser games of this type,
registration is limited. New accounts can only be made on Indomita between the first
and third of each month. In the beginning of March, I made making an
Indomita account a high priority. But after I got in, I found the infrastructure very
confusing. The welcome email had links to 2 guides, a getting started guide and an exhaustive
guide. Because I like to believe that I learn best
by doing, I skimmed the getting started guide and tried to figure out the game mechanics
from the game. My first game session probably lasted under ten minutes, I couldn’t figure
out what to do. The interface is really ambiguous. So then I signed off. For like three weeks.
I did eventually come back. I didn’t want to be the person who tried once and gave up.
From my digging since, I think I’ve gotten a basic understanding of the game elements. The bulk of the gameplay happens in the location
center. You can change your location by moving to a different map square. There are different
activities you can participate in by clicking on them on the location page. The interact feature lets your horse develop
relationship with other horses. The quest icon takes the player to a multi-faceted interface
with different actions to develop skill level. You can do quest activities until you run
out of AP, which I assume stands for Action Points, or something like that. There are many opportunities to shape your
character’s stats and personality. I think that’s a big draw to this game, there’s
no perfect character build or combination that’s especially wanted. It’s very choose
your own adventure. I don’t find the Indomita illustrations
attractive. The virtual pet genre is full of pok’e’mon-inspired art. Face it, Neopets
and Flight Rising have a distinct aesthetic. I’m aware that I have a bias towards black
lineart, bold colors and big eyes. But I think I can see past that bias and appreciate
other art. I simply don’t like this art style. My progenitor is awkward and clunky.
The foal art looks like something in uncanny valley. If everything about the interface was awesome
and I didn’t like the art, I think I would be able to enjoy playing the game. That’s
not the case. Back in February, I did some basic game research
and tumblr user keldeon described Indomita as, “an extremely clunky site to the point
where a lot of the fun it could have been kinda died then and there.” Kudos for putting
into words. That’s completely right. From a game design perspective, I think there’s
a lot to learn here. Like, if the learning curve is too complicated or takes longer than
a half an hour to combat, you need to simplify or prepare to have people sign up, log in
once, and never come back. My initial reaction to this game is that it’s
unnecessarily challenging. The burden of discovery and explanation is on the player because the
interface design is so underdeveloped. I would really like to see the layout adjusted
to differentiate modules and support explanation of how those features influence other parts
of gameplay. Right now, I cannot recommend Indomita. I
think it’s a little bit all over the place. I’m not going to make a commitment to regularly
playing it, but I am investigating it further. If you’d like to try it out and compare
your experience to mine, there’s a registration window through every first and third of the
month. I’d appreciate it if you put my username,
bonkish down as your referral. Let me know in the comments what you think
of Indomita. If you play regularly and want to set me straight on gameplay mechanics,
please enlighten me. The most valuable bit of insight I could get is what a typical gameplay
session looks like for a dedicated user. For now, our best bet at a horse breeding
game may be clanheart. Watch my video about this game that’s still in pre-alpha, but
is very cool nonetheless. OR
Check out this video about how the game infrastructure on a popstar dress-up game could be greatly
improved. For more game insight and critique, take your
virtual pet-loving hands and click on that subscribe button. Thanks! Bye!!

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  1. once you under stand can you do a full on tatorial (i cant spell lol) but anyways it would be really really helpful i reacently made an account on indomtia and i cant for the life of me figrue out things

  2. Woah.. it took you that long? .. the only thing that took a while for me to know was breeding and roles Lol i had to ask for help on that one i think. oh.. OH.. thats why it took you so long i dunno i paused at 1:21 but did you ask for help at all?? everyone is very helpful you know and also friendly.

  3. can you do more videos on some of these simulating horse games? I'm looking fo more games like lioden for me to play. also I'm zephes! I would love to be your friend and love your videos also would love to be an admin of your clan!

  4. Have you ever heard of 'Sylestia'? It's a pet breeding and adventure game, and two of the pet breeds are lion-like and deer-like. They have cute style human avatars.

  5. @cybrshfl The layout and interface are too burdensome for me to award merit to the game design. I could not recommend it for that reason. The burden of accessing the interesting part of the game was too high for the payoff. A game like Lioden is deep in game mechanics and features, while at the same time being accessible and possible to understand after a few weeks of playing. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  6. So, i heard in the last bit of the video, you were wondering if there were any good horse pet sims. I just wanted to let you know that there is a horse sim called, Horse Eden Eventing (HEE), just putting it out there if you wanted to check it out.

    From my experience, it is one of the best horse sim like game iv'e come across (Howrse is a bit more popular and fully finished if you want to have a fully developed game), though it is still in development, there is a tutorial that explains most things, and there are quests you can finish, it is a game you only have to be active about once a week (your account WILL be deleted after 88 inactive days though).

  7. Indomita is the only game I've stayed with for more then a year. It appeals to my Role Playing fetish and Interest in Gene make-ups. When first starting the game I had little knowledge of what to do, but ever not wanting to be the guy(girl) who doesn't ask for directions, I took the E-mail sent to me seriously. Whoa and behold! I figured it out in less then 4 minutes! Lots of reading, took some time but it was well worth it.
    I now play indomita when ever I have free time on my hands. I've played it for well over a year now. I recommend this game to anyone who loves Role playing, chatting with good respectable people, Genetic fun(What can we splash in here?), AND interested in horses(Not needed; great motive though)
    Indomita(Indo for short) has just updated the games Encyclopedia. They also have a few more genes added that are quite amazing.
    Indo is a young game, it has problems; glitches, set-backs, art and simulation funks once in a while and of course first timer over loads! But it's run by a Women who has a job, has kids and real life problems. And I thank the person who created the video, because our wonderful head mistress Admin and friends have already started and finished a few of the very things your video has gone over. Please stop by, and join a community like no other:

    <table width="500px" align="center"><tr><td align="center"><a href="https://indomita.net/register.php?id=0"><img src="https://indomita.net/images/beachadsmall.png" /></a><br />
    Indomita is a wild horse simulation game. You can create your own horse characters and guide them on their journies through the island chain of Paradisus. Lead your characters through their lives and experience the triumphs and failures they may face. Help them to become the best possible version of themselves whether that is as a brave explorer who makes useful and exciting discoveries for the herd. Or maybe as a silver-tongued diplomat who use their special set of skills to take what they want. The opportunities are endless!</td></tr><tr><td align="center"><i>Click the image to join us!</i></td></tr></table>

  8. Don't mind me as I point out my herd Ðʊ äɾ ɦäɾ makes a few appearances on the location page ;D
    Indo vet of 2 years ^_^

  9. How do you play this it is sooooo confusing Oh my Gosh please help How do I make a herd how do I gain back AP How do I join a herd clan or harem? I have a lot more questions like How do I get the currency in this game Where do I get it from?

  10. If you don’t like Indo, them it’s because you didn’t actually read the guides, or ask anybody. Plus, if you don’t like the art, then you must not like horses, because all art is meant to be really realistic. Besides, that horse that you said was “clunky” just so happened to be a female Draft, had you wanted a non clunky horse, you should have gone with an Arabian or Warmblood build.

  11. Have you ever seen an actual foal? They're not yet grown into their bodies. They're awkward looking with spindly legs and bodies. They're basically hotdogs with toothpicks for legs. That looks like a foal! And yeah, I don't like the draft art. But you should know as a pet sim player that you NEED to read the guides. Giving up after 10 minutes is really lazy. It is such a good game, and from the look of it, you didn't even try to give it a shot. You missed so much good content simply because of bias and laziness, and it is sad. Not only that, but did you think to check the forums? The indo community is the best, and would have helped you. And what about your mentor? Did you ask them questions? There was more than enough opportunity for you to quickly take to the game, but you bypassed every single one, and opted to reject it. I started playing a year before this video came out, and that was just a year after it popped back up. It had way more bugs then, and it was still easy to work with. Hate to say it, because I love your videos so much, but you didn't try very hard at all.

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