What is Lent?
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What is Lent?

February 29, 2020

– [Brian] What is Lent? Got it? – [Sean] Me? Okay. Umm.. – [Randy] It’s the stuff that
builds up in your pockets after a while, and then
you gotta pick it out. – [Robert] Isn’t it a vegetable? – [Anna] The 40 days leading up to um… – [Coty] Like fasting something– – [Lester] A religious practice, a devotion. – Yeah. – [Armando] It’s that time to build
your relationship with God and really take time
to reflect on yourself. – [Maria] It’s like our time
to be in remembrance of what Christ has done for us and so, we do that in signs of prayer, fasting and almsgiving? – No, it’s the derivative of lentil. – Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. (bell chiming)

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