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What is Lord of The Mountain – Breath of the Wild Theory | Austin John Plays

November 4, 2019

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world austin John plays here and today we’re going to be talking about
something special and legend of zelda breath of the wild we’re going to be
talking about Lord of the mountain but not just the actual creature we’re going
to talk about everything about it once upon a time March 8th I was uh running
around the wilderness looking for stuff and I saw this giant blue glowing light
on top of a mountain so I decided to make my way on over there and once I got
here I realized that the entire area was encased in this blue glow and I found
quite possibly the mother lode of blur B and inside in the middle of that mother
lode was the Lord in the mountain now it looks like a giant blur be mixed with a
horse with four eyes so look like a horse first thing I want to do was ride
it I put some sneaky clothes on I ate some sneaky food I ran up to this bad
boy realized how absolutely majestic it was when I actually got close mounted it
not trying to soothe it oh I try to soothe it so hard now I had two and a
fifth of stamina ring it went through all that and unfortunately I went to go
eat some more stamina regenerating food but I was already out of stamina and it
just hurt just heard it’s gone luckily found a shrine nearby the mold Watson
shrine so I was able to gosh travel there when I needed to at a later point
in time I made my way back to Satori Mountain corn I saw this blue glow now
this was about a week and a half later and as I approached he unfortunately did
a 360 saw me ran away disappeared I was upset another point in time this was
today at 1:00 a.m. I made my way back to the area I’m not here to mess around
anymore I came here put on some sneaky clothes
it’s a sneakiest food I possibly could ran up right behind it mounted it now at
this point I have three and four fifth stamina rings there was no way he was
getting away from me one through one one two two almost three full stamina rings
he went through two and three fifths stamina rings but low and behold i
mounted him i soothed him our first thing I wanted to do was take this bad
boy out for a spin because I heard the stories about how amazing he is I took
him down the mountain took him out to open fields and I realized that anytime
I told him to yah that stamina would immediately click back
rum do these horses because you know screw these horses I have a better horse
with four eyes and feathers in its head so now we got to the point that I’m
literally just mashing a just as fast and hard as I possibly could and just
love it not letting up just running just
sprinting and doing him Lord of the mountain has max stats it is the only
horse in the game you’re going to find that has infinite stamina almost every
single other stat completely maxed out so of course first thing I wanted to do
I want to tame it I want to make him my own farm to the closest stable and he
said looks like you caught yourself another stage you want to register it
understood well what’s that can that thing you’re riding be the
fabled Lord of the mountain why it highly is named would you bring
something like that here we’ll all be cursed I was wondering what what do you
mean by cursed it’s it’s a giant blur P like I need a seeing anything of it then
I started diving into actually what he is a little bit more once he’s
registered in the Hyrule compendium it says this noble creature watches over
all animals they make their homes in the forest legends say this holy creature is
a reincarnation of a sage that died on the lands it now protects it has an
acute awareness of its surroundings so it seldom appears before people it’s
sometimes known by its other name Satori which makes sense since it’s found on
Satori mountain now let’s talk about something here for a second about the
word Satori Satori is the Japanese Buddhist term for weakening
comprehension or understanding it’s derived from the Japanese verb so total
now Satoru the only thing I could possibly think of in the Zelda universe
wall so total I owatta so total ayahuasca was the fourth president and
CEO of Nintendo until his death in 2015 he responsible in great part for
defining the entender strategy both before and during the release of the
Gamecube in 2001 a vision which held in Tendo generate a 41% increase in sales
by the end of the 2002 fiscal year so total iowa’s has worked on a lot of
games including Legend of Zelda breath of the wild back room is just
Legend of Zelda Wii U or Zelda NX and many people believe so total I owatta
actually appears in this game he doesn’t appear with the name Satoru Iwata no he
appear the name Bob Trek now ba Trek just hangs
out right outside of this exact stable then I just happen to walk to which is
in close proximity just a total mountain and after total Mountain one of the most
defining things as only present there is the cherry blossom tree now the cherry
blossom is a tree that very commonly found in temperate zones of the northern
hemisphere including Japan China Korea Europe West Siberia India Canada and the
United States now to talk about the symbolism of the cherry blossom tree in
Japan cherry blossoms symbolized clouds due to their nature of becoming and
Massa besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life the
exquisite beauty has often been associated with mortality and grace and
readily acceptance of destiny and karma for this reason cherry blossoms are
richly symbolic and have often been used in Japanese arts so look they do what
does it all mean basil the source and has the same name as the CEO of Nintendo
who died appears amongst the cherry tree and it is said to be the reincarnate of
a stage that died on the land that now protects so Lord of the mountain isn’t
just a little fun Easter egg well it is a little fun Easter egg but it actually
dives a lot more than that so my theory Lord of the mountain aka Authority is
the reincarnate of symbolizing satoru iwata of nintendo since he worked on
this game and unfortunately he passed before he was able to see it’s amazing
relief and how phenomenal of a game it is the team decided to make it in the
game and he is a fantastic creature absolutely amazing max stats unlimited
stamina everything you could want in a horse nope you can’t register it you can
barely ride it for a long period of time like I got off of it to go take a
picture right here and then as soon as I got off book disappeared now here is the
really really interesting part of this as soon as I jumped off you’re going to
notice that he’s going to run to the side the exact frame that he starts to
run away you’re going to find Bob Trek say let’s
go you filth that’s because that that exact moment is when a whole bunch of
bad guys started to spawn in the area including there’s some Oh goblins
skeletons we got one of these guys coming up we had a whole bunch of bad
guys up here the exact second that the lord of the mountain disappeared so my
belief my theory is that lord of the mountain is a reincarnate and he was
there to protect you anytime did you riding him nothing’s going to bother you
enemies aren’t going to randomly spawn and try to attack you granted if they’re
in the overworld they’re going to attack you but that’s it you’re not going to
randomly show up this second he disappeared boom enemies attacked now
with how amazing this is someone actually put online that they saw a
giant blur pea and they know one thing about blurbs is that you supposed to
attack them and you get rubies someone used their paraglider just flooded all
of Satori mountain with vom arrows found about three thousand rupees worth and
saw that Lord of the mountain was dead now when does Lord of the mountain spawn
in my last two experiences of finding him there wasn’t a Blood Moon there
wasn’t anything special to symbolize the blue glow showing up and not showing up
granted if you kill it with BA mouth yeah you may need to wait until a Blood
Moon for it to show up again but uh this is a lot there’s so much going on with
this and I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Nintendo and the Zelda
team decided to pay homage to the previous CFO of Nintendo with the song
little Easter Egg guys I want to know what you think leave a comment down
below show some love if you’re brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn
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subscribe I’m going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next
following days and weeks till next time Austin John out

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  1. It's not pronounced "eye-wata", it's pronounced "e-wata"

    first 5 letters in the Japanese Alphabet: あ a, い i, う u, え e and お o.

    あ is pronounced "ah", い is pronounced "e", うis pronounced "ooo", え is pronounced "eh" and お is pronounced "oh"

    Iwata is spelled いわた in Hiragana (one of the alphabets used in Japanese). I is the first letter, Wa is the 2nd letter, Ta is the third letter.

  2. I was able to mount and soothe him with 2 2/5 stamina rings, wearing only my Sheikah set of armor. I'm not bragging… Just spreading the word that it can be done with less. Alright I'm bragging. I came here to see if there is anything I can do with him. 🙂

  3. Have you played with wicker ocarina of time twilight princess and sky sword oh that’s my only question😎😎😎

  4. dude if no monsters spawn while you're riding him then you can ride it to the castle and defeat only ganon with it. :–)

  5. Nintendo team:lets make him be killed if you tryed guy:so this is they treat me make me the best ridable animal but kill me yeah good way to remeber me with people thinking am a blupee and shooting me down with bomb arrows

  6. So under the Satori logic, Lord of the Mountain Satori that I WANT IT FOR A STEED TO RIDE INTO BATTLE AGAINST GANON!
    But the stable manager Don't Satori that idea, and is a Member of PETA right?

  7. And the location where you can find the lord of the mountain is also an area where one of Link's memories is that. This memory is Zelda speaking about how to treat a horse. Underneath the tree the cherry blossom are carrots hop feed him those carrots. "Bond" with the lord of the mountain I recommend going around the whole map. Have him die, a bridge with bomb arrows is perfect. Once he is dead Go get the other lord of the mountain, take it to the god of horses. BAM you got him. Also you can have up to 11 fairies you can gather a much quicker just by slicing the grass. Also you do need a pot because you'll be getting a lot of blood moons and when you get a blood moon use the light of the Blood Moon and start cooking you get mega boosts. Also all horses in the end are eventually the same you get gear which unlocks Spurs. Also when u dont want to bond with the lord of the mountain, you always have zelda horse, same area where the memory I spoke about. Same stats as lord of the mountain. Different is who u want to spend time on.

  8. Nobody except you knows about that. It's really creepy how mutch research you had to do to find that out

  9. Actually four eyes or Lord of the mountain isn't the only horse who has infinite stamina the giant horse or ganons horse has infinite stamina too so no need to be worrying about not registering infinite stamina horses because ganons horse or the giant horse can actually be registered but it's actually pretty big but the stable owner will still register it

  10. Iowata
    En masé?

    You're funny and I still like your videos but geez anything non English gets butchered

  11. I think they put 4 eyes on the horse cuz the guy wore glasses and over here when u wear glasses we call u 4 eyes just for fun :p

  12. yea you could say all that… or it could be the reincarnation of the sage that Ganondorf killed in twilight princess.

  13. I literally came straight here because I stumbled across that mesmerizing glow that is brighter than a shooting star. I am highly disappointed in the fact I cant keep him. Because I was totally gonna put the ancient horse bridle and saddle on him(even tho hes 100% maxed out already.

  14. I have found that the light from the mountain always appears around 5pm in the game, it's been 3 separate occasions where it has come up

  15. I saw the Lord of the Mountain because I was searching for shooting stars and I saw the blue glow thinking it was a star. When I got there, I said out loud, “WHAT THE F—- IS THAT?”

  16. I was searching for the mogg latan shrine to see the lord of the mountain I searched for whole 6 days (in-game) and found out I was on the wrong mountain😂 (I didn’t have ridgeland tower)

  17. So I saw the glowing mountain and made my way to it, only to find a glowing pond with a huge horse thing. But the first thing I did was try to kill it to see what it dropped

  18. Am I the only one who shot it in the face without scaring a a single blupee in hopes of rich rewards because its like the super blupee i thought i found the rupee fountain. So disappointed. ya i guess its cool to do nice things for your dead friends and stuff and he did a lot on the game but still at least a silver rupee maybe a purple one. anyway just bullet time arrow spam them and you get tons also use a duplex bow because it counts hits not hitpoints and 3 or more shot spreads too wide and lacks accuracy in the name of power.

  19. When I first saw The Lord Of The Mountain I thought it was two twin girls that merged into a horse somehow and loved blubies

  20. Partially. At the foot of the mountain there's also the ruins of a sage's temple. And on the mountain itself there are a camping site and an orchard with gardening tools. It may be meant to symbolise Iwata's spirit watching over but it is also the in-game it is the reincarnated soul of a literal sage that once watched over the wildlife of the mountain that sits next to his temple.

  21. Okay I have a way to get the lord of the mountain without sneaking get a shock arrow and shoot it next to it and it will be shocked so you can just stand next to it and jump on it after it’s done twitching hopes this helps

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