What Is the Best Time to Feed Your Horse
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What Is the Best Time to Feed Your Horse

October 19, 2019

We often wonder what to feed our horse, but
when we feed what is equally important. Since nutrients are digested in different
ways. See, a horse has two types of digestion. Enzymatic digestion in the small intestine
and fermentation in the hindgut. During enzymatic digestion, enzymes mainly
break starches and sugar down into glucose. Giving your horse an energy boost. During fermentation microbes break fibers
down into volatile fatty acids, gradually releasing energy. So, what’s the ideal feeding time? Well, first we recommend feeding your horse
more frequent. Smaller meals at regular intervals. Next, give concentrates rich in sugar and
starches. About one and a half to two hours before performance. In addition to you horses normal feed. This will result in an energy peak during
performance due to high blood glucose levels. Give concentres rich in fats and fibers at
least six to eight weeks to increase endurance. Offer your horse roughage as often as possible
to keep its digestive system full. this helps prevent stomach ulcers, dehydration
and colic. Furthermore providing roughage before concentrates
improves digestion. Does your horse sweat a lot? Immediately give sufficient water with a well
balanced electrolyte mix and last but not least, only give supplements for specific
needs. The ideal timing for supplements depends on
the product. Always give vitamins and mineral supplements
for at least four weeks. A single vitamin boost is not effective. Follow these guidelines for optimal performance. Need advice? Contact your nutritional partner Cavalor.

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