What now? Q&A (Solar Flare series)
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What now? Q&A (Solar Flare series)

December 1, 2019

Hello everyone! I want to tell a few ascpets of my future
on this channel. Firstly, I know that my all content is so confusing
right know and probably will. But, I think… I showed too little videos and
animations for now. One of the most confusing moment is that sombra
warrior/soldier wants to deliver the coursed scroll to the Celestia. That scene was too quickly. Indeed, I will try to change lots of issues
like that in future, but on the other hand I want make my content really incomprehensible
and symbolic like hard literature Secondly, main motive will be focusing on
defeating Nightmare Star and later… Daybreaker. Of course don’t worry! I’m planning make a three endings and something
more. I mean one good, one bad, and one neutral. Wow I made a team for my Project. I guess that was a good decision! What about COPPA? YouTube policy is very confusing for now and
I really don’t know. In fact that channel has a content with
MLP “for kids” but this is only a theory. If you will looking for other aspect for
example religion. My all content is about war, fire, satanic
unicorns, solar-fication, purge, extermination so… I think this content is not only for child. Is for everyone. So alright. Thanks everyone for watching my content another
part will soon.

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  1. This series looks incredible. It’s great you are also making three endings for it.

    Personally, the neutral ending sounds the most interesting for me.

  2. Don't worry about coppa just yet. Some good news has come out recently, the biggest of which is youtube lied to us. It's not just 2 options: made for kids or not made for kids. There is another thing in the coppa law called the "general audience exception" rule. It addresses the grey area of content that is enjoyed by both kids and adults. Most brony content on youtube would fall under that rule. Still researching it.

  3. Было бы классно если я бы понимал английский но я дебил и нихера не понял

  4. I really enjoy watching your satanic unicorns ??

    fire and brimstone are biblical unicorn farts ? ?

    3 endings! I can’t wait ??

  5. If you're worried about coppa you can always start each video with "fuck coppa". Theres no way they can mark the F word as kid friendly. You may lose monetization for swearing but it's still better than losing likes, comments, and notifications.

  6. Hold the phone add another ending i really want my op mlp oc Disaster Dash in it since i failed to get her in the mlp session 9 so i thought about this why not put her in the Solar Flare series

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