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September 23, 2019

What exactly are you doing? There you go! Hi guys! Thanks for watching this new video! I’m with Romy van der Linden. She has her own channel and asked me to film a video together. I usually don’t respond to that, but I’ve been watching Romy’s video’s for a few months now… So I said yes! She’s great and she deserves way more subscribers than she has now. Awh, sweet! We filmed two video’s, one for my channel and one for hers. Yours is an Expectations vs Reality …
– About buying your own horse. She just bought her first horse and I have Marley for several years of course, but I recognized a lot! And this video for my channel! It’s about what people think versus what you think yourself! It’s American based, you might have seen these photo’s… It was pretty hard to translate it to Dutch, because it was so perfect in English… Dutch sounded a little weird, but put a lot of effort into it. Have fun watching! Okay Romy, we’re gonna do some leg-yielding. What exactly are you doing? Yielding! Okay so uhm, that’s not really how you should do it… Mom, I’m gonna go crossing in the park! Please be careful! I prefer a nice, slow walk! And watch the traffic! Oh no, so gross! So, what are we doing this weekend?
– Well, I have a cross planned on Sunday. Oh. What about Saturday? I planned to go for an outside ride, to prepare for the cross. So uhm, I’m not available then. But you can come! Yeah, nice. So nice to have a girlfriend with a horse. And Sjoerd came, I told him to come. What did you say?
– I said I told you you had to come today. Yeah, I’m the victim. Hi! Do you wanna come to the movies with me?
– I would love to, but I don’t have any money… Oh, that’s sad.
– Yeah, maybe next time! – Would be nice! So we checked his eyes… His teeth are fixed… And he’s had his vaccinations. That makes 425 euros.
– Yeah, of course! There you go! Ooooh, apples, apples, apples, apples! Come on, let’s go! I think he’s the one eating the pie in a minute… Okay so uhm, I’ll just take the bag then. Oh, dropped it. Yes, these things happen and that’s what makes it memorable… That was the video! We hope you enjoyed it! Please check out Romy’s video as well, you can find it in the ‘i’ in the corner. Don’t take it too seriously, it was meant as a joke. Your mom or instructor probably don’t think the way we showed in the video. We enjoyed making it.
– Yeah, I love that you wanted to film with me! Thanks a lot for watching, see you next time!
– Bye bye!

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