“What the horse whispers” clinic with Ditte Young, Viborg, Aug 2019
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“What the horse whispers” clinic with Ditte Young, Viborg, Aug 2019

October 18, 2019

I was born in 1979, I have a twin sister called Marie, however – that wasn’t our names back then. Back then we had a biological mother who wasn’t able to take care of us, so Marie and I was sent four different places before we ended up in an orphanage as 9 months old babies. On a hot summer day, we got on a plane towards Kastrup, Copenhagen when we were 13 months old. The shock I’ve got with me in my nervous system are very deep and they have created big relation difficulties for me, so I haven’t been able to connect to anything or anyone. Working with people and helping then to connect, has been very provoking and emotionally difficult for me, but it also gives me a lot on a personal level. It gives me drive because I have a personal story about getting into a symbiosis. Then I arrived in Denmark and I don’t have blond hair and blue eyes, I went to schools with other girls with brown hair or blond hair, blue eyes or brown eyes. I asked my friends: “Do you see a Korean when you look at me? What do you see when you look at me?” and they responded, “We just see Ditte, what are you talking about?” But it is interesting that I see something else than how other people see me, so I had a feeling of being different. Then besides looking different, I like how I look even though you can see that I’m not originated from Denmark, then there is also added that I’m born extra sensitive. Can anybody recognize that word? It is used a lot. We are all born sensitive and then there are some who are more sensitive than others, but if you want the morality and the theory correct, then I recommend that you take a serious study. Otherwise, then being different I also had the ability to talk to animals, and you should know that I don’t have any animals and I am not a rider. I was very afraid of horses, still am somehow, I think they are very large and unpredictable as you know. I tried to figure out how it worked with the animal communication and just went for it. Figure out the problems in your life, if it is your friend, colleague or boyfriend/girlfriend or horses, do you follow me? Why should we get rid of the horses? We don’t get rid of our children, well my mother did but most people don’t. It is easier to sell the horse; it is harsh conditions. Whereas I think it is a virtue if you understand what it is you are buying primarily, and if the ambitions are the same in this partnership? Because I want us to be more connected, which is a separate chapter also in the book. Most people tell me that they are connected with their horse, where I think: “No honey, you really are not. You love your horse but that is not the same thing”. I think being connected means that you breathe simultaneously, your hearts beats in the same rhytm, which should be physically impossible because you don’t have the same pulse. And we move in the same ease, which is what every dressage rider strides towards, can we agree on that? What do you feel? I feel a different space, as if the blood slowly flows around. From me to you and from you to me, right? Yes, and I feel a heat between us. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are open or closed, but try to follow my pulse or our pulse as it has become. I’ll put it into words what I feel in her personality, the relation to you humans, her resources and challenges also in the future and of course her health, because that is what you would most like to hear. Then it is very important for me to say that I am not a veterinarian, so I won’t give you a diagnosis, but I will give you a lateral reading and a Charlotte, give her a hand. Welcome and thank you for being here.

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