What to wear at the races:Women’s Horse Race Fashion

August 16, 2019

if you’re going to the races you
can make a quick stop at Tully Rector to get your race outfit. This is a dress
from Milly New York. Floral which are huge this year it’d be a great dress
to wear for the races is ideal for a lovely sunny race afternoon. This is a
two-piece from Milly New York they’re sold separately you’ve got a dress which
has the raw edge hem which is very big this year the dress is sleeveless which
it can be worn on its own also. If the weather’s a little cooler for the spring
races you could put the jacket over the dress. Remember for the races it’s
always great to have a hat with a little flair and a dip to the curve. These
dresses are from Alison Olivia who’s a young designer out of New York this is a
wonderful little dress for the younger set. Very sexy it could be accessorized
with a wrap or a cardigan or jacket or just worn on its own and you could wear
anything from tennis shoes with this which is really in style too a little
sandal at the races also from Alice Olivia cute little dress which could be
accessorized with a beautiful black hat or red or you could pop any of the
colors out of it these are from Elie Tahari and it all depends if you want to
go with the dress which you could accessorize with a hat you could do a
jacket a wrap around it if you prefer pants we’ve got these beautiful blue
which is a huge color this year pants with a nice silk blouse to go with it
two jackets from Veronica beard beautiful raspberry color and the
periwinkle blue both which are huge colors for spring they could be worn
with dress pants or jeans whichever direction you’d like to take for the
races have a wonderful time at this year’s races

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