What Was Your Hardest Day On The Bike? | GCN Asks The Pros

October 9, 2019

– Any cyclist will know that,
beautiful as the sport is, sometimes cycling can be
tough, and it is no different for the the professional riders. So I, at the Women’s
Tour in Great Britain, thought I would ask the
professional women riders what their hardest day on a bike was. (upbeat music) – Ooh…
– Uh… – Ooh…
– Ooh… (laughs) – What was your hardest
day on a bike ever? – The day where I had to commute and I got a puncture and I
hadn’t taken a spare inner tube, so I just took the hit
and rode with a flat tire. – I’m glad to hear
someone had a bad commute. That’s harder than any race, brilliant. – Yeah, I got to work and
I was knackered (laughs). – Probably racing you up that climb in Taiwan last October. That was pretty tough, I’ve gotta say. – Yeah, that was a painful day. I couldn’t walk for hours. – Well, I’m glad you say that. That was pretty tough,
’cause of the altitude and all the climbing. – It was worth it though. I mean, you rode super well. – Yeah, it was a really good day. That was like no ride I
have ever done before. – Ooh, ever? Probably we had an all dash tour like two years ago, and they
took us up Mont Ventoux. I mean, cool race to do, but
it was pretty savage (laughs). – Well, it’s hard to say,
because cycling is an artwork, but I would say when I won
the French marathon in 2014, was I think the hardest day in my life. – But worth it, hey, if you win? – Yeah, exactly, so it was
less painful at the end. – Oooh, I had a few. I think, World Championships, but that’s, I forgot, that’s easy. – But it worked out well, hey? – Yeah exactly, Strade Bianche
was also a really hard one but of course, also in
training some hard days. – What I think it’s been Giro
2016 when I had heat stroke, just in the middle of the race and I got like 16 minutes of delay and when I came to the finish
line, it was 40 degrees but I’d been asking for a
jacket because I was cold. – Oh, I think it’s worse in racing, maybe some races in
Holland, full of side winds. – Side winds sucks eh? – It sucks, yeah (laughs). – Oh I think Strade
Bianche this year really, I will remember the end
of my life that day. It was so cold and so long. I really, I was just
looking for the finish line. – I think it will be today (laughs). Yeah, it’s such a long stage and the (speaks in a foreign language) kilometers. Yeah, I think its longest
stage in the year. – (laughs) Oh, I think this
year in Strade Bianche. Yeah, that was a hard race, yeah. – Oh, it’s a tough one on the spot. Maybe it’s from the Women’s Tour actually, 2014 Emma Johansson was in
the yellow jersey from Day 1, so we went really hard Day 2, I got piped on Day 2, and then Day 3 was meant to be my day, it was flat, perfect, got
dropped down to five kilometers. So, that’s the price you have to pay when your defending yellow, but it was worth it in the end. – Probably a training to day to be honest. Train harder than you race, so yeah. – She’s got it, she knows. What was your hardest day on a bike, ever. – (laughs) Ever, well, I
remember a really tough stage in Giro when I was really bad and we had a mountain stage with I think three climbs
and a finish up hill, and I finished like half an hour later than the first rider or something. So that sticks in my mind, but for sure there are
many more hard, hard races. Also last Strade Bianche was really hard with the weather of course, so yeah. – Oh, too many hard days
on the bike (laughs). – The worst experience. – Um, oh that’s a hard question. Actually I don’t know,
always Liege is hard, oh last year, Yorkshire I suffered a lot. – Well there you go, everybody
has though days on the bike even the best professionals in the world. Why not let us know in the comments, what your hardest day on the bike was. And you can maybe click up here if you want to see how
to feel more comfortable on a climb, for when your struggling.

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