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WHAT’S GOING ON WITH MISS KITTY? // Versatile Horsemanship

February 29, 2020

in today’s video I just want to talk to
you a little bit about Miss Kitty I’ve had a lot of people asked me for
follow-up on her since she had her choking incident and basically here’s
what’s been going on it’s been over a month since she choked and if you’re not
familiar with Miss Kitty’s history I’ll put a link above to her playlist you can
go and see what’s going on with her but basically she’s 26 years old and she
choked about a month ago and then we had a couple weeks after that we had a
chiropractic adjustment done on her and then we also a week after that had her
teeth done so during the dental exam we found a lump in her mouth here’s a quick
look inside Miss Kitty’s mouth if you’d like to see the full dental exam I’ll
post that link in the description below I’ve been soaking Miss Kitty’s grain
every day since she choked Miss Kitty eats new trina safe choice
senior green she gets private Cox and she’s on a joint supplement so what I
tried is just to see if maybe it was just her teeth that needed to be floated
that caused a choke and the other day I just I decided to just give it to her
without soaking it to see how she would do and within a few minutes she did
choke on it again she was able to clear it right away I just rubbed her throat
she was fine but it’s such a it is an inconvenience too and I hate to see that
because I don’t want to sound like my horses are inconvenient but I have been
giving her grain twice a day and having the tote hot water out to the barn to
soak the grain is you know it’s it just adds a lot more daily work and so trying
to when you’ve got as many horses as I do you try to keep it to a minimum so I
just wanted to see if it was necessary to soak her grain and it is it is so I’m
gonna need to continue to soak her grain basically what’s happening is the the
lump that she has in her mouth it’s located on the bottom and it’s it’s
where I think half of a tooth was so she’s got a tooth that’s broken or is
missing one of the two and this lump grew there so when she bites down I
think the top tooth is pressing on it so what I need to do going forward is
I’m gonna talk to my vet you know she mentioned having a biopsy done on it
just to see if it’s it’s cancer or not and I’m not so much concerned about that
because basically if it is cancer I don’t think there’s really much that we
could do at this point she’s 26 years old so um but my thoughts are if if it’s
possible to remove the lump in her mouth I want to check on that I want to see if
that’s an option or not but basically you know I don’t mind giving her wet
feed the rest of her life that is just fine as long as I know that that’s what
she needs to be comfortable and healthy that’s what we’ll do she is eating hay
but not much she used to really eat hay very very
well until just recently so I know that it’s bothering her she
will like this stall for instance she was in here last night in this hay this
is two flakes of hay that I had put in the corner underneath that hay bag and
this is how much of a mess she made out of it so I know she didn’t eat very much
of it and she really likes like the fine little the the chaff that’s her favorite
so she’ll kind of dig through and she’ll eat it but I have been watching her a
lot so basically how I been determining how
much to feed her because I’m a little nervous going into winter with her
having these issues she looked really really good right now
you know she’s some of course she’s got a little bit of a sway back but again
she’s 26 years old so and I try to have I tried to use her for lessons as many
days a week as I can she’ll only get one ride a day and I try to put smaller
riders on her that ride bareback so and she really loves to move she trots great
she’s um she’s happy to exercise she really loves to do a job and I want to
make sure she doesn’t lose that muscle and she doesn’t lose the use of her
joints and that sort of stuff because she does have a little bit of arthritis
so basically where I’m going is I’m a little nervous going into winter because
I don’t want her to drop any weight so what I’m doing feed wise is I’m giving
her as much grain she’ll eat and I just kind of keep
playing with it so I would say she’s getting about five pounds of grain right
now per feeding and I’m feeding her twice a day so in that five pounds you
know she’s eating it she eats all of it really well and if I can increase that a
little bit I’m going to so basically whatever she’ll eat is what I’ll feed
her I’m not gonna skimp at all on what she’ll eat because I don’t think that I
have to worry about her getting fat at this point so I’m just gonna kind of
keep feeding her whatever she’ll eat now sometimes what happens is she gets about
halfway done with her grain and she flips it over and she won’t eat the rest
so that’s kind of frustrating because you know feed is really expensive so I
pay about $20 for a 50-pound bag of new Treena equine senior and if she’s gonna
be wasting it that’s a bummer but you know if she’ll eat it I’ll feed her as
much as she’ll eat but so yeah there’s just so many things to think about when
these horses get older how much it costs to feed them what they’re actually
willing to eat and then just the trail and error trying to figure out what the
heck you know they’re gonna be happy eating so I think I might try some
chopped hay for her see if she’ll see if she’ll do that
I just don’t know yeah that’s what she does she goes ahead and flips it over
and then just lets it sit there so what I’ve been doing is in the morning I
don’t like to leave my horses in stalls but I have been leaving her in an area
where she can get in and out of a stall throughout the night and that way I can
just give her her grain in the morning and then when she’s you know I give her
a couple hours eat it and then I can go back out put her out in the pasture for
the day and then in the evening I go ahead and stick her back in the stall
and that way she can come in and out and take as long as she needs but it’s been
taking her a couple hours to finish her food so because she kind of picks at it
leaves it comes back because it’s a lot of food to eat all at once
I wish there away for her just to have a continued
supply of food all the time but having her in a hurt environment it’s nearly
impossible when horses are kept by themselves they get really lonely so
it’s not something that I want to do for her is to put her by herself you know I
learned that from poco he had to be he had to have feed available at all times
because he was so thin as he got older and it was sad because he just didn’t
want to eat and he didn’t want to be alone so it was hard and this horse
actually Miss Kitty a spoon in my hand because I was stirring her grain but
this horse is the one that I would put with him for a few hours in the
afternoon every day just so he had somebody to hang out with because he
would get so sad being alone when you’ve got horses that have sort of a high
maintenance schedule it makes it very hard to try to plan to go places and and
just to do things besides take care of horses so this is the struggle is real
but you know whenever I need to do to make sure that she’s eating and she’s
comfortable that’s good now what I want to know is so Miss Kitty is officially
my oldest horse that I’ve ever had if you saw the video I posted recently
about my heart horse poco he was 26 when he died and Miss Kitty’s 26 so she’s
officially my oldest horse that I’ve ever had you know my parents have had
horses to live much older than she is but this is personally my oldest horse
so what I want to know is any of you that have had horses to live over the
age of 26 tell me what you feed him she’s really not a fan of beet pulp so
that’s not something that she’s interested in I’ve been giving her I’ve
added some alfalfa pellets into there soaked and she’ll eat it if there’s
maybe like two cups in there but she won’t eat more than two cups that
alfalfa pellets at a time alfalfa cubes soaked she doesn’t want
anything to do with them so I tried she’s she’s getting kind of fussy in her
old age so and that concerns me because if they won’t eat there’s really not
much you can do about that so tell me in the comments below what
you do to feed older horses when they have to have their food wet or
what kind of feed you give them that you think works pretty well I’d love to hear
your thoughts well that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed this little update
about Miss Kitty and I’ll see you in the next one thanks so much for watching bye

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  1. If anyone ever judges you for your honesty, that person is not worth worrying about for one second. It has to be difficult for you bringing out hot water that wants to turn into ice with every step. Do you think a bucket mounted on wall would prevent flipping out the good stuff sort of like you did for Manzer? You were born with an enviable load of duty and compassion. My respect.

  2. Sucks when our babies get old and acquire special needs, but Miss Kitty is extremely lucky to have you to take such good care of her and her elderly needs. Have you tried adding some bran mash to her feed since she doesnt care for beet pulp and soaking her grass hay as well in the stall to make it easier for her eat hay? The senior feed does have a good deal of the needed ruffage in it because as horses get older it's harder for them to graze or eat hay. I have no suggestions for chopping the hay up :0(

  3. Totally understand what you mean bye a "inconvenience" no horse is an inconvenience in my eye but when it is 10° out it is pretty hard to keep it from freezing, I am struggling with beet pulp here and I hate toting it in and out of the house😂😂

  4. Poor old Miss Kitty. She is so lucky to be with you taking so much care of her food intake problem, with love and attention. I hope this is a benign lump. Only the vet can advise on what to do and what is best for her if it doesn't grow. Hoping for the best, she can still have many years to go as she seems fit and in good condition

  5. Keeping older and infirm animals of any species is always a challenge. There is no right or wrong way, just what works for you and that animal at that time. As you know, what worked yesterday may not work today, so it is always a bit of a puzzle.

    I would suggest that you buy an electric kettle to keep in the barn instead of lugging hot water from the house. The kettle is really great for when you need to soak an abscessed foot too.

  6. We have some senior horses at work and they do well on chopped hay. We chop it ourselves since the bagged stuff is crazy expensive as I'm sure you know. They also get as much of a 12% pellet and/or senior that they will eat, and beet pulp if they will eat it (most of them won't). Have you thought about adding oil to her grain? Since you have to soak it anyway, that could add some calories to it. Of course, some horses don't like oil, too, and it does get messy. I would definitely try some chopped hay for her though!

  7. When Miss Kitty flips her grain bucket cant you let another horse com in and eat the rest?? Less waste?? Give her a kiss for me.

  8. Miss Kitty looks great for her age, so you must be doing something right. Like kk doc, I wondered if using a bucket on the wall like you used for Manzer would help. Did I hear you mention "chop"? We gave ground grain my dad called chop to our pony years ago, but only in the winter since it was so rich. Also, hauling hot water out from the house to her pasture was really hard, especially when it was 40 below. Hope that Miss Kitty is able to hold her weight though out the winter, and continues to thrive. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  9. Have you tried chaff hay? Being that it's not as dry as regular hay it might help. Maybe spraying a few little spritz of water? Sorry I can't help in the grain department!💓 All my love to the Versatile horses and the girls who ride them! And to their fearless leader, Brandi! 💓💛💚💙💜🌈🍇🍧🍏🍌🍉🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  10. If you have copra and Lupins where you live then they are really good for weight gain they are cost effective and you don’t have too feed too much. Just add chaff and a oil and vitamin and mineral supplement and salt and she should be good. My QH mare is 24 and I’m lucky she’s a pretty easy keeper but when she dropped weight I fed copra and soaked lupins and she packed the weight back on.

  11. Hi Brandi , my friend had her 14.2 hh, Connemara for her 16th birthday he was one year old then , he lived to 32 years old , he had Cushing disease towards the end, she didn’t have a specific diet for him and we probably have different feeds over here in U.K., but we always feed dampened food in the U.K. regardless of age, also where I kept my pony many years ago there was a 12.2 pony called Toby he was 42 when he died and was buried on the farm he lived at all his life .

  12. My mare was fed maintenance and in summer had an electric field fenced off (but by the other horses) and she had unlimitied grass. Then at night got 2 bales of hay, worked for her!

  13. You can follow Miss Kitty’s journey here (all of her videos are listed in chronological order) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIR-JJucLqwKXqrtPvU4Gbt50s3ao22qi

  14. Brandy – buy you a cheap electric tea pot to use to get hot water for Miss Kitty's grain. I buy mine at Kohls for a quick cup of tea! (I don't like to heat my hot tea water in the Microwave) You can buy one that is glass or stainless steel (probably best in the barn). Love her story & the love you give her!

  15. My boy flips his feed as well, I just scrape it up and put it back in, lol! Then he does end up eating it so I don't waste it!

  16. My mare is 31:). I feed her equine senior and alfalfa and hay. She is a tough horse and has never been sick. So I’m lucky. She does have teeth problems now due to old age so we have to float them more than the average horse and make sure everything is wet that we feed her. Maybe softened alfalfa cubes for miss Kitty?

  17. Hey Brandi, I don’t have any experience with older horses but my Appaloosa was very picky with his feed. I don’t blanket and was always worried about them dropping weight in the winter. I started feeding alfalfa pellets soaked but he wouldn’t eat it at first. So I mixed half grain and half alfalfa pellets and gradually (over a month or more) put less grain and more pellets. I also got the most sweetest most molasses feed I could find. Only because I don’t really believe grain has too much to offer them, I thought the alfalfa offered more in my case. But he loved the sweet feed so I got Omelene 200 and mixed it with the pellets. Now we’re down to strictly alfalfa pellets and no grain. I only do this in the winter, every other time they get half grain half oats for feeding time.

  18. I really hope Miss Kitty gets better! My gelding is turning 26 this year and luckily he's still been a mostly easy keeper for his age. He does get nutrena senior, I wet his but not completely soak it because it seems like he hates it if I do, and constant hay. If I notice he is looking on the thinner side in winter I will add in a little bit of soaked alfalfa pellets too.

  19. Can you bring the grain in at night and mix it in the house so it will be ready in the AM, so out don't have to tote hot water to the barn?

  20. I also have to soak feed and beer pulp. I found a small electric tea pot that heats water in less than 2 minutes. Cost me $5 at 2nd hand shop. Works perfect and don't have to haul water.

  21. We have a 31yr old who is missing teeth. Luckily she can still eat hay. We also supplement twice a day with several lbs of Haystack Special Blend pellets consisting of Timothy hay, alfalfa, canola meal, flax meal, beet pulp, and rice bran made into a soaked mash. She LOVES her warm wet mash!

  22. Here are some thoughts. Hay Stretcher, its pelleted hay in a large or small pellet and can be soaked. To add c as glories to a thin horse consider canola oil added to feed.

  23. None of our horses have ever really had trouble with choking (at least, not that I'm aware of), but pretty much all of the ones we've ever had lived into their mid thirties to somewhere in their forties. We've always fed them a mixture of sweet feed and normal grain, but I can't honestly tell you why or how we came up with that – it's just something that my grandfather did, and we never changed it. When we notice the older horses struggling to keep weight on, we'll add senior feed to their mixture then, and then they seem to do fine. But I suppose we're very fortunate not to have to deal with a choke situation!

  24. What about putting the feed in a attached feeder in the corner 🤔 so she can't spill it. Looks like your doing all the best things to make her a great life 🥰

  25. With my old man, may he rest in peace, I fed him buckets of soaked feed, four times a day. He got alfalfa cubes, beet pulp, and safe choice senior. He had little to no chewing surface left ( his teeth got wave mouthed) and he had cushings… cushings is what took him from me… couldn’t fight it off anymore…

  26. Hi Brandi,
    I agree with Imagine Horses , hi fellow Aussie 😊
    No matter what adjustments I make to my horses feed, if I add Copra they eat most anything. I adjust the amount according to what I’m putting in their “mash”, you don’t have to soak Copra, I do because I’m already soaking Beet. My horses are not that keen on straight beet, so I add Copra for taste, coat, etc
    I vary between speedi beet and fibre beet (British horse feeds) currently as a base, you can soak it over night for morning feed and through the day for night feed, it helps speed up the prep time.
    You may be able to do the same with Miss Kittys senior feed?
    I have also found that mixing Chaff in at the last minute adds texture that they really like, no waste
    I am in Australia. With the bushfires and floods horse owners here are having to be creative due to shortages on different types of feed.

    Copra Easily digestible source of cool energy.
    CoolStance® is a premium quality coconut meal that is dried, baked, and ground to provide a “cool” source of calories for horses.
    I did a quick search for USA , Check the link for US brand and reviews https://www.smartpakequine.com/ps/coolstance-copra-18614
    Also Full Fat Soy bean meal is great for weight gain.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, I enjoy your videos,

    (Ps sorry for long response, I got a bit carried away… lol ) 🐎🤠🐴

  27. It's hard to run a farm and have a special needs animal to tend. I hope you found something that works for her that you can manage easier. Love to Miss Kitty.

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