What’s the best road bike 2018? GRAN FONDO race bike group test
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What’s the best road bike 2018? GRAN FONDO race bike group test

October 30, 2019

Think since being explore psychic my perception has changed Quite a bit Oddities before we were focused massively on performance only you know aerodynamics Weight these are things that you know special fighting 1% now being an ex-pro I’m much more focused on comfort and overall experience of just riding and Enjoying my day riding People think they want a race bike, but what they actually want is an endurance bike and they don’t know because they haven’t tried it. It’s funny cause I think it’s, what do they think they need, and then what do they actually end up liking So for us a lot of clients come in, used to wanting a light stiff carbon bike and then when they came or come to the service course we also have steel bikes and The perception initially is very like ‘ok this is going to be too heavy and I’m not gonna like this bike’ but the moment they ride it, their perception very quickly changes and they so much enjoy the benefits of a steel bike. It’s a very romantic thing, it’s a bike that’s really meant to be ridden being able to enjoy riding more is what I think more people should focus on rather than me faster So the difference is I get to do what I want now, whereas when you’re a pro cyclist you’re at the whim of the team management and the sponsorship obligations, which unfortunately often many didn’t get the best equipment. Ironically the stuff I have now is much better than I did when I was racing which is stupid. That’s actually the truth. And that’s kind of the funny thing about professional cycling. It’s not like Formula 1, everything professional cyclists use, if you’ve got the money you can walk into a shop or go online and buy, and often go and buy better stuff than a pro cyclist can use. For me the number one was handling, it had to handle well. If it didn’t handle well, then it wouldn’t matter if it was a kilo lighter or stiffer, cause it’s in the handling were you can lose races I think. If the bike handled like shit, then it was a shit bike to me. Lot of stuff we use for bike racing although it’s purist, it’s kind of light, it’s fast, is often disposable and is often not very aesthetically pleasing. And then again that’s one of the ironies a lot of the pro racing stuff is almost disposable, You know it’s kind of it’s it’s as. I’m not to last it’s kind of designed not to last. Edge performance is they don’t care about how it looks like or how it lasts as long as it gets the job done. A lot of people think that race bikes are all about aerodynamics, weight and stiffness. But to be honest, I think that’s a really old school view. Why? Because when I jump on a race bike, I want to go fast, so the most important criteria that I expect from a race bike is confidence. We are here in Girona testing the most exciting race bikes of the upcoming season. Which one is the fastest? You’ll find out in the next issue.

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  1. Christian Meier hit the damn nail on the head… group rides are full of aero carbon frames, Di2 gruppos, 50mm deep carbon wheels, and sparkling new 6k bikes only to see 1/3 of the group bonk after 25 miles.

  2. Not going to thumbs down because there is potential. I sort of liked the atmosphere of the video (wasn't expecting it though), what was important to each reviewer & why (again not expecting it), the quality of the picture…


    Audio was too high then too low

    Didn't tell us it was a 2 part (or more video)

    Didn't even preview the contenders.

    I thought I was going to watch a quick to the point video & instead I watched a commercial for another video to be released at a later date, & at the same time is trying to win a Sundance award for emotional, feely good scenes & deep thought into the soul of cycling.

    Guess I'll stick with gcn for the moment

  3. Great clip! I would have watched for another 10min those great comments on what make a great bike – but in the end it's disapointing to have only half the story…

  4. For once a fresh perspective (from ex-racers, mind you) that challenges the dominant consumerist, marketing-driven pageantry that most other cycling vids have become.

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