Wheel size determines your skating style!
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Wheel size determines your skating style!

October 30, 2019

How important is your wheel size? Well, it determines your way of skating. The smaller are the wheels, the easier it is to control them and the lower is your center of gravity. Also, the bigger are the wheels the higher speed you’ll get and less vibration This is why the smallest wheels are used by aggressive skaters. Aggressive skating reqiures maximum control for their tricks. Also, such small wheels can take the skater’s weight when they land their jumps. Next is the slalom style. It still requires a lot of control, but bigger size gives more opportunities. The most common size is a bit larger. Technically, it can be used for any style, but if you want to go advanced, you would need to adjust your skates to fit the style. The biggest wheels are for the highest speed. That’s, basically the name – Speedskating! Whichever type of skating you choose, what really matters is that you skate and enjoy it! If you have any questions you can contact ProSkaters Place, or type them in the comments.

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  1. ive got new inline skates and the back and front wheels are 72 mm and the two middle ones are 76mm what are theses wheel good for

  2. Please i really need help, i have 72mm wheels on my ABRC 5 frame and i want to change the wheels to 76 or 80mm wheels.
    But i am not pretty much sure if it will fit properly!

  3. Can you please tell me the brand an name of the model at 0:08? The one with the orange details, mainly black / grey / white.. thank you very much! 🙂

  4. Loved the video. However I have a question.
    Should I consider the 90mm wheel size skates. I want a combination of speed and manoeuvreability ( manoeuvreability being my priority. ) However I don't want to compromise on the speed either. Also, the roads in India may need the 90mm. Will I be right in choosing this?

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