When This Horse Gave Birth To Her Baby, Workers Saw The Afterbirth And Made A Shocking Discovery
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When This Horse Gave Birth To Her Baby, Workers Saw The Afterbirth And Made A Shocking Discovery

August 13, 2019

after almost a year of waiting Daisy the
mayor finally gave birth to a gorgeous fall
however when breeders studied her after birth what they saw made their jaws drop Jenny Benson founded Saratoga stud in
1997 the business is based in South Africa and focuses on breeding
high-quality horses for sport needless to say then Benson dedicates her life to
the animals in her care but although she attended to all her
horses equally Benson still couldn’t help but to have her favourites and
among them was one mayor named Daisy so when in 2014
Daisy became pregnant for the first time the breeder was over the moon Daisy had
arrived at Saratoga stud from England and she often caught the eye of visitors
on the ranch thanks to her beautiful Palomino
coloring that seemed therefore bred her with one of their stallions Trello Berg
decanter the average gestation period for horses is 11 months often for
example stallions will impregnate mares in summer and the foals will arrive the
following spring over the passing months then Daisy’s pregnancy progressed
normally by January 2014 though the horse was a week overdue however it was
then that a stable worker rang Benson to tell her that the mayor had gone into
labor and the breeder and her husband arrived at the scene just in time to
witness the birth Daisy had fold a stunning and absolutely tiny Palomino
Colt in fact the baby’s size confused Benson because his mother was quite tall
at close to 18 hands but although the colt was small Benson was delighted with
the new arrival and naturally she wanted to support Daisy so she decided to stay
by the animal’s side in the stable to comfort her as best she could however
when Daisy began to deliver the placenta something didn’t seem right
in fact it appeared to Benson that her beloved mare was going into labor once
again at this point Daisy became distracted by her newborn full but
Benson was still convinced that something was going on
so she placed her hand inside the horse and to her amazement touch
two tiny feet with no time to lose Benson got her husband to pull the fall
out as he did so Benson held her arms open to catch the animal and when it
finally emerged the couple waited with bated breath to see if the little
creature was alive amazingly it was Daisy had given birth to a healthy cry
mellow filly making her the mother of one boy and one girl
Benson immediately noticed that unlike her brother
the fall was tiny but her fighting spirit was clear for all to see
nevertheless the twins would need all the assistance they could get if they
were to grow big and strong so Benson helped out with bottle feeds until both
twins were suckling from their mom with ease and at that point the breeder was
sure they both survived Daisy’s heartwarming story subsequently
touched many animal lovers hearts and a facebook photo album documenting her
labor soon garnered more than a thousand likes
wow what a miracle red would comment below the images praying that mom and
both babies do well interestingly a Quine twins are pretty rare double
pregnancies often result in miscarriages as mares are just not physically
equipped to carry more than one baby as a result it’s thought that just one twin
pregnancy in a hundred will result in two healthy foals but thankfully it
seems that Daisy and her babies were among the lucky ones
Benson later decided to name the Colt Don Quixote and the filly duet and in
her and her team’s expert care both the twins were soon thriving so in January
2015 Benson let the twins out for their
stable for the very first time to begin with Benson was worried that Daisy might
abandon her babies when they were out in the open
however the doting mom ensured that her foal stayed nearby and the outing went
completely to plan duet is catching up in size to her
brother she won’t be as big as him but we didn’t think she’d grow as close in
size to him as she has already read an update on the Saratoga stud Facebook
page in 2015 she’s full of spunk and joy and they both enjoy a good gallop around
the paddock when let out in the morning they then
spend most of the day grazing next to each other in May 2016 Don Quixote and
duet had blossomed into beautiful animals they’re both growing up into
spectacular young horses very mature for their age
a Facebook post revealed you cannot believe that these two have grown up
into these two horses Benson decided the twins were so special that she couldn’t
put them up for sale so now they’re growing up by their mother’s side and
one day they’ll no doubt become just as lovely as she is I hope you liked this
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  1. Stop breeding animals there are too many homeless ones being neglected, starved and slaughtered. Put your greed aside and do the right thing.

  2. Beautiful story so glad you're keeping the twins God bless horse owners may they all treat their animals with love, kindness and respect

  3. I have a palomino that just looks like Daisy. her name is Freska, but even before I watched this video I thought that she looks like she should be named Daisy. She might be breaded in a few years, so if she has a girl palomino that looks like her, I will name her Daisy. Love this video!!!!

  4. Beautiful mare! Very poor care! Horses aren’t supposed to have twins. With proper vet care one would have been eliminated in utero. Most of the time both foals die at birth and the mare is also at risk. The little foal was most likely conceived 3 wks after the 1st one when the mare cycled back in and produced another follicle. That’s not supposed to happen either! I wonder if this woman was giving the mare hormone shots? If you’re going to breed horses you should be responsible enough to learn about it!

  5. You have beautiful horses. Both Fowles are beautiful. When they get older .Are you going to sell them. Are keep them. Thank you for sharing the birth. Best wishes to all of you.

  6. 11 mo. If the MARE is a certain age because when a MARE is about 20 they take another month and as they get older they take longer and longer to foal

  7. Hm…. high quality for sport, that means being forced to do what their owners want them to do. Why can't animals be left alone. Too many horses now needling loving homes so STOP BREEDING ANY MORE until all horses have loving homes.

  8. I didn't just liked the video I loved it ? Two little miricles born into this world is a good cause for celebration but sadly in a lot of cases twin foals are seen as an in convenience or burden because the mare has to work harder raising the extra foal and it puts extra stress on the mare .Personally I believe that when twins are born if managed properly and the mare is given extra support if needed it would make much of a difference .

  9. Awwwwww!!! WHAT A VERY BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE!!! So glad that they are all healthy, and, I pray they all continue to stay healthy. And, am so glad the breeders decided to not sell either Colt!!! So beautiful on their part, too!!! And, God Bless them ALL with long and healthy lives, and, lots of love – including the breeders!!! Thank you for not selling the twins.

  10. I do wish they would have shown more on them once they had grown as well as them together in video grown but all the same a good story with a happy end

  11. I too just didn't like this vid— I LOVED IT** Beautiful story and please -would really like to see more vid of them grown and with their mom – If that is possible.. thank YOU ALL for being such caring owners —

  12. Twin foals often end up with “crush syndrome” because there just isn’t enough pace during gestation

  13. Thank you for helping the mare while the twins were growing. Horses are one of God's most beautiful creations.

  14. I wish people would get it through their heads that animals are NOT boys and girls, but male and female!!!

  15. There were too many photos of other horses and not enough of the twins. It should have all been photos of the mother and twins, especially the grown twins.

  16. STOP BREEDING HORSES, there are too many sold off now to slaughter yards. Too many greedy breeders.

  17. My family rescued a mare from my horrible aunt and we quickly found out she was pregnant. Well we woke up one day to find two still born foals and an inconsolable mama.. the look in her eyes was like "please do something!!!" It was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever witnessed…. I'm so glad things worked out for these twins and their mama!! ❤

  18. Wow! The two of them are beautiful! And you certainly can tell the one is a girl! So sweet. I wouldn’t be able to sell them either! Glad they get to grow old together. ❤️💜💚

  19. Wonderful story! You're right: Twin EQUINE (not Quine) FOALS (not feels and not falls) are very , very rare. I'm glad these two survived and grew into beautiful horses.

  20. We had twin calves when I was a little girl! It's a rare event! Newspapers and photographers came! Miss the simple life….

  21. So cute I love these little horses I can't get the image out of my head especially when they're born oh God 🙄😶😅

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