When We Farmed With Horses (A/B Roll)
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When We Farmed With Horses (A/B Roll)

October 27, 2019

I was always just a small farmer we were
farming in the hills and I could use a big disc or big plow but most of my
famine was done with force what was Barney bill invited him up together then
we had one dick yeah that Victor of mother was in we had more than Kate in
Molly Jack and weirdo Bill and then we had one we named after neighbors girl
and her name was Shirley and I always got in trouble for yell and Shirley one
that we’d drive by their farm when they grand it and with all farmers
all the way up come over here from England homesteaded down there and one
day will come I died on homestead button after my attorney most the farms around
our area with quarter sections of line hundred sixty acres and we had to meet
he crossed the road John Lee wounds is 240 and that was a big farm you know you
go to breaking up new ground that hadn’t been broke up took a lot of horsepower
to get that turned over and they tried first of all with cast iron plows which
didn’t scour yeah that the steel breaking plow had longer moldboard so it
tipped it on over more you see these short ones your size was the tough they
tipped back on you when you got a crop residue of corn or wheat or whatever the
crop was that you’re going that’s quite different if you went to plough on the
spring and that wouldn’t scour wide it was an awful for a job just rode along
like an old home you know for years and years you see we we had a
thing about whether or not a dad was a good farmer and one of the criteria was
how clean he could probably feel which meant he wanted to plow all of that
stuff under and they worked quite hard at this can you still have an oil can on
the end of the field and oiling for the night in case for the drain so they
wouldn’t catch so noah rothman they didn’t want to scour so would portuguese
flour was generally pulled by our team of horses and 16 is required to horses
that was customary pushpop time you started to move very well you know what
happened you hit a rock we dug that out then you keep on going i furnished a
team of picked up rock if you worked hard like i made 50 cents a day I’m
sorry I thought I was really rolling the money we get those don’t go closer than
we’d head for the fence line where we at a rock pile we they said before my time
that was the main crop for we had to just fence their crops and I was all
because you couldn’t fence your whole farms because everybody had open rains
and let the cattle run they branded them all of course at that time there was
raised the cattle cattle done a little bit in my knees then older stories about
all the livestock to be cut up and everything else but that
word wasn’t gonna be either but it was anyway the rhythm of person uses when
they use in the side is beautiful to watch dad had a hand corn planner
stickman boom well I remember their little 12 acre field he went out and
marked he planned that whole thing by hand I’ll
never forget that he told me that that’s where all the coin was planned but his
father when he first arrived here I remember him telling about those
planners that they would jerk it every time to try and get him straight cross
ways so they could call available place but after I went to plan boy we had the
wire and of course that was kind of a skill to the chip had to know now how to
September you’d have it’s a crooked cross ways you couldn’t cut rate you look at these planner wire you could
tell Billy are you free well tell the neighbor by how he planted yes we used
to watch that quite a bit who had the straightest roads and cross
roads and they took pride of that sometimes that gathering they would
argue with that we’ve got the straightest rather than crossroads and
so forth oh yeah we’d watch that all the way to
town and you’d always hate it if you got your rows crooked and somebody else
would be going by and look at yours dad’s were never straight dad claims he
got more corn per acre that way very few farmers say that call of ACORN
they plow corn she my dad thought the horses are too tired and then we can
walk one of the big problems that you had early was weed control now with a
check roll approach then you could cultivate in both directions and get
between the plans the always when you went will crossways you was sure to go
lengthwise again to leave it you had to go three times or five times otherwise
when you picked corn off your wagon need to go up and down the road you go
bumpity-bump over your rows you see the fear the Lord the dead put fear to
that old bore bar disengage but if it gets floods and all this business in
them we were frightened because we do the damage it could occur guidance break
to the dump break and you don’t in rows then again way ed watch so you got them
straight and and then you turn the straddle those rows and open into piles
hey cocks we called him daddy he would pick up that bunch mostly in one heap I think one of the heartbreaking things is
to have it down and look over see a great big black cloud coming up and it’s
so good so you can go out after dried apples
there so later soaked again sometimes we hauled in red clover stems once any
leaves you knew then that things weren’t very good that winter Oh but right after that one first for water
the water side delivery rate and I hail order before that be pictured by hand
one time I loaded up a bunch of bumblebees and that wasn’t so good it
eyes your file to hate on them pretty fast I got him Trump down yeah that’s
just always the wife’s job is to pull up the hey why is she had that okay take a
hold of the rope and hold his elbow trees out so they wouldn’t step over and
when she turned around or hard as dad would sent us up one of us up in the hay
mound and my brother used to hate find a window where he could peek out and get a
little air and he’d wave at me and dad had let her yell out are you my own that
back I can remember that and he’d be waving at me generally so oh its first the discontent
Weiss things still remember getting the discount dad sharpened his own displayed
see what a little disdain in cutting so deep they didn’t even cut out all the
stumps originally discs at twice and ragged ones then daddy was sold a small
seat he thought it to get too deep you can come up it was mostly Timothy seed
and little clover yes every year see I would put in oats and then been grass
seed harvest my oats and the next year I have the hay by rotating that way part
of your farm was underside all the time the Daisy Reaper
you bunched it up on the platform and now this would kick off just bunches and
then this led then to tying the rice and the old binder come out of that my
brother and I I tried to shock fast enough so try and keep up for the minder
and my dad says I don’t think you can keep up we said when you got done will
be picking the last one off of the bundle carrier but one thing we never
finished the head of him you’ve looked down the role and set him
straight your head pride in your work and then you cap month they kids hanging
to the north so the Sun didn’t shine on us much we’d put Isis in and eat supper
milk cows still a little daylight left glove shock I can hardly walk early
dimes they had a turntable and then you’ve used horses you could use these
then to pump water with them you could use a threshing device yell we’ve done a
lot of recharging depends what kind of weather it was that did very little shot
but he inspected shot see my call month August rash and rain
it was really a social firm sometime they had to go cross rivers but
President bridges wouldn’t hold them that’s pretty big machines and then if
one of them got stuck was quite a job well we start just as soon as the dew
would get off in the morning you you got a pearly milk the cows
custom a way because a long day made about four o’clock in the morning have
to get steamed up you know he’d keep their middle low so your load tipped in
all the time and that way your bundles wouldn’t slip off and then when you got
finished your Lord you put a few rolls down through the middle and trap them
good so they stayed on yeah sometimes you know he lost bundles and I even seen
when they upset it and that was in it some hard man that somebody needed help
and they hired him but uh farmer it caught a big disgrace if you lose
bundles or upset if it was a side rent those smart alecks
they would try to get off the clean side my dad hated one over two touches
Angeline he’s a very contented they’re six o’clock in the morning you start
your pies there we used to dress her chickens before we had dinner that was a
big job I always water them before and after
they’d eat so they didn’t drink too much each time sometimes some kids would splash one on
the other than the other one to scratch your back on him and that was anything
those ten another one this when I went through three tables one time yeah I
didn’t do it again because everybody made so much fun of what three pieces of
pie go remember that oh the same over here for you know a lot how much left
out there Nettie bill Oh Conn third or fourth you’re supposed
to get done with it that sure five five thirty
you can move on down the road an engineer show them what you belong in an
hour he’s up our engine was his and Tara was
the other two guys hit his way if the bushel needed dump and then that let all
growl made two dumps to the bushel unloading the heads now had to be all in
the same direction there was some nasty I think the dirtiest job that the whole
crashing rain was a land that built the sky
well trashing no matter how you looked at it was a little berry but I’ve always
marveled at their we had one neighbor he was crazy
he’s never seem to get dirty old guy that I worked with had a great deal of
pride in his ability to build a load of bundles better than anybody else it’s a
great satisfaction that last round more than once I had the whole coop I
would catch few chickens I meant to town and bought the groceries and a few cents
left goodbye nine sacks flowering time last
quite a while but other times we were just a few groceries buyer the egg money we had a neighborhood all dollies manure
and the first twelve rows along the road that was his tall corn but you can look
it over that and see some y’all a little short ones half as big half mile rose
with the sake and three old horses you didn’t make much remark I’d plow all day
long in peak hour the next morning I I don’t think I did anything one job I
liked the best of any was plow drove three horses in front and two behind if
he was leaving an over winter and put some axle grease on it the beauty I
should come to our farm it was a guy up here had several stallions
you had your own feed and you raised your own horsepower we’d pick corn was enforced instant
bushel at the time get out there early as soon as you can see the ears I don’t
know a trouble box three times a day always rather than to have a bigger box
because when you’re gonna pick on over 100 push for the day that’s a lot of
rollin ears and a foot higher make a difference my horses very shut up and walk from far
away once in a while they got an audiogram to run up to him and jerk him
live it on their line cuz I killed off a triple bark slowly out quick you could
start at the back of the load would never stop and he got to the front seven
minutes each cook that off for noon and doing need pick till it was dark those
saying was that whether for conflict and his until Thanksgiving Day he fed the
Hogs the bigger hogs out in the whole yard within yet quatrain pick up cobs
always didn’t was kid they made a hot fire and they said it
good cook could cook breakfast on three corn cobs it was like we were always late to
change you know those are great days you

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