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Where Has Winter Gone?! 😮😲😱 | Star Stable News

October 26, 2019

Ho, Ho, Ho, StarFam and welcome to Star Stable
News! The weather, though?! am I right?! Yeah! Where’s the snow? Oh! Didn’t you hear? No! Winter’s not coming! WHAT?! Don’t worry! Everything will be fine! Santa figured that instead of bringing winter
to Jorvik, maybe this year we could bring Jorvik to winter! What? what do you mean? Well, he’s invited us, ALL OF US, to his magical
Christmas village! Come on, let’s go! Okay! To get to the Christmas village, you go talk
to one of Santa’s elves! They can’t wait to take you there, and you
can catch a sleigh to the Christmas village from all over Jorvik at the following locations: Moorland, The Riding Hall, Fort Pinta, The Valley Of The Hidden Dinosaur, Valedale, Golden
Leaf Stables, Firgrove, Jarlaheim, Silverglade Village, Jorvik Stables, Silverglade Castle,
New Hillcrest, The Winery! To be able to do these quests, you must’ve
finished the quest where Justin Moorland gives you a brush, a bucket and a hoof picker! When you finally reach this magical village
of hope and wonders, watch out for sudden snowmen and heaps of fun! You’ll find two all new races that will take
you across both snowy winter wonderlands and slippery lakes! And to really put you and your horse to the
test, the elves will show up to play! A Jorvegian Christmas tradition is to collect
Christmas wishes and trade them in for cool Christmas presents! After you’ve said hello to Santa, you’ll be
able to talk to one of his elves outside of the big ice cave in the Christmas village! He needs help to find a bunch of missing Santa’s
hats, and if you help him, he will let you check out the beautiful ice cave where you
can swap Christmas wishes for presents! You’ll get Christmas wishes from doing the
Christmas quests, and finishing the races in the Christmas village, as well as collecting
the hats for the elf outside the ice cave! There will be five new hats missing every
day! You’re all welcome to go visit Santa and his
elves in the Christmas village until the 10th of January 2018! The Janitor in the Mall is a super busy guy
this time of the year! He needs some help to really create that Christmas
feeling in the mall, so go over there and help him out! We’re welcoming winter with a new loading
screen! which loading screen has been your favorite this far? We’ve created a poll for you so you can vote
for your favorite one! Eddie and Ferdinand’s horse market is up and
running by the Jorvik Stables! Don’t forget to check out their choice of
breeds for this week! That was all from today’s Star Stable Game
News, thank you guys for watching! Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe,
and check out all of our social media channels! The links are in the description box below! And check back with us next week for the latest
Game News! Yeah! Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the
way! Oh, what fun it is to ride in a… *jibberish* *HYPING* Both: *start laughing* *Matilda makes loud noise*
Both: *Start laughing* Gm Ylva: UNACCEPTABLE Both:*sighs* GM Ylva: *Starts laughing* Matilda: I’m Stuck! I’m Stuck!
GM Ylva: I’m stuck too! Matilda: Noo! Come, my lady! GM Ylva: *hiccups*
Matilda: Eww… Matilda: …Jorvegian Christmas tradition
is to collect crishms… GM Ylva: *hits microphone*
Matilda: Ma’am! GM Ylva: I’m so sorry Mic Matilda: Mike?
GM Ylva: This is Mike!

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  1. Okey first of all I really like the Christmas village BUT winter is part of starstable!! Most of the players are waiting a whole year till snow is coming back to Jorvik. And the Christmas quests? What about them?? I loved them😩
    Please bring winter back to Jorvik. And the big tree in Jarlaheim! It NEEDS to be in Jorvik!! Please bring winter back 😭 It's part of Starstable.. Seriously! ❤❄
    Greetings Leni Deerfeather❄
    (Sorry I can't speak english very well)❤

  2. szia sso azt szeretem volna mondani hogy megvettem egyszer spiritet és eladtam véletlenül és nem kaphatom vissza spiritet nagyon hiányzik kérlek sso

  3. I love the update but I'm very upset there isn't any snow
    It was something I truly loved in this game, everything looks so beautiful
    Can't you atleast make a button to switch between regular and snowy weather on winter? ;^;

  4. Hi Star Stable team!
    i suggest that you add male characters to star stables, i know a lot of boys that would LOVE to pay for star rider and play star stable, for example, my brother. The breasts really give away that it is a female.

  5. im totaly fine without the snow, but i really wanted to turn my horse in to a raindeer. plz make it so we can ride raindeers again

  6. Im actually glad the snow is gone. In games with snowy areas, the snowy area always make me feel a bit chilly, power of suggestion for ya' I guess.

  7. I mean, the Christmas Village is absolutly breath taking, but the word of no snow coming to Jorvik is very disappointing. 😢

  8. How do we get out of the reindeer pen without star rider. I don't want to have to log out everytime cause it justs resets my quest. like seriously!

  9. Hey Star Stable! I just wanted to know if you were having a special Christmas thing where you have extra star coins for people who are buying lifetime member ship. Plz reply, i would love to know.


  10. till nästa jul snälla se till så att slädarna INTE är ivägen för något championat snälla. Det är imprincip omöiligt att ta sig förbi släden som står ivägen för morland championatet.

    Julbyn är jättefin ja.

  11. I want both snow and the snow in jorvik and the christmas village this year. Jag vill ha både snö i jorvik och julstaden dehär året! 🙂

  12. On my first time in ever logging onto sso, this was the first place I went to. I really miss this place and homes it comes back this year!

  13. The village is really beautiful but nothing beats the old christmas quests, they were so much more interesting and for the snow, there was no real christmas feeling without it, you cant expect all the players to now stay at the christmas village if they want snow.

  14. I hope this Christmas will be different, like the old times. I liked the village. But. I'm plaing since the first year. And I really liked Jorvik in snow, and listening christmas music, all of the time. That had the feeling. So pease! Take back the snow this year! I don't care if the new areas are not in snow, but the old ones. Just.Let it be my Christmas Wish

  15. came here to cry and wish this christmas village to jorvik also this year, the village was the best memory of last christmas. It may be hard but why not bring snow to jorvik and the big tree to jarlaheim AND also bring the christmas village back. This is my christmas wish💗 ps. happy halloween for people, halloween first and then christmas!💗

  16. This year (2018) are you guys going to bring back Christmas village? I really loved it! As last year was my first Christmas on sso, I think it was a great way to celebrate Christmas AND raise awareness about global warming!

  17. Why it’s not fair without snow in star stable because I have been waiting for 11 months for snow in Jorvik stables ☹️😔😟🙁😩😫

  18. For some reason I cant see the reindeers?? There is no new quest, so I dont know what do to?? 🙁 I really dont want to miss christmas!!

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