Where Veteran Horses Retire After They’ve Served
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Where Veteran Horses Retire After They’ve Served

September 4, 2019

(mellow music) – [Voiceover] I’m a veteran,
the horse is a veteran and I can’t think of a
better place that he would be than under my care. – [Voiceover] This horse
Quincy is part of an elite squad of horses in the military. They’re called the Caisson
horses of The Old Guard. They participate in full honors funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. Over the course of their service, each horse walks in thousands of funerals. When horses retire,
they need a place to go. So The Old Guard has introduced the Caisson Adoption
Project to ensure each horse is given to their perfect forever home to enjoy their well-earned retirement. And that’s where George comes in. Today he’s taking Quincy home. – We’re a very patriotic family. The flag flies on the farm everyday and it just became a unique
opportunity for another veteran to retire on the farm. This is a long process, they’re federal property. That’s why they spend so much time on making a decision to
ensure that these horses will be taken care of for their lifespan. I found out through my
daughter that the horse had some health problems
and what they call navicular disease, which is
nerve damage on their hoof and the farm is a rehab farm
for horses with foot problems and many medical problems. She thought it would be an ideal place for the horse to come and live. He has his dog tags just like he did when he was in the service on his halter. Only that the dog tag now
reads “Retired Veteran”. Quincy will spend the rest
of his life on the farm as my companion and, as long
as he has a quality of life, he will live on the farm forever.

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  1. As a native of Massachusetts, it's a pleasure to see one of our New England veterans, George, taking care of this beautiful horse.

  2. The very first horse I ever rode was a Quarter Horse. His name was Pogo and he was a very smart horse. Quincy looks just like him. I wish him and his wonderful human family the best

  3. Does he get to go out in grass paddocks? I hope so. After a lifetime in stables it would be good to.know he has freedom to act like a.horse. I see him in a dirt enclosure but not on grass?

  4. That's lovely! I hope Quincy is still doing well,enjoying life in the care of another veteran.Beautiful boy!

  5. As a Retired USMC Vet myself Raised on a Maple Sugar farm in Western, MA where we had to two beautiful Belgian Draft Horses, it would be my true honor to work and care for these wonderful Horses. if you ever need another vet PLEASE let me know. God Speed SEMPER FI

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