Whitney Bjerken | 4th Level 8 Gymnastics Meet | Phoenix Horseback Riding
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Whitney Bjerken | 4th Level 8 Gymnastics Meet | Phoenix Horseback Riding

September 1, 2019

One, two, three you’re gonna run back to me always wanna come but they never wanna leave X’s and the O’s I thought one was in there Thought just the small one Hey [airport announcements] [Jet engine] Where we going/ Arizona. Who’s traveling with us this trip? Sterling [flight announcement] Welcome to Phoenix Start over. Okay Hello my friends, I am Sterling Stoltzstolzikin President of Sterlstoltzka, Glory Sterlstoltzka Stop filming the water bottle, I am president. I film propaganda, I mean documentary, not propaganda, documentary We run an anarctic democracy in Sterlstoltzka, smallest country in the world Only five square feet around What’s with the accent? It is natural Sterlstoltzkan accent, you grow into it from living there for a long time Completely independent from the United States of America What do you not allow in your country? No burping, farting, sneezing, or pooping No pooping? you gotta poop No no no, you leave, you leave, you temporarily leave country country so small, you able to leave country and come back in one day That is effective country. That is what all countries should have, but they don’t. That is something Sterlstolzka have Glory to Sterlstoltzka. Glory! Is this a real country? Yes this is real country, we have declared full independence, still working on declaration… Holy crap it’s a cow It’s a cow with a cowboy hat it’s a cowboy that’s a cow wearing a cowboy hat with a cowboy mustashe that’s also a cow it’s a cowboy This is the best thing that I have seen in all my life, why has nobody shown me this earlier? Glory Sterlstoltzka! That’s all for Sterl… That’s all for propaganda, I mean documentary today. Good bye my friends Good bye. Turn off camera now. Go go go Whoa, I lost the hotel dad to your left, it’s to your Leonard Sheraton Grand Phoenix [no audio] it’s like a forrest everything’s okay I want the white speckled one Oooo, your hair looks like mine. Mommy he stole my hair Run and go get your faces in that alright, one two three okay and ah let’s see here um Charlie for you young lady. Charlie Yep, and Bandit for you. Oh you’re in trouble here we go got here Pa Who you riding Whitty? Charlie. Hey Charlie. Charlie is adorbs This is Cisco. Mine likes to get right up under your’s butt. I’m gonna be behind you Whitty smile look at Sterling. Mounting up That’s Bandit He said that mine’s sweet. Yeah, yours are a little bit shorter than ours They probably gave us the tall horses. oh he’s drinking. look here honey You too bud. Oh nice horse sounds. he’s making horse sounds he doesn’t like you yours bit me! Quit! just a tough guy thing, that’s all it is [music] What ah, what did the buffalo tell his son when he went off to college? Oh, I got it…bye son. Yeah winner winner chicken dinner [music] oh so are you you got one of them European horses oh you want to kiss Joey Charlie Sorry Charlie, one more Whitty Yay, he’s so cute you ready girl? No. Have a great day folks. Thank you [music] From Marietta, Georgia… Atlanta North Stars Let’s go Whit [Whitney’s floor music] Come on Whit. Let’s go Whitty hit it hit it hit it Way to go Whitty [Crowd noise] [Public Address announcement] Good one Whitty Good one [Public Address announcement] [crowd noise] [Public Address announcement] [crowd noise] Let’s go baby girl [crowd noise] Yeah! Way to go Whitty Way to stick it baby [crowd noise] Way to go Whitty [crowd noise] These are your level 8 all around champions. Gymnasts salute three two one rock star faces Hit him with the guitar Who concert aloright one two three [music] I made this song on Garage Band You have to listen to the last part. The last part’s the best [music] Sterlstoltzkan president on holiday it’s warm under water but cold on surface Sterlstoltzkan president does not have pools in Sterlstoltza we do not have swimming in Sterlstoltzka, we get water from tap [music]

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